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    #1 Eat plants and animals

    Recent highlights include organic bacon---tastes better than the normal stuff.

    Steak burgers with stir fried veg, steak (last night), liver-and-onions, etc.

    #2 Avoid poisonous things

    Most of my diet isn't organic. I also had some alcohol this week, not much though.

    I felt funny after eating a Chinese takeaway---like a rush of addiction but also quite groggy.

    #3 Move frequently at a slow space

    I walked home from town, did a lot of walking looking after my son, etc. Constantly doing this it seems.

    #4 Lift heavy things

    I haven't done a LHT workout in a few days---I'm still waiting for my pull-up bar to arrive via FedEx! I will probably do a workout today if I feel like it.

    #5 Sprint once a while

    I sprinted a few days ago, I think it helped me feel better over the past few days. I could really feel the soreness in my legs, especially thighs, in recent days.

    #6 Adequate sleep

    I stayed out until 1 am the day-before-yesterday and until 4 am last night---I've got afternoon napping to do! I think that staying up is OK if you're talking with old friends, it's something we all need to do to centre ourselves.

    #7 Play

    Andrew WK concert. Dancing at a rock gig. Playing with two-year-old son. Singing and dancing to music, such as while driving.

    #8 Sunlight

    Hahaha; I live in the UK. I did make the most of the 30 minutes of sun we got this week, sunning myself on a bench while my son chased pigeons in town!

    #9 Avoid stupid mistakes

    I should be more careful when driving at night and tired. I am mostly quite vigilant and alert though.

    #10 Use your brain

    Currently working on a computer programming assignment. I'm in the final months of a physics masters degree.
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      Yesterday morning I woke up and before eating walked around the park and did a Primal Fitness bodyweight workout. I felt a bit shaky and weak: I'd missed a night's sleep then slept 12 hours that night, or maybe because I'm used to eating breakfast first thing.

      Hopefully a fasted walk and workout will help me to burn fat.

      I spent the rest of the day on the computer---tense and stressful! Not primal. I made some delicious fried-chicken salad with plenty of dressing.

      Emotional in the evening driving to university.

      Today I woke up feeling somewhat anxious, perhaps this is the cortisol spike that we naturally occurs in the early hours? Also, I am not used to waking up at 7 am yet (I've been getting up at 8 am-ish over the Easter holiday). I didn't get a full night's sleep.

      A busy, somewhat stressful day today---lectures, driving, parking fine (GRR!), dropping a car off, shopping, lunch-on-the-go, more lectures. I now feel drained and upset. I also think I'm crashing on caffeine (I had a rare cup of coffee about 11 am).


      Breakfast was a four-egg omelette with two bacon and two sauages. I also enjoyed cooking and eating a pork stir-fry covered in peppercorn sauce (I had a leftover sachet that came with steak).
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        I achieved the forearm/feet plank! I'm also on to Bulgarian squats.

        My pushups aren't progressing so quick---I'm still on 35 knee pushups but I feel much stronger when I do them, the first 20 are easier.


        I've had a few days of feeling quite anxious and upset, low mood. It's almost as if I want to cry and my voice doesn't work properly. I blame my recovery from long-term stress, problems in my life and lack of energy levels.

        I read in this post that
        • eating offal (liver, bone marrow, chicken stock)
        • iodine
        • magnesium
        • fasting
        • avoiding chocolate and coffee

        can improve energy levels. I will try these. I think that eating spinach and seaweed will give me iodine and magnesium.

        Generally, however, my well-being has improved over the past two months of Primal living.


        I received an organic food box yesterday---a few pounds of meat and a box of veg. Most of my food hasn't been organic so far.

        Yesterday I ate lots of roast chicken wings and roast carrots and parsnips. I ate some cheat food at a wake---deep-fried pakora (they're delicious), I really enjoyed them. I also fried some black olives with my breakfast yesterday.

        I'm going to enjoy some organic steak with my brother later today with a bit of red wine.
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          Anxious, depressed, quiet voice. Not a lot of energy.


          Sprints. Felt sore beforehand but OK once warmed-up.


          Delicious organic cajun pork burgers with stir-fried asparagus, celery, mushroom and black olives with plenty of herbs and black pepper.


          Managed to get a good, long sleep the other night.


          Still considering fasting but... I get hungry! Maybe when I get better fat-adapted and I'm more established in paleo.

          I think that, at the moment, I'm healing, losing weight, and (hopefully) putting on muscle quickly so I need food and sleep in large quantities.
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            Losing my belly and gaining some muscle feels sooooo slow!!!


            Back in the gym this morning, didn't feel strong (have a cold) and my pull-ups were rusty (haven't done them in a while) but my squats felt good, good form and good weight with maximum of 40 kg. Benched 35 kg.


            Organic chicken wings with organic roast veg. Breakfast: 4-egg omelette with organic cabbage, brocolli, onions and conventional bacon.


            Did some hiking this weekend, some time spent with friends and family. I'm quite socially excluded in my uni dorms but I'm going out dancing tonight with everyone regardless. Enjoyed some time with people from my physics course this lunchtime---relaxing with people you enjoy the company of is good.
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              I've had a cold all week---I blame lack of sleep and hiking in the rain.

              I had some fried liver this week, going to eat this, and some fish, weekly.

              I've also put stir-fried cabbage in omelettes. I'm eating more dark, leafy veg such as spinach, cabbage and also brocolli.

              Body fat

              Achingly slow progress...
              • April 9 -- 14.2%
              • April 15 -- 14.0%
              • April 27 -- 13.6%

              I have had beer and over-eaten recently.
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                Still here, still Primal.

                Exam time rolling around---an excellent reason to cut out alcohol. I've only had one pint in the past couple of weeks.

                I had a shock this week: I gained weight for the first time on Primal. I think it's because I have been inactive due to a bad cold---no Lift Heavy Things sessions, some poor sleep, stress and bad emotions into the mix.

                I've started doing Ashtanga yoga---it;s quite physically demanding. I also went to Aikido this week and did some walking.

                I have decided to measure my body weight and statistics less regularly. At 14% body fat I doubt I'll rapidly lose weight any more, it's just the slow process of building muscle and getting down to 10% or lower.

                I tried fasting and it's not too bad, I didn't feel incredibly hungry. I might do this occasionally, but I don't want to hamper muscle growth by fasting too much.

                It's not been long since my long-term relationship with my son's mother ended, I feel emotional and tired.

                I've noticed that I seem to be hungry all the time, especially on a day like today when I've done LHT.
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                  Fasted ~30 min walk yesterday, sprints (felt a little sleepy). Didn't feel hungry but broke fast with fried bacon, eggs and veg anyway. Thai chicken curry and home-made stake burgers.

                  Drank two pints and two apple-sourz shots last night. Also some chicken nuggets at the pub. Didn't really worry about it though---gotta enjoy yourself. Enjoyed being with friends, sang some karaoke.

                  Might start 16/8 IF by skipping breakfast. I want to be lean.

                  Weighed myself again: haven't gained weight, just maintained. Waist might be slimmer---really hard to tell or measure accurately.

                  I've been eating more liver, fish, brazil nuts (although apparently nuts aren't "all-you-can-eat" foods like veg: I'm going to stop splurging on nuts) and spinach. I want to find some sea-weed and eat more sea food. I'm going to make prawn curry today.

                  Update: my prawn curry tastes delicious. I used copious amounts of lard to make the paste (onions, tomatoes, spices etc.) and fried the veg and prawns before adding them into the coconut milk.
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                    I'm starting to IF every day. I just finished a 16/8 fast with a 500 g rump steak and veg.

                    The steak tasted amazing: learned the proper way to cook steak.

                    Today I walked and did a LHT. I can do more push-ups now, nearly at 100 knee pushups. Feeling a lot stronger on the box squats (I do them holding on to my pull-up bar for balance and assistance).

                    I'm anxious that I might not put on much muscle or be lean. I see threads on the forum where people aren't having success and it worries me. I want to be at low body fat and put on plenty of muscle. We'll see what the coming months have in store, I'm just going to keep going, it doesn't feel too strenuous: I just want results quickly!
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                      Weight loss has stalled
                      • Feb 29: 19%
                      • Mar 17: 17%
                      • Apr 9: 14%
                      • Apr 27: 14%
                      • May 9: 14%

                      I blame inactivity due to two weeks having a cold and over-eating. I guess it'll be harder to lose the 'vanity weight'.

                      2nd day of 16/8 IF.
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                        IF today: skipped breakfast. Felt hungry and a little weak all morning until I broke my fast with two burgers and stir-fried veg at 1:30 pm. Also ate a bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit.

                        I'm trying to train myself to eat less, I'm sure I eat more than I need to.

                        I had turkey thai curry this evening and I'm eating 2 bacon 2 egg fried in butter now.

                        I really want to lose weight but I don't want to be hungry.
                        thorN's Primal journal


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                          Woke up feeling stressed at 6.40 am, didn't feel like much until I went for a walk, quite energetic, singing (spoiled by chronic sore throat as usual.) Gym for squats, pull-ups and overhead press. Felt quite strong, went heavy, the 19 kg assisted pull-ups felt less difficult than ever before. Squats felt strong. Left feeling good.

                          I'm doing approx. 16/8 IF: it's 10 am and I am hungry. I even cheated and had two eggs, two bacon last night about 11 pm. Can't wait to eat a pile of eggs and bacon at 1 pm.

                          I am looking in better shape than in a long time---or ever---my muscles are puny but they're getting bigger.
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                            Enjoying my first cup of bulletproof coffee. It's enjoyable to drink but the globules of fat floating in it look weird. I put some whole milk in too, would be better with cream.

                            Good sprint yesterday, I feel much stronger although I still feel like my technique is poor somehow---flailing limbs and plodding feet: I'm sure a real sprinter could critique my form. I also think that as I get stronger my movements will continue to improve in power and control.

                            Really heavy, enjoyable workout last Friday left me feeling good. I was at the gym squatting under a heavy load and I managed to do my pull-ups with only 19 kg assist: getting stronger. I had some really bad DOMS for two days afterwards!

                            I had a break from IF over the weekend: looking after my toddler would be too difficult while fasting and I want to go easy on myself so I keep up the IF lifestyle. (I'm really used to eating a big breakfast, I get hungry in the morning.)

                            Not had enough sleep recently, regretted staying up watching Goodfellas last night. Good film but I needed to catch up on my sleep!

                            I'm trying to lose more weight, the weight loss has stalled. Avoiding fruit, cutting back portions and doing lots of walking.
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                              I'm losing weight without being hungry and I haven't fasted either.
                              IT IS POSSIBLE!
                              Isn't that amazing!
                              I still have a hard time believing it!


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                                Gained more weight, haven't measured my BF%---it's exam time so I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm going to post some progress photos soon since I've reached the three-month milestone. I'm going to continue IF on non-exam days.

                                Recent food highlights include duck eggs (tasty), goose eggs (huge!) and pig heart. I also ate a 300 g steak the other day---it must be good for me.

                                I want to improve my diet further, here are my goals:

                                * more sea-food
                                * more leafy greens (I eat cabbage, sprouts and broccoli)
                                * eat bone broth
                                * eat seaweed

                                I sprained my ankle so I can't squat, but I progressed from knee push-ups to incline push-ups---it took a while but I made it to 50 knee push-ups!
                                thorN's Primal journal