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    A goal I'd like to reach:

    Fit into my favorite thin-jeans fresh from the dryer, sans normally required "pant dance."

    Upate 11/13: Done and done!
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      ^^^LOL I hate doing the tight pants jig!!

      Originally posted by kcarol View Post
      Thanks for the words of encouragement I just have this feeling I could be good at powerlifting. Maybe it's wishful thinking. If I trained and studied powerlifting, I might be able to coach others. That's another secret dream.
      That's just it! Who knows, you might get really into and and be lead to a new career!

      Originally posted by kcarol View Post
      Okay, brown out, I've come sure CLOSE to those. I've had my vision go blank and felt myself about to knock out, but would sit down before I'd let that happen.
      That sounds just like it! Aren't they awful??

      Originally posted by kcarol View Post
      Ok, so you experience the hunger post-naughty eating? I wouldn't call it hunger, for good food, but a weird different hunger specific to more naughty food.
      I think so too; I've heard before that stomach growling isn't actual hunger, that it's gastrointestinal irritation or something. I dunno, I only know that my stomach growls after I've been eating crap.


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        Originally posted by Raphaella View Post
        I think so too; I've heard before that stomach growling isn't actual hunger, that it's gastrointestinal irritation or something. I dunno, I only know that my stomach growls after I've been eating crap.
        If this interests you at all: this last summer, I only had 2 summer classes while not working (my job follows public school year). I decided to do try near zero carb. I had anywhere from 0 to 5 grams of carb a day, waiting as long as possible until I was really hungry. My main focus was finding hunger, and I thought the absence of carbs might help to compare to feelings I've come to interpret as hunger. BTW, his was before my awareness of something like a leptin reset.

        My results? Well, it lasted about 3 weeks. Basically, I did get hungry. However, the hunger was coupled with an unbearable fatigue and headache I found unmanageable after a while. It made me think hunger might be overrated.
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          Day 7

          Cooked a big breakfast with my dad this morning, and had a big meal later too. Needless to say I ate a lot.

          Picture 4.jpg
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            Day 8

            I've never made my own food porn before, but I was pretty proud of this:


            Say hello to my burger shooters, with melted cheese and sliced avocado on top. I added some sea salt too. Note the sweet potato on the side.

            It was a giant meal and I loved it.

            Picture 9.jpg
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              Day 9

              Today's intake through FitDay:

              Picture 7.jpg

              Guessing I had about 1500 calories.
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                Day 10

                Picture 5.jpg

                Update 3/10: I'm putting in my old fitday's, adding in the actual calorie count of HWC. Beware: Fitday grossly underestimates the calories in HWC!
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                  Those burger shooters look soooooooo good!

                  Primal clears my skin up completely. No pimples, redness, blemishes....nothing. The overall texture changes too and it looks more luminous. My teeth get really white too and my gums stop bleeding.

                  I too find that every now and then(I guess if I've been overdoing i?) fat will gross me out and I'll have to lay off it for a couple days,.
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                    Originally posted by kcarol View Post
                    I need to live the rest of my life as soon as possible. [/I]

                    For anyone reading, how long will it take you to live the rest of your life? Stop cheating on this lifestyle. You're only cheating yourself of happiness.

                    totally digging your journal - keep up the good work and the introspection is worth it!

                    my info:

                    If you can't tell the truth about yourself, you can't tell it about other people --- Virginia Woolf

                    My journal


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                      Thanks pbj, makes me feel like the ramblings have a bit of purpose.

                      Raphaella - glad to see I'm not the only one about the fat thing!

                      Having said that, food pron:


                      That's a ribeye steak with masala sauce on top. Trying to get creative. I bought the masala sauce from Trader Joes, and added some cream before heating up. Poured over and good to eat.
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                        love the look of the burger shooters and sweet potato! that last pic, it looks like a hot mess...and i would love to try it hahaha

                        i remember that episode of wife loved watching that show until i was sitting next to her grinding my teeth!


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                          Lol...a hot delicious mess. Just the steak in the creamy sauce....mmm...

                          YOU watch Ruby too? Isn't Ruby hilarious.


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                            Omg I looooooooooove Indian foodsies too!!


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                              If anyone reads this, feel free to respond:

                              We all know we want to look good naked. Ladies, what's your ideal?
                              Gentlemen, what do you think?


                              That model thin look...(she's actually approaching scrawny)

                              Beautiful curves...


                              Healthy...(just my idea of the inbetween)

                              I guess I'm aiming for healthy wouldn't mind approaching muscular... but damn, I wouldn't mind looking like the second beautiful curve photo. Some girls just pull off their curves damn well.

                              I wouldn't mind being model thin for a while if it made my thin-obsessed friends jealous. Muahahaha. But I don't have the strength to not eat, lol. Not worth it enough.

                              Note - if at any point I wake up and look like Rashida Jones, I'll be a happy camper.
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                                ^^^I just realized we're the same height! I want to be model thin too right now, initially I loved the fitness competitor and pro bikini competitor kinds of looks...

                                .....but lately I have been really liking the ultra thin Victoria Beckham-look! I kind of want to get that thin just to see what the heck I would look like, but I would have to stop working out in order to I bet and I'm not willing to do that.

                                You might like Marzia Prince:

                                (Denise Milani is in the 1st pic, Michelle Prestin in the 2nd)
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