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  • Primal 30-day Challenge/ Journal

    Primal Journal- Day 1

    Hola Amigos,

    Day 1-

    Break, 10 am- sardines packed in olive oil

    Lunch, 1 pm- fish grilled with onions, chile, peppers

    Snack 3:30- 3 oz tuna with 1/2 avocado and 1/2 c. jicama

    Dinner- 1/4 of a chicken heated up in coconut oil

    2 liters of water; 1.45 brisk walk

    Feeling good and positive today. Excited about doing the PB and know I am actually on the right road to optimal nutrition!


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    Day 2-

    Break- 8 am chorizo with 1 cup spinach cooked with coconut oil

    12 tuna- 3 oz with 1/4 avocado and 1/2 c. jicama

    Lunch 3 pm-arrachera (Mexican steak dish) with 8 ounces of pina fresca (a no- no. It is water with about half pineapple juice added). Guacamole.

    6pm- Chicarron and chorizo.

    Okay, so not a very good day- pineapple water and fried food.....not battered and fried- but fried- and I'm assuming they used vegetable oil. It was a moment of weakness, my friend wanted me to try pina fresca and I thought, "Shoot- I'm in Mexico and have never had it- why not". Well.....because if I continue the why nots then I won't make my goal.

    The chicarron was extremely, extremely salty.

    Up from 169.8 to 171 this morning- no fun. Not the direction I want to go.

    Lifted weights for 1 hour- full body. There's a cold type thing going around and feel the beginnings of it. Going to ward it off with lots of Vit D.

    2 liters H2O

    Acknowledge, learn, regroup :-)


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      Day 3-

      Brk 9 : 3 oz chorizo with 1 cup spinach cooked in coconut oil

      Snack 12: 3 oz tuna with 1/4 avocado about 2 tspn salsa and a little coconut oil

      Lunch: 2:30: chicken broth soup with chicken and 1 slice avocado. Roasted pork with chile, cilantro, onion, and red and green salsa

      Snack 7om- 2oz left over pork

      Dinner 9pm: a roasted chicken, about 3/4 including bones- so probably about 1/2 a roasted chicken and 2/3 tbsn coconut oil, salsa

      No workout today, I felt tired...did walk for about 45-1 hour.

      Felt better today, totally on plan.

      2+ liters H2o, 3 I think.........

      Move forward, looking forward to another PB day!


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        Day 4-

        Brk 1 cup spinach and 4 oz chorizo 9am

        Snack- 1 chicken drum stick 12pm

        Lunch- breaded (I really need to learn Spanish so I can order better- I thought it was GRILLED) fish fillet. Ate about half of it, breaded with corn I assume- hope as I'm gluten intolerant.....Don't feel too good though so chances are that it had some wheat it haven't had any wheat in months! Zucchini and avocado. Two sips of a drink with lemon and cucumber and touch of sugar. My Mexican friend just wouldn't let me not try it- he was getting offended.....aye aye aye

        About 4pm, 1 piece of chorizo

        8:30 Pm - felt really, really, really hungry. Had 3 pieces of chorizo, a grilled fish fillet, a small piece of pork and chicken and then all of a sudden I was full- ate too fast.

        Really started to feel poor after lunch. Upset that my meal was fried...but it's bound to happen- I'm here learning a new language and navigating a menu (esp. bc how things are cooked is not listed) is a challenge. Just have to not be mad or frustrated with myself and know that I will continue to get better and keep on going.

        3 Liters H2O

        Walked approx 1 1/2 hours

        Belly Dancing Class

        This morning weighed in at 170.1. I'm weight myself daily and am going to take the average.......

        I think PB is going to help overcome my fear of food. I have to consciously tell myself to be in the present and not be afraid to eat- esp. like tonight when I'm hungry and am wanting more food. When the hGc diet didn't work for me and the doctor told me he thought something was wrong for me- it really got me introverted on my body and feeling that maybe my metabolism is "bad" or some such nonesense. After reading PB and a others, I realize that's not the case. I may be highly insulin resistant- but there's nothing wrong with me- and I am changing my body composition and losing the 20 lbs I desire- and I'm actually doing it the right way this time.



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          Hi Lifewithjades! I am a newbie in Mexico too! I am hoping to go primal and doing my homework (for the second time but we won't talk about that attempt that never got off the ground). Is it helping you to post at this site?


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            Day 5-

            Yesterday and today are a bit of a blur.I've come down with the flu here in Mexico and am quite sick. I have not been sick for a VERY long time- a long, long,long time. Well, I'll give myself some slack, new country, new language, new everything.

            This illness does account for the strange weakness I was feeling in the gym. I'm thankful I read PB when I did, because in the past I would have pushed myself through my workouts- but this time took it a bit more easy and probably kept myself from getting more sick.

            I am gluten intolerant and found out yesterday that it wasn't corn on the fish I had, but wheat. I know this lessened my immune system just enough to allow the flu that's been going around to grab a hold. I'm quite sick and needed some help, so went to the doctor and was given an intramuscular shot of antibiotics- he said I will need between 3-6 more.

            Okay, food.

            Brk- my chorizo, 2 links I think, and spinach.

            Snack- 3 ounces of tuna with a little salsa and coconut oil

            Lunch- an entire roasted chicken, I was too full!

            Snack- half chorizo

            Dinner- bistek and green salad.

            Day 6-

            Spinach and chorizo, 1 link, about 10am

            12, half a link of chorizo (can you tell I have a lot of chorizo and it's very easy to make!) 1 cup jicama with lime and chile

            2:30 about 3 pieces of chicken on the bone and a cup of mushroom broth soup

            I'm going in and out of intense dizziness, hot flashes, weakness, etc. I'm going to rest some more..........

            Cece- Hola! Where in Mexico are you? Perhaps we could meet up if you are in Mexico City. I think it's great you're thinking of going Primal! Yeah! Yes, posting so far has been helpful- people are very helpful and give a lot of input.

            Adios :-)


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              Jades - yes I am in MC. Live in Santa Fe, work near ABC hospital on Observatorio and enjoy painting in a studio on Prado Norte. Where are you?


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                I am on Diagonal San Antonio, in De Valle. Do you know where this is?


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                  No, but I can easily look on my map. Is it downtown?


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                    Day 7-Domingo (Sunday)

                    I made it through yesterday with a lot of rest, a 30 minute walk (too much too soon, still too sick with the flu) and liquids. Today I feel much better, have to go back to the doctor for another round of the injection...this flu is really strong! Not only have I not been sick in a long time, it seems like this strain is super-strong and fast acting compared to past flus I've gotten......Anyway, luckily I'm strong too and am much, much better yesterday.

                    Brk- 4 oz white fish with 1 cup spinach and coconut oil, 7:30/ 8

                    Snack- 1 drumstick and about 2 oz chicken, 12

                    Lunch- 3 white fish with onion, 3 olives, peppers, tomato.

                    Snack- 3 guavas, tangerine, mango (6pm)

                    Dinner- 1 cup "Jugo de carne"- beef broth basically, 2-3 oz white fish cooked in coconut oil. 1/2 avocado.

                    I had fruit today, usually I don't eat it in an effort to keep my carbs down- but I allow it one day a week as a special treat. I think being sick, the extra phyto-nutrients were especially helpful. My carbs were at 98- I try to keep them around 20--50.

                    Cece- I am close to downtown, but not in downtown. Diagonal San Antonia, Colonia de Valle, 03100.



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                      Day 8-

                      Had another intramuscular injection today, these are starting to hurt despite my high pain tolerance. The doctor told me I will need two more........aaahhhh. Well, sometimes there is a place for conventional medicine.

                      Brk- 8ish: 3 ounce pork loin sauteed with coconut oil, 1/2 cup jicama and 1.5 oz avocado

                      Snack- 12- can of sardines in olive oil, tad of sea salt

                      Lunch- 3:30 Charrazo- you can't get much more primal than this, it's a huge pork bone with pieces of meat still stuck on, slowly roasted. Had some guacamole with it and vegetable consome- veggie broth soup. It looks like a lot, but realistically once you get all the meat off the bone, it's mainly bone- very delicious though and oh so primal looking

                      Dinner- about to have- 7pm, 1 oz pork loin and 4 ounces white fish cooked in coconut oil.

                      2 liter H20

                      Half an hour/ 45 minute walk- am stronger than yesterday, feels good to be getting my strength back.

                      Adios Amigos


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                        Hi Jades, Glad to hear you are feeling better!


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                          Day 9

                          Breakfast- leftover arrachera with a little olive oil and parsley and 3.6 ounces of fish in coconut oil, touch of sea salt

                          Snack- 3 oz pork loin with 1/2 cup jicama and 1.5 oz avocado

                          Lunch 4pm- 1/2 roasted chicken dipped in red salsa

                          1/2 cup jicama and .25 oz avocado

                          Dinner- 8 pm. 3 arrachera tacos (no tortilla) with guacamole, salsa, and a lot of grilled onions and some cucumber.

                          Felt much better today, thank you Cece. I really am noticing a decrease in my appetite, I need to be aware of this so I can change my portions. Lunch and dinner were a bit too much for me; nice to see this change- now just practice awareness to accomodate it.

                          I think this was of eating is helping me to get over the flu much faster.

                          Walk, 60 minutes

                          2 liter H2O

                          Last antibiotic injection tomorrow! Yeah! Getting lots of sleep.


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                            Day 9-

                            Breakfast 9am: approx 3 oz roasted chicken, still hungry so I had 1.6 oz pork loin.

                            12 3 oz pork loin with .8 oz avocado and salsa verde

                            4pm 1/2 roasted chicken, 1 c. jimaca with salsa and lime, and chiccaderon (spelling?). 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

                            Walked for about 30 minutes. Got my last shot; feel especially tired today and was really craving fat and salt....hhhmmm.......

                            3 liters H2O.


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                              Day 10-

                              Me siento mejor!

                              Another good day. My strength is coming back and I am feeling so much more like myself.

                              Brk 9am- 5.6 oz steak cooked in coconut oil

                              2pm- 3 oz tuna fish with salsa verde

                              3pm- 2 oz cerdo (pork) roasted with salsa

                              6pm-.5 oz leftover cerdo and 1 drum stick with 1.6 oz chicken

                              8:30 pm- dinner will be alambre, arrachera. Steak and bacon sauteed with onion, guacamole and salsa.

                              3 liter H2O

                              About 45-60 mins walking, probably closer to an hour. Feeling good! Appetite still diminishing.