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This Time It Will Stick...A 40=something woman tries Primal

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    Well here's the list of things that I have identified that affect my weight. Warning, sometimes it gets a bit graphic.

    If I become dehydrated over several days I will lose several pounds. Generally this is when I have been dieting with a big caloric deficit. I go along thinking I am doing great, but its mostly lost water weight. However I then eat something salty and bang! Next morning I'm pounds heavier. To put this into perspective, a pint is a pound, the whole world round, so it doesn't take tons of water to affect wight one way or the other.

    If I exercise to the point of muscle soreness. Part of the healing process after tearing the muscle fibers involves retaining fluid. This will show up as a weight gain. In two or three days I shed the water, but the muscle now weighs a tiny bit more.

    Poo/Pee. If things aren't moving too well (or if they are) it will affect my weight this way or that. :-/

    Usually several of these things are happening all at once, so it's confusing. It does help if I weigh myself first thing in the morning post-pee and before I eat of drink anything.

    Yay for you for being carded! My hair is rapidly graying so stopped happening to me in the Clinton Administration!
    Height: 5' 10"
    Highest Weight: 292
    Recent Starting Weight 287
    Current weight: 244.0
    Goal weight: 195
    Body Fat 32.5%


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      @David -- I think your post here was JUST what I needed to hear this morning! I always weigh myself first thing in the morning after using the bathroom.

      Yesterday I had a LONG LONG day -- work all day, a three-hour class, and then a writer's workshop for 2 hours. So basically was gone from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. So eating primally was definitely a challenge, as I only had access to a refrigerator until 3, therefore I couldn't have too many things that would go bad or make me sick if they weren't kept cold. But somehow I did it and was so proud of myself for not breaking and stopping at McDonald's somewhere along the way, especially when I felt really hungry after my class. However, I did not drink nearly enough water. Despite not eating that much yesterday, I felt bloated up like a balloon by the time I crawled into bed.

      And sure enough, this morning? 149.2. WAT? *sigh* It's like the weight loss universe is laughing at me.

      So discouraging. I almost wanted to do what I've always done -- just throw everything away, as why am I working so hard to only eat certain foods if it's not going to help me lose weight while the weight just falls off everyone else, but then I realized, I really do feel bloated from water. My thighs feel SWOLLEN. And I ate some meat yesterday that tasted very salty. And I had some olives. Also very salty. I realized that just about everything I ate yesterday that wasn't veggies was high in salt. And I had had very little water. Perfect storm for massive water retention.

      Or so I hope.

      Also I have some sore muscles, especially a calf injury that flares up occasionally, and I had an intense run on Sunday. So it could be fluid retention there, too.

      So today I am going to stay the course, going to drink TONS of water (I will have more time to use the restroom, as my schedule will be a bit clearer today). Perhaps there shall be a big drop by tomorrow.


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        Things are a little better...

        I weighed in today at 146.4, which is lower than I was this time last week. So maybe, just maybe, I can get below 145 by Sunday weigh-in. I can dream, right?

        I have not been as strict as I had hoped this week but have done surprisingly well considering the stress levels and over-busyness of my life lately. Have also deliberately stopped some off-plan impulses in their tracks. Like yesterday morning I suddenly got it in my head that I WAS going to get a cranberry scone from my favorite coffee shop. I didn't care, I was going to have it, work is stressful. But when I got to the drive-through window, I just asked for coffee. I didn't get it. I DID have 1 chocolate covered pretzel at work that morning, but that was WAY less damage than the scone would have been.

        I'm building up my running about 3 times a week, and will add interval training as soon as I get a good base level (30 minutes without stopping). I know running is not particularly primal, but for me it's enjoyable exercise, so that's why I keep it.


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          Today was up a little, to 147, but I'm not surprised. Yesterday I was supposed to run, but I did not. It was very windy and rainy and chilly and I'm a wimp. Ha. So today it is, no matter what, but I will probably go to the gym.

          Also, I ate a little off plan. Not huge amounts, but I found myself in high craving mode yesterday. Maybe the stress of my job or boredom with the food I've been eating, but I wanted chocolate. I stuck to dark chocolate but I had more than I normally would have. The biggest off plan thing was that I ate out at a Thai restaurant with friends last night. I could have eaten on plan easily there, but I got tofu as the meat because I just love how they prepare their tofu there, and I had rice, and not just a little of it like I normally do. I was really hungry when I got there, and so I just kept eating more and more of the rice, of which I had only planned to have a little. Also I had a few bites of noodles. So yeah. Not a stellar day in primal land for me. I think I have to give myself a few days like this sometimes because honestly, I tend to be very inconsistent and when I tell myself I can never, ever, ever have certain foods again (and sometimes I Just crave rice), then it's all over for me, and I give up the entire lifestyle.

          I am considering fasting again. Intermittent fasting, or what I did sometimes a few summers ago, just eating an evening meal with a 2-hour food time window. I did this pretty successfully a few years ago for a week or two. I don't know. It's hard though, with social pressures, and I eat with a lot of people at lunch and you know at least one of them will notice and have to point it out and I do not do good in discussions about my body as a science experiment. The reason I'm considering it, is that I think I need to contain my eating in a much smaller window of time. That will solve a huge amount of temptations in my life, if it's just not an available time to eat. I'm sort of scared to start because I know it's a brutal couple of days while your body adjusts to fasting. I hate just thinking about how hungry I am all the time. I know what happens is that fades significantly after a few days. But it's hard. Especially with my current schedule. So we'll see. Maybe I'll ease into it, but skipping breakfast first, then lunch, etc.


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            Howdy again! Hope everyone is doing well.

            So I didn't weigh myself today because I knew things would not be great. I slipped up a bit on Friday and yesterday.

            But I learned something. It's funny, I don't really regret slipping up because I really enjoyed what I ate (I now make it a policy that when I slip, I ONLY slip with stuff that's truly stuff I want, not just because it's there). However, my stomach did not enjoy it so much! I woke up with stomach pains Friday night that I haven't had for awhile, and it's usually from eating stuff high in flour/wheat, like if I have pizza or cookies. Also last night I felt bloated and just icky. THat clarity of thought was gone and I was unfocused. It really IS night and day.

            So radical thought, all. I think because I'm being so wishy-washy about everything and therefore not losing weight, I am going to do this thing where I am super strict Monday through Friday. That is, I'm going strict salad:

            So my plan is to have a bigass primal salad for lunch and a bigass primal salad for dinner. In the salads shall be lettuce, kale, other veggies like cucumbers, chicken breast, a hard boiled egg, avocado, other veggies, a bit of cheese (not a lot), a few nuts. I will probably fast or just have coffee until lunch. If not, will have eggs for breakfast. And no wine during the week. This will be very low calorie and probably hard, but it will only be for five out of seven days. On the weekend, I will eat more, but try to stick primal, in which I will feast on fatty meat, like bacon, etc. I will probably go slightly off plan a little once a week for the next few weeks as certain events are coming up (like a party next Saturday, another Halloween event on Halloween, my niece's birthday party, Thanksgiving, etc.). So what I'm hoping will happen will that it will jump start some weight loss and therefore give me more confidence. I NEED to see results and so I need to be more radical on days when I DON'T have life getting in the way of my way of eating.

            I'm SOOOO inspired by success stories here. I can't stop reading the triumph threads and the success stories. I want that to be me so much, and sometimes I worry I don't have what it takes to succeed at anything. I don't have drive, and yet I spend so much energy angsting about not losing weight or not succeeding. If I could put half of that energy into just getting it done, then I could be a success story too.

            So, here I am on Sunday, approximately 147-148 pounds (I'm sure I'm up since Friday). The most I've lost is about 1 pound since I started this a few weeks ago and NOT because of the diet, all because of lack of compliance. I hope I'm not one of those people that are just at some "set point" in weight where I'm meant to be a bit chunky. I want to prove my body wrong, if that's the case!

            I canceled a doctor's appointment recently because I did not want to get weighed at the doctor's office. I know that's so wrong, but I'm determined to at least lose 10 pounds before I get that humiliation. If I lose 10 pounds, i will be within a healthy range for my height (or close to it), albeit at the very upper range of it, but still.

            I so badly want to be 110 pounds, which sounds perfect for my weight. Shoot, I'd feel svelte at 120, I think, too. I've wanted this for so long and yet my weight just keeps creeping upward because there seems to be a split between what I want and what I do to achieve things. So yeah, here we go.


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              This is Day 2 of this more restrictive weekday plan I have to get a jumpstart on my weight. Monday morning I was an all time high of 151.2 (YIKES OMG WUT????). Today I'm back to a "normal" freak out weight of 149.8.

              Yesterday I followed plan. Mondays are weird because I have a class that goes right into my usual dinner time so more snacking is necessary. So I did have some almonds and an apple while at my class. And then I craved stir fry instead of another salad when I got home. Fair enough. Just veggies and protein, so I had it and made it super spicy like I like it.

              Breakfast: smoothie with 2 tablespoons protein powder (yes, I know, not primal, but this is temporary), frozen blueberries, kale, 1/2 banana, 1 tablespoon flax seeds

              Lunch: BIG salad I couldn't even finish with a bag of lettuce, 1/4 avocado, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 chicken breast, cucumber, red onion, pepperoncini, 1 tablespoon olive oil, rice vinegar, spices (oregano, garlic powder), 1 oz mozzarella cheese

              (Today toned down my salad by adding less lettuce and cutting the chicken breast in half but adding more avocado (fat, yay!). Not to save calories but because literally yesterday I couldn't finish it.)

              Dinner: stir fry with chicken breast, onion, garlic, ginger, bok choy, kale, cabbage, hot pepper sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil. Would have added mushrooms but I didn't have any.

              I admit to having a small amount of wine mixed with seltzer water. Hey, way better than my usual 2 glasses!

              Exercise: today is a running day. Walk/run 30 minutes, 12 girlie push-ups, 45 sec modified plank

              The plan is for the weekend to be less strict but still primal (except for Saturday night, I expect to be a little looser at a Halloween party, but not over the top). I will eat this strict until I get back at least into a reasonable category of weight. Maybe back where I was a year ago at this time in the 137-139 range.


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                Hi, enjoying reading your journal. Am also trying to get back on the primal wagon at age 44 after time off for some life events. Like you, I really enjoy red wine and have decided to keep it in my diet in moderation-as you said it is one of the great pleasures in life!


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                  148.6 this morning. At least the scale is sliding down significantly this week! I know, I know, probably mostly water bloat weight, but water weight is still weight, especially when it comes to feeling gross.

                  I suppose I won't feel truly safe until I get under 145, but it's great to see the scale sliding down. I FEEL lighter, I feel better, I do not feel deprived (right now). Although I am already sick of the texture of chicken breast. I wish there was a way to make it less bland. I did marinate them in lime juice and garlic powder before baking, but they still taste so dry and well, of course they are missing the fat (I'm so much more a dark meat person - give me the fatty, dark meat of the drumsticks ANY day), which is probably what I really am craving in them. Nothing wrong with fatty meat, but for THIS temporary kickoff thing I'm trying to keep the calories a bit lower.

                  So yesterday I just ate what I did on Day 1.

                  Smoothie for breakfast, hugeass salad and 1/2 an apple for lunch, a few almonds/avocado for snack, very spicy chicken/veggie stir-fry for dinner, a half glass of wine with seltzer water.

                  I admit that this early morning, at 5:10 a.m., I am pretty hungry, although most of the day I do NOT feel hungry. Most of my week days are way too busy for me to feel any sort of hunger (or if I do, I don't have time to indulge it outside the usual meal times)

                  @drheather - ooh, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to meet someone else who also enjoys red wine! This eating thing has certainly been a struggle for me, so I'm glad to keep at least one vice!


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                    147.4 today! I can almost smell getting over that 145 hump, although I've recently hit 146 and bounced right back up, *sigh*, so I can't get too excited yet...I want to see 144 again, haven't seen that since the summer some time. Eep.

                    So I am rocking this week as far as sticking to this mostly primal and low calorie plan.

                    I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I get VERY restless on Fridays if I can't have a little leeway. But the problem is, I have Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday I will be going to a party with alcohol (I won't be driving so I know I'll want to indulge) and other things I might indulge in. So I definitely want to let myself a little leeway on Saturday. But I worry about Sunday since I often go to my parents' for dinner and don't always know how to control myself there.

                    Also Friday we have a staff development day at school, which means I'll be off my regular lunch schedule and sometimes we go out to lunch (since it's one of the view days of the year when you can). So I'll just keep that in mind for Friday. I will order healthy. I will allow myself to have a real glass of wine in the evening (not just a half n half with seltzer water as I've been doing this week - so proud of myself!). That should be enough for treats on Friday, I hope! Maybe a square of dark chocolate, too!

                    Saturday I will let loose a little, but I need to control myself in the morning/afternoon. I will eat healthy but a little more substantial than during this week. I have to plan exactly how and what.

                    Oh gosh I have a week of MAJOR stress coming up and it will be VERY difficult to keep to my eating plan due to two 12-hour work days coming up and a bunch of projects due for my class.


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                      146.8! Monday I weighed in at a horrifying (for me) weight of 151.2 (an all time high, possibly!) and so I lost 4.4 pounds in 5 days. It's a miracle. Yes, I'm very aware that most of it is water weight. Don't care. Water weight still weighs you down.

                      So Monday through Thursday are my most strict days. Protein smoothie for breakfast, bigass salad for lunch, protein/veggie soup or stir fry at dinner, almonds or avocado for snacks. Friday and Sunday are less strict but still I have to be VERY conscious of what I'm eating and still stick primarily to veggies/protein/fruit. Saturday will be a little looser. But I don't want to go over the edge and I'm so worried about losing control. There has to be a way I can make a plan and follow through (only have X number of drinks, only a few bites of this, only try things you really love, etc.) and then feel good about myself later. I want to enjoy life, but I don't trust myself to do so responsibly. I have a gluttonous side inside who can awaken at any time and will eat ALL the cupcakes and every day if given the green light. I don't want to eat all the cupcakes. I want maybe a few bites of a cupcake. And only once in awhile. So I have to find a good way to keep that glutton down.

                      About this week? I feel great. I feel good that I said I was going to do something and then I followed through and did it. I feel slimmer (even if I'm not by much), I feel clear-headed, my body just feels less bloated. If I can prove to myself that I will NOT lose control on Saturday, then this method will work until the weight loss is complete (after that, maintenance will be another job). I want to be able to enjoy life, to not STRESS about social events ("what am I going to eat? What shouldn't I eat? What will I do when encountered with food I shouldn't have? Should I eat nothing leading up to the event?") Ugh, so tired of the mind games around events where I don't control my food.


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                        Today is 147.4, not a surprise, of course, since I loosened up more yesterday. I'm actually pretty happy with how I did yesterday. I loosened up, yes, but I had rules. One rule was that if I was going eat something "off plan" it had to be spectacular. I had a tiny piece of homemade brownies at a staff meeting yesterday. It was really, really good and it was worth it. I otherwise stuck to fruits for snacks yesterday. I had a Mcdonald's grilled chicken salad for lunch, and I wanted some of the fries, so I got a small fries, ate about half, threw the rest away. That was enough. I made homemade enchiladas for dinner, and yes, I had tortilla with it. I drank 1 and 1/2 glasses of wine. That was enough. I felt a little tipsy. I guess even after a week of only having a tiny amount of wine per day my tolerance has gone down!

                        SO yeah, yesterday was not perfect, but it was satisfying.

                        So my challenge for today is this: I have this Halloween party. My plan for lunch is to make homemade hot and sour soup. My plan for dinner is to have a big salad of some kind. So I will go to the party and the rule is this: I can have up to 2 glasses of wine. My challenge is that I get to have 1 savory and 1 sweet thing that looks absolutely delicious. I will NOT nosh on things just because they are there. I will not eat substandard things just because they will fit on my plate. The exception to this is that if there are raw veggies or fruit that I can fill my plate with. This is my rule for survival of partay. I have to make strict rules because sometimes wheN I drink wine, my inhibition lowers when it comes to food. But if I know the game ahead of time, I'm good at sticking to it.

                        Tomorrow will update you all on whether I stuck to plan.

                        Oh, I took my measurements today and pictures. I'm a little disappointing that there is very little difference between late September and now. Well, there is only 2 pounds difference. At the end of September I was 149. Now am 147. I have done much more exercising between then and now. But the aggressive really watching what I eat has only happened this past week. So I HOPE HOPE HOPE there will be a much bigger difference between October and November!


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                          Today = 149.0.

                          No surprise, I indulged a bit more than planned at the party last night. PLUS, I had a very healthy but full-of-sodium soup earlier. AND I got dehydrated. So I know that I couldn't have really gained 2.2 pounds in two days, so I'm not worried. I think it will go right back down by tomorrow. I am drinking tons of water today and eating very clean.

                          This week will be a HUGE challenge. I have a few very long work days coming up this week. I will be stressed and over-tired. Planning will be EVERYTHING. I must stay strong and not let being overly tired be an excuse to eat things I shouldn't.


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                            148.6, come on...., body! Get out of these upper 140s please!

                            Okay, so week 2 of very strict Monday through Thursday is starting today. Yesterday I ate very clean, too. I MUST figure out how I'm going to handle a get-together on Halloween night (Wednesday). Before, my attitude was that it was "just part of life" and I needed to relax on special occasions or none of this was going to work for me. But Saturday proved that I still do not have the skills to cope with social events without going over the top. Not yet. And I do NOT have time to have this number hover so close to 150 for so long, especially with the holidays coming up. I could end up OVER 150 by the end of the holidays if I can't get this under control by then. I NEED to see this number go down this week. If I do as well as I did last Monday through Thursday, I could see the number go under 145 by Friday weigh-in. But if I eat delicious stuff on Halloween night (my friends who are inviting me are WONDERFUL bakers of everything I should never eat again, such as bread, pizza, etc.), I doubt that will happen and I'll feel frustrated, like all my efforts are gong nowhere.

                            Anyway, I know I'm obsessing over numbers, when other things ARE going well. I feel great when I'm eating the way I do. I am satisfied with my running progress. Not so much with the other exercises. I've sort of lost interest in the push-ups. I DO need to start strength training for real, but this week will not be that week. I have two twelve + hour work days this week and I'll be lucky if I get a run in during the week, much less a run and a long walk and some strength training. But yeah, if all those things are going great, why is my body clinging so hard to weight.

                            Okay, but perspective. Last Monday at this time, I was 151.2. Today it is 148.6. So at least I'm 2.6 pounds less than last Monday. But last week I didn't have to worry about a mid week event.

                            I don't want to insult my friends. I wonder if I can ask to take food home with me, maybe lie and say my stomach is upset that day and I can't eat anything (eat at home before i get there). That way maybe I can have a few nibbles of things and not feel like stuffing my face. Why do they have such great metabolisms and I am constantly struggling? UGH.

                            I need strength to get through this week.


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                              Still, 148.0. UGH, go down, budge, anything. Get out of these upper 140s. I'm so impatient to leave those in the dust.

                              Seriously, though, although I'm disappointed in the still upper 140s number, again, I must think perspective and consider that last Tuesday at this time I was 149.8. I don't know why it always takes so many days for water weight to go down after one day of overindulging. I know it has to be water weight because I know that there ain't no way I really gained 2.4 pounds of fat between Friday morning and Sunday morning.

                              I also haven't gone to the bathroom in a few days, so that could be part of it. I can't understand that either, since I've been eating so many vegetables and fruits!

                              So nervous about tomorrow. I'm afraid I'll lose all eating control and I'll wake up in a daze of sugar indulgence. .

                              I'm so sad about my body. It's not me right now (this weight is so unnatural for me) and it's taking so long to get this under control. If I just could be 100 percent sure that what I'm doing now will lead to success, I would relax and just enjoy the process with its ups and downs. I'm enjoying the food I'm eating (the healthy stuff). And on my own I have no desire to eat food that isn't on plan. It's the getting invited to people's houses and having to navigate food that isn't on my list of choices right now. This is stuff that would be okay during maintenance or when I'm well established in my new lifestyle, but I'm SO nowhere near that right now. I need to have a break from society, dinners out, holidays, etc. until I get closer to goal! I guess I need to live in a bubble or something for awhile! I don't know how other people do it...


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                                146 today!!!! Whoo hoo!!

                                Too bad I'll probably ruin it today. I have no plans to change anything I eat up until dinner. This is NOT a cheat day. But I'm going to a couple's house for dinner, and they always make food from scratch that is absolutely delicious but usually there is homemade bread involved and definitely some sort of dessert. I'm being asked to bring my homemade hummus (not the WORST thing in the world) and chips! I think I will try to bring a vegetable and fruit tray as well so I can sit there and eat to my heart's content instead of fidgeting with the chips.

                                There will be no alcohol because this couple doesn't drink. So that's a relief. If I were there drinking wine (and there's no way I know how to say no to wine, lol), I know I would start eating more stuff that i shouldn't.

                                Well, going to this couple's house has still traditionally been a dangerous thing for my weight. I tend to overeat and get really excited about food because I normally don't get homemade bread. I am a bread snob and so if I'm going to eat bread, it's ONLY going to be like this - homemade, never store-bought.

                                I really hope I can eat like a normal person tonight and not like my inner glutton. Let's see...