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    Day 11-

    Buenas Dias!

    I stayed up quite late last night and was extremely tired today. I really need to take it easy until I am completely over this flu, struggling to do this.

    Brk 9am- 5.7 oz steak cooked in coconut oil - STILL HUNGRY! 1 fillet of white fish also cooked in coconut oil

    12 3oz ground pork with 1.1 oz avocado and salsa verde

    2ish- salad with 5 oz chicken and pork, salsa verde, 1 cup jicama, avocado and less than a tspn of olive oil

    7:15 two links of chorizo with 1 cup lettuce...

    2 liter H2O 1 hour walking


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      Day 12-

      Lots of sleep= vast improvement!

      Break- 9am 3 oz chorizo

      Snack 12am- 3 oz ground pork with 1 oz avocado

      Lunch-2:30 Charramos (pork leg), about 5 oz with vegetable soup

      Snack- 6 pm rest of charramos, an ounce or less

      Dinner 8 pm onion, salsa, cactus, and beef sauteed with a little bacon- alambre

      Weighed in at 170.8 today

      26.8 body fat


      On to next week!


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        Day 13-

        Had a great Domingo. I went to the largest market in the world (food/ wholesale/ goods market), saw Santa Fe, enjoyed lots of walking, played- yes PLAYED some fun games with friends, and tango danced in a quaint town square- wonderful day.

        Eating was also great. I tried my first IF. This morning I feel good, and I'm so surprised- but it was actually easy!

        Had some self-doubting emotions creep up yesterday about my goals and appearance, ability, etc and successfully disciplined myself to not acknowledge them and keep moving forward. Feels great. You get what you put your attention on!

        Breakfast- 9:30 2 oz chorizo

        Snack- 12ish 2.5 oz chorizo

        Lunch 2/3pm- green juice (celery, cilantro, alfalfa, grapefruit juice) unstrained and one bistek taco with salsa, radish, and onion. Then I had a fruit bowl with wonderfully delicious in-season fruits topped with some dried coconut. This was my "scheduled deviation for the week". I allow myself one, within an hour period. Higher carb, so delicious- and besides the corn tortilla, totally primal.

        Then, nothing else all day!

        2 Liter h2o

        Caminar, bailar.......walking and dancing, and playing. Followed by about 8 hours of good sleep.

        Me vida es bella!


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          Day 14

          Wow, two weeks of primal, nice!

          Brk 9am- 5.6 ounces of white fish fried up in coconut oil, still a bit hungry so added 1.5 oz of roasted chicken

          Snack 12- 3 oz pork with 1 oz avocado

          Lunch 3- about 4 oz roasted chicken and 1 cup lettuce, 1 cup jicama. Salsa, olive oil, and some sea salt to taste

          Dinner 8pm- arrachera alambre (steak sauteed with onion and bell pepper) about 4 oz. Also had about a cup of grilled onions and 1/2 c. cucumber. I know onions are high carb, but grilled onions from this taqueria are to die for! So delicious.

          Took an hour nap. Walked about 1.25 hours. 2 liters of water, vitamins.

          I'm really liking honoring when I need sleep and when I don't, when I'm hungry, when I'm not.......

          Looking forward to more IF. I think it might work best for me to do "condensed IFing" where I stop eating at like 3pm and then don't eat until the next day. Works better than skipping breakfast for me.

          Besos Amigos,



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            Day 15

            Brk 9am roasted chicken

            Lunch 3pm rest of roasted chicken (totaled with breakfast 1/2 of a chicken) and 4 oz white fish cooked in coconut oil, 3 oz beef shredded

            Dinner 8pm 4.4 oz hamburger cooked up with coconut oil and 2 oz beef shredded. 1/5 cup jicama.

            Third day my appetite has been much less. Surprised I wasn't hungry until 3pm today, feels really good.

            I'm under calories everyday this week- tracking with Fit Day and averaging about 45% fat, 35% protein, rest carbs. Feels really good.

            Did my first real exercise program since getting the flu. I'm tired, but feel good.

            2 liter H2o

            1 hour walking

            30 minute strength

            6 stairs 5x

            Buenas noches


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              Day 16

              Brk- 9am 4.1 oz organic hamburger with .5 oz smoked salmon

              Snack 12- 3 oz tuna with green salsa and 1/2 tspn coconut oil

              Lunch 2:30 about 4-5 oz roasted chicken and 1 cup lettuce, olive oil

              Still hungry, 1 more oz of chicken and 3 oz ground pork

              Dinner 8pm. Wanted to IF until tomorrow, but truly hungry. 100 grams of smoked salmon and 1 oz chicken.

              Felt stronger today. Did yoga this morning. Had a quick nap, and just felt really energized- feels great.

              Walked a lot and carried 10 liters of water 2 long blocks and up 6 flights of stairs.

              Good day.

              Going to be slightly hungry, that's ok.

              3 liter H2o


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                Day 17-

                Wonderful day yesterday.

                Started it off with my belly dancing class. I love this class, it's a great mix of ballet and then well, belly dancing- just lots of fun and good exercise.

                Brk 9am- about 1/2 of a roasted chicken with some coconut oil

                Lunch 2pm- 4.1 oz organic beef patty with 1.5 cup jicama and 1 ounce avocado and red salsa. Still a bit hungry so had 1 can of sardines.

                Snack- 6pm- 3 oz beef with salsa verde.

                Dinner 8:45pm- 2 oz pork skin sauteed with 3 oz ground pork and red salsa.

                3 liter H20

                Dance Class

                Walked for 2 hours, approx.


                I'm over half way through my 30 day challenge and am feeling really good. Abundant energy, happy- just great. I really think adding more into my diet is going to forever change me positively.

                Now I'd like to change my strength routine to lift really heavy things, but I need help learning how to do this. Right now I'm working each body part on 4 sets, about 1-12 reps. Takes me an hour. Ideas are welcome!


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                  pushup, pull ups, sit ups, squats. walking.

                  I need to vary my food routines. Your foods look great!

                  Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                    Day 18-

                    Buenas Dias Amigos.

                    Grok is Softball, thank you for the suggestions- I will definitely do push-ups, pull-ups (I can't do a pull up yet but this is a major fitness goal of mine), squats, etc. I'm glad my food looks great. Still new to this primal thing and want to do it right!

                    Brk 9am- 4 oz organic hamburger, 2 oz white fish cooked w/ coconut oil

                    Snack- I was hungry! 12pm 3 oz ground pork with a little chicharron

                    Lunch 2ish- a plain hamburger with small salad, olive oil dressing

                    Snack- hungry again! 5pm- 3 oz ground pork with chicharron

                    Dinner 9:30pm- okay, so at this point I was really, really hungry- arrachera alambre (basically marinated thinly sliced beef with a few bell peppers- grilled). 1 cup grilled onion, 1 cup raw cucumber, about 1 tbspn guacamole and 2 tbspn red salsa. Really, really delicious meal. It was big and I ate almost all of it.

                    It is nice to be able to eat that dinner and not feel guilty. I've really struggled with "guilt over eating" in the past and I am so improved- feels really good.

                    Today is my weigh-in day. I hope to see positive results. I am definitely doing the program. My calories have been quite a bit lower than they're suppose to be- I'm 5'11 and my "quota" is 1911 according to Fit Day. I'm averaging 1500, some days 1300. But I have just been eating when hungry............

                    Okay, off to do some running- intervals.



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                      Day 19-

                      Buenas Dias Amigos.

                      So, the results of my weigh-in? The same! Well, 0.05 different :-) It's a bit disappointing I guess- well not really. It's just that it's so motivating to see the scale move BUT my body fat percentage dropped .6% which shows my actual composition is changing and I feel AMAZING! I was under calories recommended by Fit Day most days last week, and I put my diet on another forum for a review and got really encouraging feedback. I'm doing great- so I'm just going to keep persisting and the scale will follow!


                      Breakfast 4 oz white fish, 1.4 oz pork cooked in coconut oil

                      Snack 2pm 1/2 can of tuna plain

                      Lunch 3pm- I had almost an entire roasted chicken. Really, too much - I overate but just allowed myself to and then was done with it

                      Dinner 9pm I had about 3-5 bites of a traditional Mexican dish with lettuce, radish, shredded pork, oregano, salsa, and lime. I had about 4 bites of a tortilla, corn with it. Felt good to "allow" myself to taste this traditional food without guilt.

                      2:30am, had my leftover pozeria (I think that's how it's spelled!)

                      It feels good to be able to eat when I'm hungry, and not when I'm not. I'm making such progress on "fear of food"....still have a ways to go, but it's better. When the scale starts to move- while I'm actually eating- then I'll be really happy!!!!


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                        Day 20-

                        Happy Monday :-0)

                        Okay, so yesterday, it was when I was going to have my "scheduled deviation". I have as my policy to have one of these a week, within an hour time frame. I didn't do so well this week, as I had corn on Saturday night unplanned but then still wanted my original planned cheat Sunday. I guess when I do this I really need to decided which I want more and then sacrifice the other instead of doing two cheats- I'm serious about losing weight right now so I need to follow my plan.

                        breakfast 10am- 1/2 can of tuna fish

                        lunch 12/1- salad with 4 oz white fish cooked in coconut oil

                        dinner 6/7- steak with beef broth soup and some corn chips with chimichurri (olive oil, parsley, basil).

                        At the movies I had about 1 oz peanuts, some pistachios and popcorn with salsa.

                        I feel a little guilty for having corn on Saturday, and then more refined carbs yesterday. Okay, that's just the way it is I guess. Will work on improving this, I feel best with one scheduled deviation a week. This week I'm really going to concentrate of fat intake, keeping it high and not going over 20g of carbs a day.


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                          Day 21-

                          I was hungry today- I ate 2100 calories. Coming from a girl who normally has been eating about 1500 this felt exorbitant- but guess what! I LOST 2 pounds! It was SO liberating to be "allowed" to eat until I was no longer hungry. Wow.


                          4 oz beef and 4 oz white fish cooked in coconut oil

                          Snack 12pm

                          3 oz beef steak and 1 cup lettuce with olive oil dressing

                          Lunch and dinner- ate at 3ish and then again at 6.

                          11 oz pork, 2 oz chicharron

                          Also 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

                          I then slept for about 12 hours! Wowzers; interesting day!

                          Walked 1 hour

                          2liter H2O


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                            Day 21-

                            Another great day. Very sore from Tuesday's lower body workout! Walked about 2 1/2 hours today, feels good.

                            Brk 4 oz beef and pork with 1/2 cup jicama in coconut oil

                            Snack 12 3 oz chicken with coconut oil and chile

                            Lunch 3 5.5 oz salmon with salad, 1 cup tomato and olive oil

                            Snack 6pm 3 oz left over protein with 1/2 c. cucumber

                            Dinner 8pm 6 oz salmon and white fish cooked in coconut oil with sea salt.

                            Feel good!


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                              Day 22-

                              Hola Amigos!

                              Zumba was good yesterday and today I did belly dancing- tomorrow UB workout.

                              Brk- 9am 4.4 oz chorizo with 1/2 c.jicama, 1 cup lettuce, and 3 grape tomato, 1 oz avocado

                              Snack 12- 3 oz ground pork with 1 oz avocado and coconut oil

                              Lunch-3 salad with white fish, 3 oz and 1 oz chorizo left over. 3 oz ground pork with some red salsa

                              Dinner 7:40pm 1 can of sardines and very small green apple

                              Great day. Haing the apple feels like such a treat! I hope adding fruit, a little, into my diet won't jeopardize my progress!



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                                Hola Amigos! My goodness, I'm officially back from the dead! Dio Mios!

                                I had the worse case of stomach infection thing ever. I have never, ever experienced that kind of pain- and hopefully never will again.

                                Eating was okay, being that I virtually could not eat for 4 days- but I did eat oatmeal and fruit when I could. Meat wasn't workable, I couldn't digest it.

                                It feels good to be back!

                                I haven't weighed myself at all, and I'm not going to . I don't know when I will again but right now I'm using measurements, clothes, and body fat % to track myself.

                                I'm "gym-less" for a month and nervous about this- what am I going to do? I'll have to ask around for some workout advice.

                                Okay- today-

                                Brk 9am

                                2 tbsn guacamole

                                2.2 oz salmon

                                3 oz hamburger patty

                                Lunch 3pm

                                large salad with tomato, broccoli, 1 oz avocado, and 4 oz salmon, olive oil

                                Snack 3 oz tuna fish with 1 oz avocado and drizzled with coconut oil

                                Dinner 6pmish

                                Will probably be a hamburger patty

                                I continue to walk an hour a day, get good sleep ,and work on optimal health :-)