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  • Goodbye, Carb Crash!

    So my husband is a health nut. He loves reading about health foods and ideas in his spare time, and he first got me hooked on the Primal Blueprint concept. While I wasn't too excited about the idea of giving up pastries, bread, oatmeal, and sugar, I had known for quite some time that excessive amounts of carbohydrates threw me into a "carb coma" which left me foggy and useless for a half-hour or so. I'm thrilled about a lifestyle that could eliminate my constant sugar and carb cravings, make me alert in the afternoons, and give me enough energy to make it through my 12- to 14-hour days! I have decided to go Primal for Lent this year, which I see as a wonderful way to jump-start my new Primal lifestyle. My husband still isn't convinced about giving up whole grains, and as his body does not react as strongly to carbohydrates as mine, he isn't totally convinced that the Primal Blueprint lifestyle will be as necessary for him.

    That being said, I would love a little exercise advice. I have NEVER been involved in sports or exercised consistently in any way, and I am somewhat at a loss as to where to start. I love to walk, and I have found about 45 minutes in each day that I could devote to walking/exercise, with the following conditions: I am a piano teacher and spend much of my day at a Catholic Elementary school. I don't have enough money for a gym membership, and most exercise that I do must either be done outside (when the IA weather permits) or in the school music room. What types of exercises (particularly strengthening exercises) could I do?

    B: 1 breakfast sausage patty, 1 1/2 eggs (my husband had the other half), several pieces raw cucumber
    S: green tea

    L: iceberg lettuce salad (school salad) with hard-boiled eggs, green pepper, cucumber, and ranch dressing
    D: church soup supper (I hope to find something suitable...)

    I'm happy to be a new part of the PB community!

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    Look up the Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book. Be sure to move everyday. A daily walk will be great. PBF also includes planks (and side planks), push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sprinting. Those workouts only need to be done maybe twice a week (and you could use monkeybars or a tree branch for pull-ups), sprints once every 7-10 days. And if you aren't up to full pull-ups or push-ups or squats, the book has "progressions" to help you get to that point. I am still using progressions for push-ups and pull-ups. And I am nowhere near the full time on my planks, but it takes time. It isn't hard. Do this with the Primal eating and you'll have energy for days! I was super surprised at how much more energy I have. I didn't believe it was true. It is so true!
    I NEED Sunshine! And a beach would be nice too!
    Started Primal living February 14, 2011