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    I am not overweight. I have no seriously debilitating health problems. I'm just a 20-year-old college student trying to be healthy. I do, however, really want to commit to living primally and I have such a horrible time focusing on anything that I think posting daily updates will help keep me on track. I've done research, but probably not nearly as much as most of the people on this forum so if I make some horrible mistake please tell me!

    Here is how things stand right now. It's the end of Day 1! Having done lots of reading, I asked my roommates to take me to the grocery store yesterday and I'm all stocked up. I bought fruits, veggies, almonds, super dark chocolate, and bacon. Bacon was the only meat I got because I'm very creeped out by raw meat and bacon is one of the few kinds I can stand to touch. I also have some haddock in the freezer. Maybe I'll do something with that later.

    I said I didn't have any serious health problems, but I have a few little ones so I'll just put them down here in case something changes with them later. I have:
    -Chronic back pain
    -Strong ADD - Most days I can't focus at all and I have a terrible memory. I'm learning to live with it. Sort of.
    -My hands are often very cold and my fingers get stiff as a result. I'm not certain if this is because of the freezing weather where I am or if I have low blood pressure of some sort.
    -I can barely smell. Only very strong scents and I pretty much can't smell flowers at all. This is, however, a huge improvement from what it used to be. I'm not sure why, but my smelling ability decided to increase itself towards the end of December.

    Today at breakfast time I was in a salady mood, so I made a big salad out of spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, and bacon (for some crunch). I couldn't let all the tasty bacon fat go to waste, so I used it as a dressing. I considered adding in some scrambled eggs and kale, but I couldn't have fit anything else into that bowl if I tried! Oh well. More kale for making chips out of later. Note to self: buy a bigger bowl.

    Breakfast was satisfying and it filled me up, but even though I wasn't hungry anymore I couldn't stop snacking. From morning to afternoon I munched on almonds, beef jerky, and dried fruit. I also had a headache and felt really tired. Did I do something wrong, or is this the prelude to this "carb flu" that I've heard of?

    I wasn't hungry for lunch, probably because of all the snacks, but my headache was gone by dinnertime and so I decided to try cooking. I'm notoriously bad at cooking, but I managed to make something tasty tonight. I fried up some brussels sprouts with bacon, garlic, salt, pepper, and basil. My roommates aren't really familiar with brussels sprouts, so their reactions were amusing ("OMG, they're tiny cabbages!"). It was very satisfying. I'm glad I got a big bag of them.

    It's 11:30 now and the headache still hasn't come back. I'm feeling a little too energetic for sleep, but I'll make sure that I get a decent amount. I've already learned that sleeping more helps me out with class. I'm already thinking about more recipes I can try! Tomorrow's breakfast will be an omelet unless I'm in a salad mood again. I guess we'll see!

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    Originally posted by Sparkles View Post
    I also had a headache and felt really tired. Did I do something wrong, or is this the prelude to this "carb flu" that I've heard of?
    I think that it's likely carb flu. Mine usually brings along a headache when it comes for a visit.

    Good luck!


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      Originally posted by Gay Panda View Post
      I think that it's likely carb flu. Mine usually brings along a headache when it comes for a visit.

      Good luck!
      Thank you! I didn't know if that happened on the first day or if it just showed up during the first couple weeks or so. Now I know what to expect.


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        Day 2

        I found a dead fish in my fridge today.

        More accurately, I found half a salmon fillet. I bought it during the aforementioned shopping trip because it was labeled "sashimi" and I love sashimi. The problem with this is that after a few days it's no longer fresh and I'm not comfortable eating it raw. If I'm not comfortable with eating something raw, it automatically qualifies as a corpse and I start freaking out because there's a fish corpse in my fridge. "You were eating this raw by the slice on Saturday" means nothing at this point.

        But armed with a very large knife I confronted that salmon and cut him into itty bitty pieces, and I was no longer afraid. Instead of running in fear of Mr. Fish, I tossed him into a frying pan with some eggs, peppers, and spinach. Mr. Fish made some fantastic scrambled eggs. Beautiful really. Perfectly cooked. I was rather proud of myself. And then the fire alarm went off. When the alarm goes off, everybody in the dorm has to march out into the freezing cold until the fire trucks come, and then the fire trucks leave, and then the security people let us back inside.

        When I got back inside, my tasty fish was cold. I heated it up a little in the microwave, but didn't want to risk it exploding or catching on fire (you laugh now, but it's happened before) so by the time I ate it, it was just lukewarm. I've heard that revenge is a dish best served cold. I'm onto you, Mr. Fish. >.>

        And now my headache's coming back.


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          Day 3 - I found my keys!

          I'm a lot more energetic lately. I'm surprised. I didn't think that would happen so soon. I got out of bed around 9 (!) without even having to berate myself to crawl out from under the covers. This left me plenty of time to make bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and then study a bit for my French test. Right before I left, a cool thing happened. I remembered where I left my keys! I never remember! I always have to search for them. With the day going perfectly so far, I walked off to class all chipper and whatnot, ready for anything that test could throw at me. And the low carb flu kicked in about halfway through. Grr.

          Summary so far:
          Breakfast: Bacon and eggs
          Snack: Tea and half a square of chocolate
          Exercise: My walk to and from class, which is about a mile.

          I'll update later today, like I forgot to do yesterday.


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            Update on Day 3

            I've been having a lot of trouble with sugar cravings in the afternoon. Not so much during other times of day, but very strong in the afternoon. I tried a few things to help with this. I drank the sweetest herbal tea I could find (Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos) without any sweetener. It didn't help much. I played Sims 2 for a while to distract myself. I ended up making a bakery and shouting at my sims as they entered as if it were a horror film ("Don't buy the cake, Simon! You know what will happen! Stay away from the cake! Nooo!"). That ended about as well as you'd imagine.

            What ended up working, at least marginally better than the other two attempts, was working out. Sort of. I danced for about 20 minutes, then did some crunches, then danced again. Moving around felt good, compared to my usual sitting on the computer. The only drawback was that afterwards I smelled like Grok and had to go take a shower. I have hair down to my butt. It takes three hours to dry. Not fun. After that, I had lunch. Lunch was snacks. I'm starting to think that I may just be a two meal a day kind of person, but that's okay. I've been suspecting that for a while.

            Snack: Two bananas, some almonds, the rest of the chocolate square, and a handful of dried cranberries. Also, lots of tea.
            Dinner: Sausage and a salad, or at least that's what I'll be making as soon as my nail polish dries.

            I am genuinely worried about something else. A few weeks ago, my mom sent me a care package with some cookies in it. My mom is a fantastic baker. Since I'm a nice person, I shared the cookies with my roommates and they loved them so much that I asked for the recipe and promised to make some. I haven't made the cookies yet, and my roommates have noticed. This does not bode well for my sugar addiction.


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              Day 4

              I was bad today, but I don't particularly care. I had girl problems and since today was the first (worst) day of that, everything below my waist hurt so much that I didn't want to get out of bed. I barely ate anything all day (which I'm aware is okay, but I was still hungry), skipped both my classes to take a nap, and had a spoonful of sugar in my tea. I do feel bad about skipping my classes, especially my art class because that's hard to make up, but I couldn't have walked that far with my legs as sore as they were, especially not while carrying all of my supplies.

              I'm not sore anymore, have reminded myself that I own honey, and will definitely see my professors about making up class. Today was my free day, but I'll be good tomorrow.


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                Day 5

                I wasn't good today. I was so unmotivated to cook that I sat in my room and ate half a bag of chocolate. Bad, bad, bad idea. Now my stomach feels gurgley and I have a headache. I definitely won't be doing that again. Other than that, nothing interesting happened. Just a day of being very unmotivated and lazy.


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                  Alright, you horse. I may have fallen off several times in the last week, but that's no excuse for you to go on mocking me. I'm getting right back on whether you want me to or not, and we are going to do this thing. No more stealing my roommates' unattended gummy worms and Girl Scout cookies. No skipping breakfast and eating nothing but chocolate and almonds all day because I was too lazy to cook. And for the love of all that may or may not be holy, NO MORE SKIPPING CLASS! Yes, even if it's 6 PM and there's a blizzard outside.

                  The reason I fell off was because I didn't have motivation. Or rather, I had all the motivation in the world, but didn't feel motivated, which is a problem I have all too often. That makes it very hard for me to do anything, even things I want to do, long term. I'm gonna fight it because I know I have to. Because for everything else in my life, "I have to do this" translates to crawling into bed and doing nothing for hours (not even sleeping). I have to be able to commit to something or the world outside of college is going to eat me alive. The job market, especially for budding artists, was not made for procrastinators, people with severe ADD, people with motivational problems, or people who would rather play Second Life than read a textbook chapter. So off we go. Again. I can do this.

                  It is day 9. Breakfast was an omelet.


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                    I haven't updated in a while, but I've been busy with school things. My roommates finally convinced me to make them cookies over the weekend, and just like I thought, I couldn't resist having a few. To keep myself away from the rest, I told my roommates that their friends could have some, and they were devoured overnight. I felt bad the next day, though. My stomach was upset and I had hiccups of all things. I won't be making those again anytime soon. Nothing interesting happened either Monday or yesterday except that I may have found a new way to exercise: Wedging clay for my ceramics class. Today I went to the grocery store. I mostly got things to cook things with. Oils and such. Also, bananas. I like them for breakfast. Maybe I can come up with some creative way to cook them.

                    The most interesting thing that has happened is that one of my roommates went missing. We found out that she was in the hospital overnight and had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She was looking over the list of recommended foods, and it stunned me a little. There was so much grain! The packets told her to eat bagels, bread, pasta, and cereal (along with fruits and veggies of course). How could the diabetes research place she got this information from not know how bad this is? I directed her to MDA, but she's dead set on following this packet to the letter. I don't want to advise her on something I know nothing about, but I'm pretty sure that this "Low carb, low fat, yay bread!" diet isn't going to help her at all.


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                      So it's day 15. I think. Dunno, I'm bad at math.

                      A couple days ago, I thought I had a bad reaction to milk, since I hadn't had any for at least a week. My stomach was upset and my throat was sore. Turns out I have strep throat. Dairy is totally fine. Other than the virus developments, I've noticed a few differences. I wake up earlier and more easily than I used to. Before, no matter when I woke up, I had to muster up the willpower to shove myself out of bed. I've gained weight, but not around my waist! This is new for me because I have the physique of a toothpick, but on the rare occasion that I do gain anything it's always around my waist. Now it's showing up other places, like how the bones in my wrists and hands are no longer quite so visible. I don't look as much like a skeleton! I suppose I would have muscles by now too if I'd kept up with the exercising, but homework has gotten in the way of that.

                      Since that trip to the grocery store the other day, I've learned a few things. The first is that organic things taste so much better than the "normal" stuff that I wouldn't have believed you if you'd told me. Eggs in particular. The carton said "Cage Free" "Organic" and "Naturally raised without artificial hormones." I said "Mine now". I had scrambled eggs this morning, and they were good. In comparison, the diabetic roommate asked me to make her an omelet (because I'm nice like that) with her eggs from presumably unhappy chickens and some velveeta slices. I hope my look of "Are you kidding me?" wasn't too visible. I have also discovered that kale chips are fantastic, and later today I will find out what nice things coconut oil can do for my hair.