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This Time It Will Stick...A 40=something woman tries Primal

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    142.8!!!!! omg, I haven't seen a 142 - anything since last May and that was only for a brief moment. I'm totally so close to my usual range that I was in for years (that was still too heavy but still...) of 137-141.

    Now this is a nice way to end the week! I mean, my weight will likely go up over the weekend a little because I tend to indulge a bit more then. But I will not be going over the top because I want to save it for having a guiltless Thanksgiving!

    Starting Weight(October 29): 151.2

    Last Week: 144.8

    Current Weight: 142.8

    Week loss: 2

    Overall loss: 8.4 (cavaet: some of this is water weight, probably about 3 pounds worth is my guess)

    I'm just so encouraged. Well, note to self so I can come back to this entry: This is what works.

    During the week, especially Monday through Thursday:

    Breakfast: 3 slices bacon, veggies sauted in bacon fat, 1 egg

    Snack (about 12 raw almonds)

    Lunch: HUGE salad (half a bag of lettuce mix, cup of kale, some cut up cucumbers, 1 oz cheese, 1/4 avocado, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 already cooked chicken breast, a few pepperoncini peppers, a few red onion pieces, 1 tablespoon olive oil, spices, rice vinegar, 1/2 an apple

    Dinner: soup of some kind or stir fry with protein and veggies mostly. The last few days a primal chili.

    1 glass of wine with a few days of no wine

    Friday: Indulge more, although not over the top. I can have a few things I've been craving during the week, like chocolate covered pretzels, but I find I need less of it.

    Saturday and Sunday: A little looser than Monday through Thursday, but mostly sticking to veggies/proteins. Just not the exact same meals as above.

    Exercise: running about 4-5 times a week, some HIIT stuff 3 times a week. No strength training yet. Will add that in later.

    Vitamins taken: 10,000 IUD D3, a B complex, multi-vitamin for women's health, and something for joint health


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      145.2 today, and that's okay. I had Thai take out. It was delicious.

      I think I might have eaten more yesterday but my teeth were really bothering me! I recently got some fillings done on both sides of my mouth PLUS I have some sensitivity issues on one side from gum receding, and wow, there is no place where my mouth doesn't experience some sort of pain when I eat or drink. I don't think I've EVER had a pain-free mouth in my adult life, which is sad. This is one reason I've never been tempted by ice-cream, too! ;D


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        146.6 - meh! But no surprise...

        Monday means ALWAYS my highest weight of the week. There's something about my body that likes to puff up big time for Monday. Or I should say that there's something about me that can't control myself when going over to my parents' house for dinner on Sunday evenings. The days wheN I do that, no matter HOW healthy the dinner, I bloat up like a balloon.

        So given that I know I didn't eat 14,000 extra calories over the weekend, especially because I ran a total of 8 miles this weekend, I know it's water retention, especially because I ate some grains and legumes, and it will go down, but I am impatient and want it to go down before Thanksgiving because obviously my Friday weigh-in will be horrendous, haha. So I need a clean Thursday weigh-in. But here are the obstacles in the way...

        Tonight - dinner out with friends. My PLAN is to just order a side salad (eat before I go out) and glass of wine. But who knows.

        Tomorrow and Wednesday: I have appointments after work both days, which could get in the way of my running, and I am so into it now that i'm in good running shape. Especially my 15-min HIIT events.

        Wednesday - my sister's family is coming into town, which could mean a food fest (pre-Thanksgiving) at my parents' house that evening. If it's GOOD food, it will be difficult to resist.

        Thanksgiving - I plan to enjoy myself.

        The main challenge will be Friday through Sunday of that weekend. I do NOT want to let loose and eat whatever because that will be deadly to my progress. But I don't want to stress and hide away from people either. I need a plan.

        Sunday- I'm inviting a few friends over for chili. Sounds innocuous but my friends are bringing over homemade bread.

        I need a plan for all of those things, and I should be all right.


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          146.6 again. Now I'm grumpy about it.

          This bugs the crap out of me. Why in the world would I put on 4 pounds over the weekend and it not budge after 3 days of eating healthy (albeit not always exactly on plan)? Why? Because I dared to go out last night with some friends and have a normal life. Instead of eating my usual soup, I had hummus and veggies (THE HORROR!) and one glass of wine.

          ARE YOU SERIOUS, BODY? Is that why you are clinging on to this weight? Hummus and veggies? Wine never causes bloat for me unless it's 2+ glasses.

          This is b.s. Apparently I have no way of figuring this out on my own. I have got to go back to strict something (carb counting or calorie counting) but I like real food too much and it makes me so tired, the time I'm going to have to put into weighing and measuring every single thing from every single ingredient of things I make. I already made chili for the week and I have NO idea what the calorie count is. I know that nothing in it is high on its own and it's all real food and no starches/grains/legumes/sugar. And what about going out to eat with friends or going to my parents' house for dinner? I don't know how to handle real life, in other words. I would probably already be my ideal weight if I lived in a bubble, completely on my own. But I refuse to live like that.

          okay, rant over. I'm sure my body will cooperate and drop 3 water weight pounds over night just to please me. /sarcasm Just in time for Thanksgiving. Ugh. Losing weight around the holidays is FRUSTRATING. But I can't let it go and just maintain because this weight is so unacceptable to me. But if it's so unacceptable to me, why do I keep sabotaging?


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            Down over 2 pounds at least. Still not where I was last week at this time. Damn, I hate water retention. My body is super stubborn about it, too!

            Nothing to say except that my brain is already going into high holiday overdrive and I'm already nervous about flubbing up even today and today is not a holiday. Tomorrow I'm okay with eating whatever. One meal at a time, one choice at a time. I can DO this. I'd like to have a decent weigh-in tomorrow before the craziness begins. Ha. Well, let's just say that I won't hit below 142.8 tomorrow probably (my low from last week), although I suppose it's always possible. That's only 1.6 of a pound. If I dropped 2 more pounds overnight (yes, I know most of it is water weight still from this past weekend, so 2 pounds overnight is nothing), then I would show a loss from last week. I think it's only possible if my sister and family do NOT come into town this evening, thus creating a festival at my parents' house tonight with food and drinks. Then again, who is in charge here? Seriously?

            But anyway, usually Friday is my official weigh-in day, but because Thursday is Thanksgiving, I'm going to do it tomorrow. So it would be doubly cool if my body showed a loss from last Friday to this Thursday since it won't be 7 days. Ah, well. Doubtful. Another day of 2 pound drop would be a darned miracle, haha.


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              Well, no loss this week, and even if today were not Thanksgiving and I ate perfect today, I somehow doubt tomorrow would be under 142.8.

              But it's Thanksgiving.

              This is just a note to say that also I need to stop coming here every day because I'm wasting a lot of time on weight loss sites lately, and I need to tone it down. I think I'm going to start just doing updates on Saturdays. I mean, I'm going to keep track of my weight on paper, and then I'll give a weekly daily update if that makes any sense!

              Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!


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                Yep, that was the damage after the Thanksgiving holiday. To be fair I made some effort on Friday and Saturday to tone things down, despite being around a lot of family and friends, my big triggers for overeating and eating things I shouldn't, but Sunday, I don't know why, but I just let loose and you would think I was never going to be allowed to eat again.

                Guys, I'm struggling a lot with the whole meat thing. I am really a vegetarian at heart, in that I want to like meat but I really do not like meat that much (this has been the case since I was a kid!) and some of it actually makes me gag a little (like beef). Like I'll make a beef chili and think it tastes really good and then later the memory of it will make me feel sick and gaggy and I don't want it. And chicken breast just grosses me out again. I like bacon, but I feel nauseated by the smell in my kitchen afterwards. So I don't have this problem with seafood and have no problem eating that. I don't want to be this way because the primal lifestyle is so appealing to me. I know some would say, so just eat seafood! Anyway, I am sort of modifying like that. I am having salmon for breakfast, in fact! But I really want to like the other stuff.

                So today is another day!


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                  SLowly eeking down. I am trying to stick to primarily primal (haha), but have not been flawless since Thanksgiving. I have been really doing a lot better at paying attention to what I'm eating. No mindless eating allowed. I record everything. I ran 4 miles today.


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                    I really need to refocus again. I desire to eat pure primal/paleo and I just haven't been able to get back into it since Thanksgiving. I would say that most of what I eat is naturally primal (lots of vegetables, some fruits, some meats) but I had also been eating some legumes and sugar at times. I have not been eating bread or pasta, so that's a plus. But i need to clean it up.

                    I have been wretchedly sick since Sunday, so that's another challenge. I honestly have NO desire to eat healthy vegetables, etc. when I'm sick. I just want to eat bland, comforty carby food. The only reason my weight has gone down this week is because I just haven't been eating that much...:-p


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                      Just wanted to say that I'm extremely impressed, and very inspired. As another "40 something" woman, it's encouraging to see your success over the months. I hope you feel better soon.
                      F, 44 years old, 111.8 lbs, 4 feet 11.5 inches (yes, that half inch matters!)

                      **1st place sparring, AAU TKD regional qualifier, 2/15/15 - It's damn good to hit like a girl!**

                      **First-ever 5K race 11/28/13: 37 minutes, 18+ seconds, no stopping**


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                        Pescetarian primal is a great option. Maybe you'll never like beef and chicken. No biggie, when there's all that great seafood out there!

                        I have found having a couple of very high fat days ( a la the Atkins Fat Fast- 1000calories, 90% fat, 10% protein) makes it easy to lose the sugar/carb cravings quickly and be positively eager to get back to meat/fish and veg.


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                          141.4 today!!! I feel like it must be a mistake or a glitch, but maybe I just had a random whoosh last night. I also know I haven't been exercising this week since I've been so sick and my appetite has been off. So maybe it's just temporary, but it's so encouraging to at least see a lower number like that, even if it's temporary!

                          @Sabine - thank you for your input! I do love seafood, so I am going to see how I can focus on that. I love salmon and tuna and shrimp, so yes, that could be more do-able. I think I like chicken occasionally but it's really hard for me to like beef.

                          @Jackiekessler - awww...Thank you so much! You made me feel really good and encouraged with your comment.


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                            141.4 again today on Friday, official weigh day. So this means I've lost almost exactly 10 pounds since October 22, when I weighed in at 151.2!

                            Had an awful cough attack in the middle of the night, which disrupted my sleep.

                            Am feeling behind and rushed in the morning, which makes it harder to gather a healthy lunch for the day.

                            I want to start intermittent fasting soon again, but haven't gotten the impetus going yet. Maybe this weekend.


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                              Congrats on the loss!!
                              My journal


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                                Originally posted by olehcat View Post
                                141.4 again today on Friday, official weigh day. So this means I've lost almost exactly 10 pounds since October 22, when I weighed in at 151.2!
                                Way to go, olehcat! It looks like somebody is going to be opening 139 for Christmas.