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  • Primal Journal--Kent Hawley

    So this is my journal. I have been studying the PB lifestyle for a couple of weeks now after looking at CrossFit and finding a link to MDA (the post was "Things I'm Reading" or something like that).

    What I read made sense from my own experience. I have done the low-fat thing and lost weight and got stronger, but there was no way to make it a lifestyle. Further, deviating just slightly from the prescribed meant gaining fat. I regained all the weight I lost and then some.

    That was 10 years ago. Over that decade I tried to get back to that shape, but life and stress and injury made it almost impossible. I ate more carbs, and the carbs made me bloated and swollen. I didn't realize that my shoulder and finger pains were the result of grains because my government says grains are good for me, and I should eat them in abundance! They were also the product of overtraining because we are supposed to exercise to be healthier!

    So at age 46, standing 6' and weighing 250 lbs., I found PB and it made sense. The eating made sense, the exercise makes sense, the rest makes sense.

    The past month I have been making slow changes to my lifestyle. In the past I would dive headlong into a new exercise and eating regimen and would fail because it couldn't be sustained. I was eating all the time, and I didn't want to plan meals for a whole week, and I found myself eating low-nutrient foods just to be eating at the prescribed time. Plus, my exercise routines took an hour a day.

    This time, I worked on the eating first. I traded Pop Tarts for protein shakes, bread for greens, tacos for things that are not tacos. I have been eating this way for a month with a few setbacks but only a few.

    For the past two weeks my exercise has followed a PB format--two days of CrossFit-type WODs that take about 30 minutes and large blocks of Moving Slowly. This week will see the implementation of sprinting. Over the past two weeks I have lost 5 lbs, and I feel less bloated.

    So on the first dayof this journal, I present the following:

    Age: 46

    Ht: 6'

    Wt: 245

    Today's Exercise:

    35 Low bar back squat (135)

    35 Press (120)

    33 Power Clean (95)


    Mini-WOD; For time, 15-9-6 Reps of;

    Thrusters (65 lbs)

    Ball Slams (12--Largest ball we have)


    Double Unders

    Today's Food (so far):

    Whey Protein Shake

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    Finished the day with a big sald with chicken for lunch and sockeye salmon, green beans, and a salad for dinner. Threw in some almonds for a snack. Good day of eating.


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      Exercise: This morning I moved slowly for 38 mins. 10 mins on the elliptical, 10 mins. on the treadmill (3.5 mph w/ 4.5% incline), 10 mins. on a recumbent bike, 5 mins. of backwards elliptical, and 3 mins. of walking lunges.

      Food: So far this morning I've had a protein shake, a banana, and a handful of almonds.


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        Lunch was a little steak, a little chicken, a few vegetables, and almonds. Supper is going to be tomoato soup. Feeling just a little bloated for some reason.


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          Kent, I just want to say congratulations so far. I know how hard the initial switch from carb-burning to fat-burning can be, but it sounds like you're already past the worst of it. If you're having a bit of bloating still, maybe it's the fruit.

          Looking forward to reading about your experiences to come!


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            Timothy, thank you for the encouragement. I still "love" carbs, so this will be a struggle, but it's much easier because I can have more fat!

            Feel better this morning and the scale says I weigh 243, which is 7 lbs. lighter than when I started eating differently 2 1/2 weeks ago. Resting up today to prepare for a CrossFit-type WOD tomorrow and sprints on Friday.

            Thanks, again, Timothy, for the support.


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              Had four fried eggs and some yogurt this morning. Lunch was two eggs and a big salad.


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                My copy of "The Primal Blueprint" came in the mail today. I have read the first two chapters. Much of the same information I have received by reading MDA but in much greater detail.


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                  So, after my first round of IF, I ate two pieces of fish and some almonds. Last night I had two eggs fried in real butter (first time I've ever done that) and a big salad.

                  This morning's workout was the following:

                  15-9-6 reps of

                  Bench (135)

                  Lying pull ups

                  Deadlifts (135)

                  Thrusters (95).

                  Also had 3 sets of 50 rope jumps and 15 mountain climbers. Afterward I jogged a mile.

                  Weight this morning was 242. Lost 8 lbs. in 18 days.


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                    Last night had a sirloin with vegetables. This morning di 8 30-second sprints with a 1 minute rest between each and then did some slow moving on a recumbent bike and a treadmill. In all put in about 4 miles.

                    Breakfast was five pieces of bacon and four eggs. Pretty full!

                    Weight still 242, even after all the heavy eating. That's the great thing about Primal!


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                      Last night was a cheat night. Ate four pieces of thin crust pizza and two bread sticks. I almost fell asleep immediately! I was so zoned out. I assume that going Primal perhaps makes one more sensitive to carbs, but it was a weird, weird feeling.

                      Today (Sunday) is a rest day. I need it.


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                        Wow Kent, You're doing SO great- keep it up man!


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                          Thanks, lwj. All encouragement helps!

                          I've gained a pound since my last weigh-in. I've been eating too much, and I knew it. Did a short IF (17 hours) and worked out this morning. Feeling better. If I watch my food consumption for the rest of the week, I think I'll lose that pound and then some.

                          Bought my very first dozen of USDA Certified Organic eggs this morning--at Walmart! Who woulda thunk it? I hope they taste as amazing as everyone says they do because they were twice as expensive as regular eggs.

                          This morning's short workout was 15-9-6 reps of


                          Deadlift (135)

                          Thrusters (70)

                          6 x 50 rope jumps


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                            Gained a little bit of weight this week (got up to 244), but this morning I weighed 241. That is 9 lbs. so far.

                            At noon today I finished a 24-hour fast. All I had was water and two handsful of almonds. I started to feel a little famished with about 2 hours to go but held out. Wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.

                            Rested today because my dog was puking on the carpet this morning, so I spent my time cleaning that instead of working out. I'll do some sort of CrossFit WOD tomorrow morning.


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                              Workout this morning was the following:


                              15 x 135 lbs.

                              9 x 185 lbs.

                              6 x 235 lbs.

                              Haven't done squats with any appreciable weight in a long time and it showed.


                              5 x 10 x 135 lbs.

                              Kettlebell swings

                              5 x 15 x 35 lbs.

                              Seated dips

                              3 x 15


                              1 x 10

                              Lying pullups

                              1 x 15

                              Weighed in at 242, so I'm staying in that area. Hope to be in the 230s next week.

                              Breakfast this morning was four eggs fried in butter and five pieces of bacon. Yum!