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Primal Journal (Menello) [with before pictures]

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  • Primal Journal (Menello) [with before pictures]

    Hello MDA,

    I laboured over whether or not to start this post for the past hour or so and figure I had oughta just do it and get it started. For better or worse!

    I'm 24 years old, male, and I've been married for just over 3.5 years now. When I got married I weighed about 265 pounds, and wasn't in very good shape. In 2009, my mom and sister got on Weight Watcher's and I joined in. I lost about 30 pounds over the next year (probably taking the calendar til around Summer 2010). I started my schooling in that Fall of 2010, which is computer related. My weight didn't really change for that year, thanks to staying somewhat active through school. I started jogging in April of 2011, and ran three 10km races over the summer. During that same summer, I also used a website called LoseIt to track my calorie intake. Doing this, I lost another 22 pounds (I remember that goal specifically). This took me to about 213 pounds where I sit right now.

    I'm 6'5~" and 213 pounds or so (I'll weigh in tomorrow morning). I think I'm what people would call "skinny fat". I'm not really big anymore (everyone tells me I'm too skinny, which I guess is true in some senses), but I have a gut that I would love to rid myself of. I have some pictures that I took tonight (with my shirt off, my apologies in advance):

    front.JPG ("Flexing" my arms, heh)


    I'm a soccer player, but I only play once a week at best. I play floor hockey with my class mates twice a week, and then I try to do a PBF workout on Friday. I like to think that my soccer and/or floor hockey stints count for sprinting around, since I do a lot of that. I'll also throw in a Tabata workout on a Friday (instead of a PBF workout) if I feel like I've lacked sprinting for the week, and if I know I have enough recovery time in-between the Tabata and my next sporting event. I also do yoga every Tuesday night.

    Due in large part to my chosen career, I'm fairly sedentary for most of the day. My course is Computer Systems Technology, so we pretty much spend all day on the computer, then I'm likely to come home and use my personal PC, especially with homework and such.


    I haven't measured it, but I'd like to lose body fat. I'd like at least a flat stomach, and if some abs started poking out I really wouldn't complain. I'm not super stressed about losing weight, just as long as I burn fat. I've been making many efforts to go primal, in that I make every effort to shun grains and sugars, and try to be low-carb. Eventually my wife and I are going to go full hog into Primal and see how we feel. I've borrowed the Primal Cookbook from a friend, and the one recipe we have tried from there we loved. But of course that was just one! Many more are to come, I'm sure.

    I'm a good faster (if such a thing is possible), and have done (on two separate occasions now) a 24-30 hour fast. When I'm fasting my mind feels sharp as a tack, and I rarely feel hungry. If I do, I drink some water and manage it. I think I'm blessed in that regard.

    Anyway, this is super long, but I'm going to use this (hopefully) daily to track what I've eaten in a less strict way than something like FitDay, since that kind of annoyed me with having to get all the particulars of different foods I ate. I'd like to be able to just say "one bowl of some soup!" or whatever, and have that be good enough.

    Comments and questions about me are welcome. I'll just do my own thing if no one responds. If you got this far, I really applaud you.

    P.S. I didn't really proof-read this at all.

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    You won't do it without exercise - have you downloaded the Primal Fitness blueprint and had a read? I mean, you ar not fat but you are 'floppy' (sorry!).
    F 58 / 170cms / SW 131.5 kgs / Current 112.4/ GW 65
    following Primal Lifestyle and swimming my way to health

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      Good luck Menello. I recently started to get more creative wth my food choices and have found every meal I have tried in the Primal cookbook to be wonderful. I find eating this way to be pretty easy and feel that it is a lifestyle that I can follow long term, unlike many diet programs out there.


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        I am certainly floppy, yes. And I have been exercising... several times a week in fact. I'll keep at it and such, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't unnoticed.


        Breakfast (B): Three egg omelet, with mushrooms and some spinach, cooked in bacon fat.
        Lunch (L): Primal chili, 100g of yogurt, and 90g (I think) of unsweetened apple sauce
        Snack (S): Granny smith apple, medium-large size.
        Going to intermittent fast from the time of that apple (around 2) until supper time tomorrow.


        Oh, and I played about an hour of floor hockey today.


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          So yesterday I broke my fast with chicken wings... Not the best thing ever (obviously). But I fasted for 26 hours. Then after the wings I had cottage cheese with some blackberries in it. Later that night I ate three coconut cupcakes (that weren't primal, fail).

          This morning, I had a three egg omelet, with two extra yolks.
          Lunch will be a big ass salad and probably a granny smith apple.
          Supper, who knows!

          I weighed in this morning and I'm at 208.6. So that's cool.