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An otherwise primal mama needs primal food and fitness!

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  • An otherwise primal mama needs primal food and fitness!

    I have gone primal in so many other ways, that I find it quite funny that I have never thought about primal fitness before, but anyway, a friend gave me the link to Mark's e-book, and now I am eager to give it a try!

    Anyone read "The Continuum Concept" by Jean Liedloff? I highy recommend it for insights into how "traditional people" used to live happily together, I have applied it to my life by birthing at home, breastfeeding until my kids wean themselves, carrying my babies around and sleeping next to them at night. I am married, and hubby is excited about going primal too! We have tree kids, 7, 3 and 9 months. Our baby eats primal already, mainly breastmilk and pieces of egg, meat and vegetables. The two other kids are another story, and I think my main challenge will be to get them on board. They do love their corn flakes and bread, and even though I have been making the bread myself, using sprouted grains and sour dough, I am not happy about giving it to them, but I need to take things one step at a time. They doo eat a lot of good stuff, ecological eggs, vegetables, no processed dinner, we make everything from scratch. We stopped eating sugar a few years back, we do eat a little honey and maple syrup in home made ice cream and homemade dark chocolate now and then.

    We eat grass fed moose meat, ecological pig and ecological chicken.

    We make our own:
    - chicken and fish stock for soups and sauces
    - kefir from raw cows milk
    - youghurt from raw cows milk
    - sausages
    - liver pate
    - soaked nuts

    We take the following natural supplements:
    - coconut oil by the spoon, lots of it!
    - bee pollen
    - amla for c- vit
    - dolomite for cal/mag
    - spirulina/chlorella/sometimes kelp

    Have any of you read "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon, or are familiar with the Weston A. Price Foundation? We have been eating inspired by them for a few years, and the basic difference now will be to ditch grains and legumes.

    I love green juices! Make it every morning! And green smoothies! I am really addicted, I couldn't travel without my blender!

    I guess the kids get little additives and synthetic stuff. But that is here at home! I find it difficult to eat at other peoples homes!

    My goal is to walk at least two trips every week, and do planks, push ups etc at home. Can't make it to the gym because of needing to take care of our kids right now. I don't have a pull up bar, but I would love to work towards being able to do them eventually. I almost did not dare to type that, it seems an insurmountable goal!

    I do not have a scale at home, as I do not want my kids to be concerned with how much they weigh, rather with being healthy and fit. So I don't know how much I weigh, but a few kiloes too much since my last pregnancy. None of the others in my family are overweight. I want to loose these extra kiloes now, my goal is to have reached my ideal weight by the end of 2012!

    I am reading Marks blueprint book now, and I have read Everyday Paleo which I love. We had the albondigas soup for dinner yesterday, delicious!

    I am so glad to be part of this community, I am so glad to be able to learn from you all and I hope I can contribute too, as I learn more. Thank you for all that you share!

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    I am happy to notice that my energy is higher than before, after only a few days of this! And, my shoulder has improved. I think I have some sort of a damage in my shoulder from typing on my computer for work, and the pain is reduced. I am thinking maybe reduced innflamation?

    My family were guests at other peoples homes and parties this weekend, and what a challenge! Not for me, I am happy to forego the sugary stuff and grains. But the kids! They are so happy to eat bread and jam, and because it was Saturday they even got candy with refined sugar in, something I never ever give them. We normally only give them fruit and homemade icecream sweetened with a little honey for instance. I am so sad to see that my kids get such poor food, and I have not been able to think of a way to deal with this yet. Sure, I can tell them in advance, but it brings so much tension to a gathering, in my experience.
    We were asked to a party, too, and then I had asked if the host was ok that I brought fruit for dessert for everyone, so that went nicely.

    Boy oh boy how I wish I would be the only one feeding my kids, but then again I do not want to shut us of socially.

    I took "the long term health talk" with my parents a few years back, and after that they have reduced giving my kids sugar. But dismissing it entirely? And then bread too??? They will think I am crazy and hate it! I think maybe I need to get some results for myself before I have the credibility needed to tell anyone that "yes we would love to be their guests, but that we do not eat sugar or grains or any factory processed stuff, so may I please bring and make every food we will eat at your house?"

    Did some primal pushups, planks and squats today. With my baby crawling all over me, but that's just the way it is right now. I did 3 planks for 30 seconds. I can do 3 sets of 10 push ups, on my knees though. And 3 sets of air squats. I love that I can squeeze in some exercise now and then without having to find time and money for the gym!


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      Oh, how I love walking!
      I had forgotten!
      Every time I went for a walk I would feel guilty for not jogging instead, to get "a proper workout". But now that I know that I am doing my body well by walking, I can make my walks a priority and I love it!
      I love the sounds, the sensations of wind and weather, the speed being low enough for me to be present at every moment, thinking, talking if I have company.


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        We have been travelling. With 3 kids for the whole day, that meant breakfast, lunch and dinner on the road. And all we bought was a coffee, I am proud! We had lots of boiled eggs, precut veggies and fruit, sausages, meatballs, and nuts. A suitcase full of food. So being on our way went fine, staying at somebody elses house was worse... I suck at it!
        I tried to politely decline the bread and pass the potatoes, but stuff like that doesn't go unnoticed. I think they thought I was rude, but I can't deal with that now.

        I now walk for at least 3 hours every week, and do weights, squats, planks etc about twice a week. I love it!

        Now, a birth day party is coming up. With 22 guests, and no flour or sugar, it is giving me a head ache. I need to prepare for the guests so refuse my "cakes" made from almond flour and coconut flour with a little stevia, but it's an experiment.


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          My husband has built me a pull up bar.

          I don't know whether I dare believe that I will be able to use it properly, but I do try to progress! Now with a chair below, supporting with my legs.

          I do have more energy! I had a day of poor eating because we were guests and I did not make good desicions (to be polite, stupid!). I slept so bad! Normally I sleep wonderfully even though I nurse every night. But that night, after eating flour, I laid awake for hours with my mind racing with the most silly thoughts. I do not think it was by coincidence.


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            I chose to fall off the wagon and ate chocolate and conventional ice cream a few days ago, my first detour from my beloved primal foods in months, long story short:

            I was in pain for two days. Cramping, gas, low energy - seriously not worth it.

            Had an awesome kettlebell work out yesterday. I am looking for youtube videos to learn the technique. Now: out for a walk!


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              I made liver pate yesterday, from the recipe just posted on Mark's blog. Delicious! My kids like it too!

              I have lost weight, not that it was my main issue but it is all good. My inflamed shoulder is much better, now that is a serious sign that I am on the right track!

              My husband had a suit tailor made last year. This year it is soo big for him. He did not need to lose weight, but his body sure has changed. He has never gone hungry or dieted for a second. Oh, how I wish that all the people suffering through different diets would know about this!