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  • Shamia's notes

    I figured (since I do not have the book yet - silly bookstore, send it already!) it'd be a good idea if I would keep track of my stats/eats/playtime.

    1.67 m/93.6 kg
    date of measurements: 19-feb-2012

    Eats today:
    brkfst: a banana, an orange and a cheese bite (baby bel)
    lunch: rucola salad with a bit of parmigian, pine nuts, two fried eggs with bacon and two spoons of sundried tomato in olive oil
    S: boiled egg
    D: don't know yet, some veg and a meat.

    And load of coffee and tea and water. I drink about 3 liters of water/day.

    It's not very fat, but I'll fix that with the meat tonight, I'll probably fry up some pork belly.

    Anybody that can tell me if I'm doing allright?

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    End of day 1:
    two pieces of fried pork belly (yum), a bite of red cabbage (I saw in the jar it contained sugar, quite a bit of it, so I declined after that)
    a bit of goat yoghurt with frozen cherries and a sprinkle of dark chocolate, maybe a teaspoon.

    Day two:
    I'm not feeling well, but I'm not feeling bad either. My stomach feels in a knot, a bit nauseated, but not very.
    Two cheese bites (babybell) for breakfast and a banana.

    I brought a BAS for lunch, with a tin of omega3 fish (mackerel), a veggie omelet and a couple of cooked eggs. Still have a pear, an apple and an orange and a couple of walnuts as snacks.

    Not sure when I'll eat all that or if I'll eat all that. I'll wait until I'm hungry.

    Tonight I got a jalapeno burger waiting (no bun!) with lettuce, tomato, bacon.


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      So I ditched the mackerel, because it smelled awfull. I'm sure Grok wouldn't have eaten it, unless there were no other options. Thank god I had some eggs and a bit of fritata left.

      Still have that pear, apple and orange at work, ate the walnuts. Dinner was that burger, with fried egg, bacon, mixed leaf salad, a tomato and some bacon. And a bit of chipotle mayo. Yum!

      Still very full, so no evening snack and off to bed to make sure I theoretically could catch the 8 hours of sleep I need.

      Will have to figure out how to make meals for two when one of them is not primal. If mixing primal meals with a carb/starch, it will be to much calories to give a person.

      So far so good though, scale tipped back 0.7 kg (shedding water, I know. Still an incentive!) and more surprisingly, my fat% is at 22%. Thats considered a healthy fatpercentage for a female. Water % was at 55%, which is normal as well. Odd.


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        breakfast was about a cup of goat yoghurt, a handful of cherries,
        snack: a boiled egg
        lunch: about 3 ounces of boiled organic ham (yum!) an egg, mixed salad (carrot, radicchio, mace, lettuce)
        snack: a couple of mixed nuts - no peanuts

        Dinner will be a rice dish, but I will not take as much of the rice and I'll add extra ham and a couple of eggs.

        I think I'm doing allright so far, but would like some tips or confirmation if anybody reads this. Still have not received the book, it's been put on backorder (needs to come from the US, apparently )


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          Ugh, insupportive people have appeared.
          First one was my colleague (who is rather large herself and struggling with food - she just does not want me to be thinner than she is. I understand that, so I just ignore her mostly).
          Now my flatmate (we are best friends and we live together - hence, we shop together for food, I cook, we eat together, we pay bills togehter, we go on holidays together so kind of living together, but we're not together.) seems to try to have an opinion on how I eat. I'm not sure why - he knows I feel unhealthy and out of shape and so does he. I showed him my goals (nothing too scary thin, just normal and healthy) and told him I eat low carb, but definitely not low-fat. He does not really say a lot about it, but he sure as heck disapproves. We discussed groceries in the car to work today and he's like: we don't need much. We have burrito's, fry rice, we can eat fries, soup (canned.. ) and fish on friday. Uhm. right. I can fix the burrito's (which I made myself - I'll just ommit the tortilla), but I will not eat fry rice (i did yesterday, but only 1/3 of my normal portion and I feel crappy and hungry today), fries, canned soup or the fried fish.

          I just don't get it. He does not want to support me in being healthy? why not?
          Nothing changes for him - he can eat all the crap he wants. I don't care. Well, I do, but he's a grown man, he can make his own decisions.


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            goat joghurt (I like that!) with cherries, an egg.
            Couple of nuts as a snack.
            My lunch was a big plate of rucola, with parmigian and pine nuts plus about an ounce and half of roastbeef, two slices of goat cheese and two raw meat things (an ounce each).
            snack was a cup of coffee with milk and a square of 99% chocolate melted into that.
            Dinner: half a brocoli, almost a pound of beef, salsa, a bit of napa cabbage, garlic, spices. I was hungry

            It's going fairly well - scale showed 91.9 this morning so I'm down 1.7 kilo (a bit over 3 pounds).

            I will have to tweak some things.. I need more fat. And I need less dairy.

            Today, so far:
            1/4 cup of goat yoghurt (emptied the carton) and 5 dried apricots, two warm boiled eggs with (real) butter and salt. I forgot how much I love that!

            I'll probably be having a chicken ceasar salad for lunch, extra anchovies and chicken, hold the croutons - no bread. Not sure about the dressing.. I think they make it fresh in house.. I'll ask.


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              The ceasar had way too little chicken and only 8 anchovies. Not enough to keep me full by any means

              I've munched on some nuts (ok, a lot of nuts, about 4 ounces? Maybe more) this afternoon, a left over apricot and a pear. Pear actually made me hungrier (I know.. but whadayado, I was hungry)

              I'll prepare better for next week! Too bad most meat is so lean here and fattier versions are hard to find.


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                Evening of Friday was heavenly. Ribeye steak grilled with cocofat, while the meat rested, tossed in some mushrooms, cream, peper salt. And quick panfried some spinach with smoked garlic in olive oil as a side. Yum!

                Saturday was also a good day - bacon and eggs with chipotles (no sugar in the bottle! Yay!), lunch was aboud 5 ounces of spicy chicken breast, dinner was at a chinese restaurant: fu yung hai with shrimp, no rice and only a table spoon of sauce. Too bad they used the wrong oil, but you can't win them all, I guess.

                Today rocked: sunny weather, so I worked in the garden planting a bit of this year's crops. I did plant peas and I know they are legumes, but I'll just feed them to my housemate. (I'm sad about that.. nothing better than ripping open a fresh pea pod and eating the peas raw ).
                Had eggs and bacon and chipotle for breakfast. Not hungry until now, a bit peckish, but I ate a cup of cherry tomatoes and a handful of nuts. Dinner will be a grilled duck side and a bunch of veggies.

                On the happy side: I can pull my jeans off without unbuttoning them

                Week two starts tomorrow. I'll prepare better for this week, because I caught myself hungry and without good food a couple of times. I'll cook more eggs and make myself a healthy nut-mix that I can snack on.


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                  It sounds like you're really on the right track. You're lowering fruit and dairy and upping the fat. I guess the base is vegetables, meat (including fish and fowl) and healthy oils. Anything else is sort of an extra if you're trying to lose weight. Nuts cause plateaus for some people, as does fruit. Blueberries are one of the best choices if you're going to have fruit -- but I do believe the basic three will give the best results with an (IF -- skipping a meal if you're not hungry now and then). It is great fun to tweak it to make your own personal PB that works for you. It must be fun and not stressful. That's huge.

                  As far as co-workers and other people you don't live with go, just say you have celiac or sugar issues, or, the easiest, just don't discuss your new lifestyle. Often times people don't want to hear about good things from other people when they're messed up. You don't have to eat with your co-workers, do you? Anyway, everyone understands allergies to wheat and sugar, so, that's a good excuse. If it's causing your body to be fat, it could be considered an allergy:-):-):-)

                  Your flatmate won't disapprove too long when he sees the wonderful results -- better sleep, a fitter body, etc. If he's complaining because he's not losing and you're looking better and better, then, he has a couple options -- start primal or -- maybe, well, I'm going to let you draw your own conclusions there:-)


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                    Hi Shamia,

                    My understanding is that you can, in fact, eat green peas and green beans. They're legumes, yes, but they're as long as they're still green and immature, they're more like vegetables nutritionally. Mark says so: Are Peas and Green Beans Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple

                    Hope this helps! It's still too early for me to feel comfortable planting anything, but I've been planting fruit trees around the property.


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                      Hi Alikay, you just made me happy!! I wondered why legumes were bad, but it does make sense now. (I'll have to cook the peas first though. but that's ok)

                      Hi Lopisheep, love your picture! (I love sheep. And cows. Yum!) My flatmate is not trying to lose weight, although truth be told - he should. My colleagues know I've been eating a lot of carbs before, so the excuse won't work. Also, we always eat together. I am telling them I feel better (more energy etc) and they can see that's true. I'm all over now

                      But I'm happy you guys assured that I'm doing allright. No sign of book yet so far
                      (hopefully this week - I want to take it to Spain when we're on holiday next week)


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                        Yay! I got an email stating the book is on its way and that it should arrive today! I'm looking forward to it
                        Yesterday was an ok day - I don't remember what I had for breakfast (ouch.. that's bad!), I think just coffee, a bit of raw sausage (a dutch specialty) and a hand ful of nuts. Lunch was a bag of mixed lettuce, 3 ounces of fatty ham (yum!) and a cup of fruits (blue berries, raspberries, strawberries etc). Diner was a cup of rice dish, three eggs and a bit of ham.
                        And a square of chocolate.

                        Today I had a cup of joghurt (I ditched most cheese, but joghurt and fruit is my on-the-fly breakfast) with cherries, 8 dried (not sugared) apricots. For lunch I have rocket, grilled chicken, spicey mayo and a couple of eggs. I have an apple for the afternoon, but I know that apples make me hungry (must be a sugar thing?) Dinner will be pre-primal made enchiladas made of ground beef, cabbage, rolled in tortillas with tomato sauce (from scratch), bit of moz melted on top. I think I put corn in them, but I am not sure anymore. I'll just ditch the tortilla's (healthywholewheat. Jup ) and ommit most corn.


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                          Book has not arrived, hopefully tomorrow!

                          Dinner tasted so darn good.. put on a bit of my chipotle stuff. I ate one enchilada, including the tortilla and all of the stuffing.

                          And I'm so regretting it now I feel physically awful! Bloated, explosively full, like I should go vomit (but I can't induce that, part of my throat is paralyzed still, so yeah, sticking a finger in my throat is not doing anything for me. Plus, I hate to vomit. I wish I didn't right now though).

                          I'm done with carbs. Just the ones in my veggies are ok. All others are banned.

                          Better go sleep now, maybe that helps.
                          (I feel so sick now, that even the thought of bacon does not cheer me up )


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                            I still feel sick to my stomach. Had a bit of breakfast (two boiled eggs with butter and salt), but that feeling that I need to vomit to feel better still is there. Won't be having any further food until that passes.

                            Now, this Saturday, I'll be off to Spain. Flight around dinner time (I'm not reprogrammed yet, I still get hungry when "normal" eating times appear. Will get better once in Spain. ). I need to find food that I can bring on a plane that won't freak out security and that keeps without refrigeration. There's no no-soy, nitrate free, sugar free jerky here. I'll boil some eggs, put some butter in my bag. Nuts maybe? We've planned to drive directly to the hypermarket once we land to stock up, so it's just for the travel.


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                              Had a light bite for lunch (rocket, 2 ounces of smoked salmon, half a tomato), an ounce of nuts (pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, walnut, almond). Kept me until now, so I ate my joghurt with pineapple. (fresh).

                              Tonight will be goose/duck fat fried pork belly. Yum! With a bit of veg, not sure which one is in the fridge. We're cleaning out because of our holiday.