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    D 23

    Buenas Noches Amigos,

    Feeling better again today- but my stomach is still swollen from the infection and this is uncomfortable.....anyway, it will go down I'm sure when I'm 100%.

    Tengo Hambre, hoy! (I am hungry today)

    Brk 8am

    100 grams smoked salmon

    1 hamburger patty, 3 oz

    2 oz avocado

    Snack 12

    3 oz tune

    2 oz avocado

    Lunch 3

    Large salad

    3.7 oz salmon

    1.6 oz beef steak



    still hungry

    100 grams smoked salmon

    Dinner 6:45 pm

    large salad again

    1/2 c jicama

    1/2 tomato

    3.7 oz pork

    1.6 oz tuna

    olive oil


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      Buenas Noches,

      Strength training with resistance bands this morning, about 1 1/2 hours walking.

      Brk 8:30 am- 6 oz organic hamburger on salad with 2 tspn olive oil

      Snack 12:25 pm- 3 oz hamburger with 1 cup cucumber

      Lunch 3 pm - half of a roasted chicken with 2 tablespoons of salsa.

      It's almost 9pm and I'm really not hungry. Probably will have a light snack or nothing at all.

      Sweet dreams!


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        D 25

        Buenas Noches- yeah I'm almost done with my first month! After this, it won't be a 30 day challenge, it will be my life!

        Brk 8:45 am- organic hamburger patty, 2. About 6 oz.

        Snack 12pm- 3 oz chicken with salsa roho

        Lunch 3pm- BAS with 6 oz salmon and olive oil, 1 oz avocado, 1 cup cucumber, and 1/2 tomato AND a guava!

        5:30pm- woke up from a nap hungry, had a grapefruit

        8:00 pm 2 oz salmon/ hamburger patty. Some papaya, guavas 2, and strawberries.

        I have only been eating fruit once a week and I love it. Plus, the fruit here, in Mexico, just isn't as sweet as the stuff in the US.

        I have questions-

        Usually after lunch I'm not hungry again, really. If I'm not, is it okay to just not eat after about 4pm?

        Fruit, what's the deal? I've read on here that it's basically the same as sugar? I'm interested in fat loss so what should I consume? My doctor told me 3 fruits a day.........

        Where can I get some freaking coconut oil in Mex? You'd think of all place, they'd have it- considering their coconut trees!



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          Days 26/27

          Hola Amigos,

          My doctor told me to eat 3 fruits a day and since I've been doing that, I've had more sugar cravings and started craving things I haven't craved in months and months. I haven't had dairy or grains in about 6 months. The last few days I've wanted dairy and bread. Last night I had some mango mousse at a cafe which I would have never had in regular circumstances. I've also been eating mangoes like crazy- I'm craving them lots and lots.

          I just looked over my Fit Day macro nutrients. I need more fat and less protein. I'm going to try this adjustment and see how the fruit cravings go.

          Happy Sunday!


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            29 Marzo

            Day 29

            Wow, hard to believe my PB challenge is ending. I love challenges- I'm actually living PB now and it doesn't feel like a challenge anymore.

            Eats today:

            Breakfast- 1 hamburger patty, 3 oz (organic) with a cup of lettuce and olive oil

            Snack 1pm- 1 can of tuna with guacamole

            Lunch- BAS with salmon, tomato, broccoli, avocado and lettuce- olive oil

            Dinner 3 oz pork with garlic, sauteed in olive oil, half an avocado.

            I feel better today. I'm really concentrating on fat, fat, fat- I feel better with high fat in my diet.