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Primal journal: Hunting Bears

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  • Primal journal: Hunting Bears

    Hi, I thought I'd start a journal to track my progress as currently it's quite frustrating

    These are the symptoms I hope to eliminate with the PB lifestyle and hopefully I will go through and tick them off over the coming weeks/months/years

    Terrible/uneven/dry Skin
    Bad/dry hair
    Extreme fatigue
    Very dark circles under eyes
    Itchy skin
    Mild depression/anxiety

    I've been primal about 12 days but not too strictly (grains are gone but still some dairy, cider and a couple of cokes, it's difficult to be completely primal at uni!) and am just recovering from food poisoning from an extremely rare steak (thanks raw food paleo forum!)
    So far I haven't seen much of a difference on the diet, only a few bursts of energy but i think i've entered the carb flu stage (exacerbated by the food poisoning i'm sure)

    I look forward to checking these off as I go (fingers crossed)
    If man made it, don't eat it

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    My goals are to eliminate all of the symptoms above and to increase my strength and lean muscle mass, as well as my immune system. I'm not really looking to lose much weight, just tighten up, get lean and look and feel healthy!
    If man made it, don't eat it