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    Hey all!

    Weight: 199 lbs
    Height: 6'5"
    Waist: 33.75"

    I'm 21 and a student/gym manager. I was overweight as a young teenager (255lbs.) and then did the starvation variant of the SAD to get down to a miserable 165 my senior year of high school.

    I'm currently 199 (or thereabouts) and I'm trying, for the first time in my life, to get lean lean. It's a superficial goal, I know. But I've spent my whole (relatively short) adult life pining for it and goddamnit, I deserve nice things! (Kidding)

    I'd like to fit back into my 32's by March 18 (30 days from now). I don't care what I weigh, I care about how I look and feel. I battle with powerful anxiety and a lot of it is food related. I'd like some liberation from that.

    Here is the only current photo I have:

    So, plainly, my goals:

    -32" jeans by March 18, 2012
    -a modest (let's say 10 pound) fat loss over the next thirty days
    -anxiety relief
    -pullups from 10 dead hang to 25

    Best to all!

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    Today- walked ~2 miles on a treadmill while watching the 76'ers game, did a lot of pull up/back work

    Fasted until 5:30PM, broke fast with scrambled eggs cooked in ghee. Ate second and last meal a few minutes ago (two grass fed beef burgers topped with two eggs cooked in ghee).

    Approx. 1400 calories on the day (tracking only for amusement and comparison purposes, understand almost total irrelevance), under ten grams of carbohydrate. High fat, high saturated fat, moderate protein (percentage wise).

    Sixers beating Dallas.

    Good day


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      Hit a snag. Done hitting snags.

      Very low carb, no diet soda/alcohol, mostly just eggs, grass fed meat, green leafy veggies and ghee for the next 30 days. Leangains style IF.