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    Day 1:

    Hi! Dennis here from beautiful Minneapolis, MN! I've been reading about Grok and MDA for about a year now after a friend at work forwarded me the success story about Dave. Been trying off and on but never for any significant length of time. I'm thinking the problem is multi-fold: No support structure on the homefront, well, little if any, that and a three year old and new born really don't make it easy on anyone! Work is a mid-shift with no real rhyme or reason to the scheduling....some days I work 4pm-3am, others I'm at home and asleep by 10pm.

    I've been trying to Journal, but without feedback is seems pointless, so I started a Blogger account, but eh, I only had one or two friends ever to comment, and those weren't that helpful at all. Not negative, just not helpful.

    Hoping the Primal Journal will change things!

    Right now, I'm 299lbs, 5'6", and feeling like the chair I'm sitting in is going to break. Not kidding there. By the way, if anyone here works for Chevrolet, I hope you made changes on the Cavalier/Cobalt/Cruze/Whatever that model is called now line-up. Somewhere around 250# I broke the drivers seat and had to have it welded and reinforced to keep from "reclining" back too far. Wasn't the recliner that was was the frame and the entire seat was bending back like a paperclip! As for Becker Furniture World, I've managed to break your recliner couch that my parents gifted to me. Don't worry, I got at least 4 years out of it. Poor fabric on the headrest looks like that scene from "Coming to America" during the dinner party. The horrors of being almost half Italian! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the movie!

    I've always been bigger than I've wanted to be. Even in high school I was about 185-190. Hit the academy and was about 210. Not bad really. I could run a mile and a half in 10:13 if I followed the fast guys. But during training and all that fun stress of shift work, grabbing lunch at gas stations, and eating out all the time, and soon those figures got bigger....and bigger....and bigger.

    Can I mention the rule of Don't Do Stupid Things? Jumping in the Polar Plunge and doing a Cannonball, when you don't know where the shallow-end is, is a VERY STUPID thing.

    I used to Mountain Bike, hence the handle. I really want to start bike commuting the 13miles from home to work, but the 3am trek back is a big hindrance. I've done it a couple of times, and 4am, you are sucking wind!

    So there it is. So far today I've had an Apple, Rutabaga Fries that I got out of the MDA cookbook, and a Scotch Egg, also out of MDA.

    Shooting for the 200 mark by end of the year. I'd be absolutely giddy if I could get down to 250 or 225 by State Fair time. I walk around all 12 days about 8 miles a day. Last year, for the first half, all I had each day was Kabobs and Fruit Plates.....but the temptation of the Corn Dog and all the "On-A-Stick's" were too much!

    Wish me luck!
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    Good luck to you!!! Primal has provided the most painless weight loss of my life.


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      I am sure that you can do wonders if you follow the simple MDA guidelines. It takes a little organisation, however once you start to see, and more importantly feel the results, this will give you the enthusiasm to live on good foods, and do good things!.

      I have only been on Primal food for 7 weeks, however I feel great and not only am I losing weight all the time without being hungry, I am more healthy in every way.
      Each time I am tempted by old habits I visualise a juicy steak!

      All the best


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        Thanks! So far today has been the first day, and after just getting home from work(I left early too, so I normally get home at 0300hrs!), I haven't strayed at all from what I can figure is a fairly decent plan.

        1000: Apple
        1100: Scotch Egg(A la MDA)
        1445: Walk for 30minutes
        1600: Steak covered with Mushrooms and Onions
        2100: Apple/Banana
        2300: Rutabaga Fries covered with sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, Scotch Egg, Banana.
        0145: Handful of Walnuts

        Not too shabby. I think there's a few times in there where I could have ate, but I wasn't hungry. I kept busy tonight rather than just loading off, since I had a buddy from way back riding with me. Nothing exciting about watching paint dry! Only drawback is that since he was around, I wasn't able to get a second workout in tonight. Oh well.

        Thanks for the words of encouragement Panda and Rob! @Rob, I've always said that I'd rather have another piece of steak than dessert, so you're method of avoiding temptation will work out great! Thanks!

        And since I forgot to add an image in the previous post:



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          Today....okay, not just today, but yesterday, really did not go so well. First off: Polish Donuts, Pacski's are some favorite treat for the girlfriend, so a trip to the pastry shop and lo and behold, the only thing remotely healthy in the whole place is probably the half and half for your coffee. Use your imagination. Actually, I'd rather we not do that.

          I realize that I'm going to have to come down a lot harder on myself from now on. Part of this is going to be carting homemade beef jerky around with me to make sure I have snacks for those moments that nothing else is good for me. Like yesterday, the day before, and maybe the day before that. Bother. But after seeing photo's of myself at the Zoo today....I'm even more pissed off at myself for getting to be this big, and maybe motivated. I don't know. Either or. Take your pick. DSCN0144.jpg

          I mean just look at that. That's no way to be for those two lil girls. But tomorrow is a new day, and a new eating plan, and a new workout plan.


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            1000: Banana and Orange
            1300: Double Whopper(Yeah, not primal, but I didn't have fries....granted, I coulda skipped the bun....)
            1430: Weights(2 rotations, Squads 8x135, Calf Lift 10xBW, Bench 10x135, Deadlift 8x135, Overhead Dumbbell Press 10x30, Pulldown 10x90, Shrugs 10x30)
            1700: Salad with 2 Hardboiled Eggs, Turkey, Tomato, Buttermilk Dressing
            2000: Banana, Coffee.
            2230: Walk for 30min on Treadmill
            2300: Orange and Banana, Beef Jerky
            0000: Banana
            0300: Banana, Orange Juice

            So maybe a little heavy on the fruit and juice. Could have skipped the bread today, but all in all, not too shabby considering what I normally drink and eat! Doing better....we'll get there. I need to make more food for lunch so I'm not eating out at places. At work that is....hard to make stuff with a shortened lunch hour.


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              Hey Dennis,

              I hope you're still hanging in there! You don't have to be perfect every day, just try to do better than yesterday.

              Reading your original Successs Stories in the Making entry, the part that leapt out at me was at the end, where you talked about your parents and how you want to help them help themselves to get healthy.

              I'm in a similar situation, with a disabled wife who can't seem to let go of her lifetime eating habits. We've talked before about her giving Primal a try for 30 days, but she's terrified of 'failing' and 'disappointing' me. Of course, that's nonsense but she's had setback after setback in her life, so I can understand where she's coming from.

              So I do what I can. I cook healthy meals for her (I do 99% of the cooking) and talk about what and why I'm eating what I do, and gently point out ways she could improve her diet. At some point, I hope that she'll agree to give it an honest try, which is all I want. I want it for her, for her to feel better, for her to be with me for as long as possible, for her to be as healthy as possible. And like you, I need to be healthy and around for her, for as long as possible.

              Sorry to ramble on so, but I hope you see the similarities in our situations. Hang in there, stick with it, and when temptation gets strong just remember those two adorable girls and why you're going through all of this.

              Best wishes, now go kick today's *ss!


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                Today, Easter, is also my 31st Bday, so a great point to restart the kickstart in the ass.

                Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm still optimistic!


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                  Dennis, 4 months and 13 days til the State Fair arrives! If you stay on the right track, it can be done! So let's do this


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                    4/13. Gotta get the ketosis going here. Too many miss-steps along the way. I wonder if I can do my food journal in's and then transport it over here so I'm not doubling the typing.........HunterK: Sure. Do I get a corn dog and chicken fried bacon as a reward if I do?


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                      Well that was bad..........I was doing good yesterday until about dinner time, when the specter of stress showed up and well dammit, Pizza sounded good at that time. FML.

                      So one half a full sized Super Supreme from Pizza Hut later, and I realize that heartburn will creep up if I go to sleep too soon afterwards, so I don't, even though I have to work overnights tonight and be up early for training at noon.

                      Well, today is another day, so I suppose I can restart today.


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                        If you do, I will personally buy you a corn dog and chicken fried bacon as a reward!


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                          Don't let one little slip up bring you down! Just learn what triggered you or what went wrong so you can acknowledge it next time it happens. Just like quitting smoking, don't get too hard on yourself for slipping up once. Learn and push forward! Today is a new day! You can do it!


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                            Worked Today. So less stress monkeys. Just more drunken monkey's driving around, hitting semaphores and being stupid. It is amazingly easy to not think about food when you're trying to dodge drunks.

                            For those that also want some of the cool graphs and charts you can see with another health website:

                            Breakfast: Banana, Steak
                            Lunch: Bacon Jerky(Swear to god. It does have nitrates, but compared to the other stuff at the gas station, hell, this was heaven), and a bag of Blue Diamond Almonds.
                            Dinner: 2 slabs of Prime Rib, raw veggies, water.
                            Late: Tea....before getting called to some moron running over traffic lights and semaphores. Silly drunk drivers.

                            Total Weight today before I went to work: 305. WTF people. Granted, I haven't been following the PBF plan becaues of various excuses...but that's just it, they're excuses. Tried damn hard the previous day...but that was fouled up when the live-in decided to rampage because the hamburgers she made stuck to the grill(Duh. Cast Iron Grill, and hand formed burgers with chunks of onions and cheese in the middle??? I've never made those on the grill and had them NOT STICK!). So then it's Pizza Time and as I said yesterday, indigestion time. Yipee!

                            Tonight will be better. Get home at 0400hrs, and fall into bed. Hopefully a certain toddler won't be sleeping in the same bed and kicking me and her mother out of it all night. While we may disagree on most things, a one year old and a toddler are tough to share the same bedroom!!!

                            Okay, another day!


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                              I had to look up what a semaphore was :P Noticed you haven't been on here for almost a week and will be gone for the weekend. Keep me updated on how you are doing cuz I would like to know! Have a good weekend Dennis!