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    I am going to start a journal on here to help keep my focused. I lost 20 pounds last year eating primal (with alot of cheats) but have hit a major plateau. I have been at about a 37 inch waist and 190 lbs. since mid last year. Last November, I did a whole 30 and got down to a 36 inch waist and 180 lbs. The Thanksgiving thread really helped to keep me in check. I was doing starting strength and loved it. But I seem to have been snake bitten with injuries lately and the last bit has been a left shoulder inpingement that I am still getting over. Out of frustration, my way of eating has also suffered. So, I am starting another whole 30. Ok, so this is going to start out with a whole 33 which I started on Monday and will go till March 23rd. Whole 30 for me means no sugar or wheat. Sugar seems to be my biggest weakness. With this, I hope to get my eating habits back in check.

    I will be starting simple fit today with level 1. I need to let my body heal. I had set personal records in squat, deadlift, weighted dips and others, but it got to the point 4 weeks ago where I could not do 1 pushup without severe pain in my left shoulder. I even felt pain just holding the bar during squats. Also, I will have to travel shortly to Russia for a few months and can easily still continue the simple fit routine. I will still incorporate sprints once a week. Another item I need to incorporate more is moving slowly alot. I hardly ever walk. I used to run alot and don't mind it, but for some reason I hate walks. This needs to change.

    Current stats (as of 20/02/2012):
    height: 5'8"
    weight: 192 lbs.
    Waist: 37 1/2

    34 inch waist

    notes: I will weigh and tape on Mondays. I will post before and after photo's 24 march (my birthday) with a goal of a 36 inch waist. Following this I have planned a goal of a 35 inch waist by April 21st and a goal of a 34 inch waist by 1 June 2012. Hopefully by putting this out there in public will help me keep focused. (especially photo's).

    06:30 Black Coffee for Breakfast
    12:30 Purple Wrath BCAA before workout
    12:30 SimpleFit level 1 Day 1: 55 rounds in 20 minutes
    13:45 Lunch: Steak and chicken kabobs with onions, mushrooms, Squash, red peppers, mandarin oranges, and cherries.
    18:00 Dinner: 2 handful of grapes, Steak and chicken kabobs with onions, mushrooms, Squash, red peppers, mandarin oranges, and cherries mixed with 1/2 cup of white rice
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    Day 4:

    Rest day. Plan to take kids on a walk when we get home (assuming weather permits)

    note of the day: #$%#@$^!!! someone brought in donuts to work. So far so good and that's what this journal is all about, keeping me accountable by writing everything down.

    06:30 black coffee for breakfast
    12:30 Lunch: grilled salmon w/ publix roma blend vegetables
    15:00 Whey protein shake w/ water
    18:00 Dinner: bacon and eggs
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      Day 5:

      Leftover donuts are still on the conference table near my desk. Yesterday was hard, but looking at day old donuts is easy. today is not even tempting. Today I will be doing Simplefit level 1/Day 2 plus shoulder exercises.

      11:00 cup of green tea
      11:45 BCAA
      11:45 Simplefit L1D1 @ 3:16 plus I did situps of 40/30/20/10 and shoulder exercises
      13:00 Lunch: Ratatouille, white rice, and grilled chicken
      16:00 protein shake and banana
      19:00 Dinner: Ratatouille, sweet potatoe, and grilled chicken
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        Day 6:

        These are a little late since I was gone for the weekend. Had to wake up at 2 in the morning to drive to atlanta for military drill weekend. Needless to say, I was tired Sat. night. Still kept diet in check as best as I could. Big thing for me was to stayed away from grain and as little sugar as possible

        12:00 lunch: spinach/lettuce/grilled chicken strips/jalapenos/chopped eggs/raspberry vinaigrette dressing salad
        19:00 dinner: 10 mild wings from taco mac
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          Day 7:

          this day went easy. I skipped dinner since I wasn't that hungry and got back home late sunday night. so I am just making this into a 24 hr fast. last week I did 10 sprints @ 10 sec each, but my abs started to really get pregressively tighter and more sore after each sprint. Guess they were a little more worked than I had thought. It's a lot easier to not eat or think about food when you are busy and moving around most of the day.

          07:00 black coffee
          11:30 lunch: spinach/lettuce/grilled chicken strips/jalapenos/chopped eggs/raspberry vinaigrette dressing salad
          16:30 6 x 10 sec sprints with walk back to starting point as rest.
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            day 8:

            Weigh and tape this morning. Decided to do this every monday morning. Keep in mind I haven't eaten since noon yesterday. Also, my starting stats are after a week in NYC eating whatever the hell I wanted (Serendipity I love you).

            starting stats (20/02/2012):
            height: 5'8"
            weight: 192 lbs.
            Waist: 37 1/2

            height 5'8" 02/20
            current stats (27/02/2012):
            weight: 184.4 lbs.
            neck: 15
            chest: 43
            Waist: 36 3/4
            hips/butt: 39
            upper legs: 22 1/2
            upper arms: will try to remember next time

            06:30 black coffee DECAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaarrrrrgggggggg!!!! wife bought decaf over the weekend when we ran out. Noticed the label on the bag right before leaving for work.
            11:30 BCAA
            11:30 workout Simplefit L1D3: 1:22 + situps: 40/30/20/10 w/ 1 min. rest between sets.
            12:30 Lunch: banana, rice, ratatouille, and chicken
            15:45 Protein shake and banana
            18:30 Dinner: banana, pineapple, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoe, and chicken
            20:00 1 x glass of red wine and half a 85% dark chocolate bar
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              you are making some great progress man!

              and i did laugh about your wife getting decaf, what a waste of black water that is!


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                Originally posted by Insane Grok View Post
                you are making some great progress man!

                and i did laugh about your wife getting decaf, what a waste of black water that is!

                Yeah the coffee was a killer this morning, but it ended up not bothering me after all.
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                  day 9:

                  today is a rest day. I plan to walk for an hour for my lunch break (weather permitting). Last night, my wife and I took our kids on a walk since it was nice out. Hopefully this will continue.

                  06:30 black coffee
                  12:30 Lunch: california blend veggies w/ EVOO and salmon
                  13:30 1 hour walk (lets make this a trend)
                  15:30 protein shake
                  18:30 Dinner: bacon and eggs

                  I was SO tempted to have a reeses peanut butter egg last night that my wife offered me. She went to Blissdom (sp?) and brought back a lot of goodies including a lot from the Hershey booth.
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                    day 10:

                    Today will be the start of simplefit level 2. I am debating on if I should start level 3. Not sure how long I will keep up simple fit as I can see it getting real repetitive, but so was starting strength and I loved that. Can't wait to get back to lifting heavy.

                    06:30 Black coffee
                    13:00 Simplefit L2D1: 49 rounds in 20 minutes (I alternated chins and pulls each round)
                    14:30 Lunch: japanese blend vegetables, sweet potatoe, sirloin beef chunks and protein shake
                    17:30 Dinner: homemade pizza. Crap....didn't plan on eating this, but my wife ate my dinner I had for lunch and I was left with nothing cooked. I should have made something, but said screw it and ate with the family. Positive side is I did not overindulge.
                    20:00 2 x glasses of red wine and 4 squares of 85% dark chocolate
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                      day 11:

                      hoping to get another hour walk in during lunch today. If weather is bad, I may just go for a run at the gym. Little more hungry than usual this morning and I am attributing that to the pizza last night. Feeling guilty and a little more bloated from it, but atleast it didn't turn into a binge.

                      06:30 black coffee
                      12:00 Lunch: japanese blend vegetables, sweet potatoe, sirloin beef chunks, and grilled chicken
                      13:00 1 hour walk
                      17:30 Dinner: slices of turkey deli meat, carrots w/ hummus, 1 x spicy sausage, and a few roma blend vegetables.
                      20:00 handful of macadamia nuts and 4 squares of 85% dark chocolate

                      I really need to stop snacking late at night
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                        day 12:

                        nothing to report other than I didn't get to work out or run. Tornado's cancelled schools early, so I left to take my kids home and we sat around watching movies all day. I did get a small walk during the day. this also led to horrible snacking throughout the day. Also since our power was out for part of the day, I ended up eating 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. I think I'll live.


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                          day 13:

                          A lot colder today, but the storms are gone.

                          09:00 simplefit L2D2 w/ time of situps 40/30/20/10 w/ 1 min rest between sets.
                          11:00 Lunch: chicken and sausage w/ roma blend vegetables, banana, and some macadamia nuts
                          14:30 1 hour walk
                          15:30 early dinner: 2 x peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
                          20:00 bacon cheeseburger and fries

                          Dammit I slid again.
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                            day 14 (sunday 04/03/2012):

                            09:00 4 x 20 sec. sprints w/ rest being walk back to starting point. Goal was 5, but my hamstrings were screaming and I didn't want to pull something.
                            10:30 Breakfast: 2 x bananas, eggs, sausage, and vegetables mixed
                            15:00 snack: banana, macadamia nuts, protein shake
                            15:30 1 hour walk
                            18:00 2 x peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (here we go again)

                            I crashed hard again this weekend. I knew better but ate crap anyway. I swear this seems to be the hardest thing for me to do for some reason.


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                              day 15 (Monday 05/03/2012):

                              Goddammit I screwed up big time this weekend.

                              06:30 1 cup of black coffee
                              12:30 simplefit L2D3: 1:40; deadlifts: 1 x 5 @ 295; 3 x 10 reverse barbell curls @ 45 lbs. and 3 x 30 sec. 100 lbs dumbbell holds (grip strength). Last set was only for 20 sec.
                              14:00 Lunch: 2 x chicken breast and japanese blend vegetables.
                              18:30 Dinner: spicy italian sausage and leftover japanese blend vegetables. Handful of macadamia nuts while heating up food.
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