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I'm just done with feeling absolutely "UGH!" every single day!

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  • I'm just done with feeling absolutely "UGH!" every single day!

    I'm a little late in starting this but late is better than never!

    I hit 250 lbs in 2011 after a severe back injury which left me not being able to walk for most of 2010/2011. I have a pinched sciatic nerve, which is slowly getting better. But I was to the point of where my mom bathed me and I had to be basically picked up and carried to the toilet. My normal weight is about 150-160 lbs. So, you can only guess how my body feels with all this extra weight. I also have a lot of little health issues- low blood sugar, low pulse, low body temp and low blood pressure with TONS of allergens... like, wheat, barley, yeast, coffee, chocolate, corn, cow's milk (I'm ok if it is cooked into something)... etc. etc. Anyway I started my diet transformation in Oct, 2011 but I didn't start eating primal until Jan 18th, which at that point of time I started at 233 pounds.

    NEVERTHELESS... I'm ready to get back to my normal size before I move back out to Colorado! How can anybody live in Colorado without being active? (I'm living with my parents in Ohio until my back heals- been here for 2 yrs, 3 months!)

    Oct 2011: Starting weight: 250
    Jan 18, 2012: Starting weight with Primal: 233
    Feb 13, 2012: 224

    Photos of me on Jan 18, 2012

    Photo of me at my normal weight:
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    Welcome and good luck. I want to see you in Mark's Success Story series when you get back to looking great.
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      Good luck to you. Enjoy eating healthy, nutritious real food again.
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
      Don't forget to play!


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        Good luck!


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          Thank you all. It's nice to know I have a bunch of great people here for support!


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            Good luck on your journey. I am rooting for you. It can be difficult to stay active during the winter in Cincinnati as our weather isn't exactly conducive to wanting to get outside. Keep up the good work and your goals will all be met. Keep them in mind every time you feel yourself slipping.


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              Originally posted by mjp View Post
              Good luck on your journey. I am rooting for you. It can be difficult to stay active during the winter in Cincinnati as our weather isn't exactly conducive to wanting to get outside. Keep up the good work and your goals will all be met. Keep them in mind every time you feel yourself slipping.
              Thanks! This winter hasn't been that bad! I remember when I moved home from Colorado, Cincinnati got that HUGE snow storm in 2010. I all I could think was, "I thought Colorado was suppose to be known for snow, not Ohio." lol Anyway, I'm not allowed to do much physical activity b/c of the condition of my back... it's one step at a time, I'm just happy that I can walk up stairs, get out of bed on my own and sit down in my car! lol. As my back gets stronger, the more I can do.


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                Good luck! You can do it! I know how frustrating healing from a back injury is...and how it turns your whole life upside down. The great thing about primal is the weight can start to come off ss you heal. You go girl!!!
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                  Good luck! Attitude is everything. Keep it low carb, primal as much as you can, and you will succeed!


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                    Hey good luck - certainly seems you're ready to take on this challenge and beat it!


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                      Thanks Everybody! I feel so welcomed!


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                        You are going to do great. Stick to the primal/paleo diet and your hypoglycemia will straighten itself out and you will steadily drop your weight and regain your vitality back. Post when you need inspiration and support. I don't know exactly what it has been like for you to go through surgery and dependence on your mother, but I know what it is like to feel "ugh".


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                          Good luck on your journey!! You can do it, its really not that difficult! Come here often & read alot of different journals for information & inspiration!! There is a lot of support thruout this community!

                          have a great evening!
                          Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                            Weigh-in and monthly measurements/photo 2.20.12

                            Photo I took this month is awful, clarity and color wise, but I can live with it. lol

                            This past week I have lost another 2 pounds, making my total 28 lbs!

                            For the last month I have lost a total of 11 lbs.

                            From what I have been measuring I have lost about 11-12 inches in the last month!

                            I was really concerned I was going to lose the weight too fast, but I'm happy with the pace that it is.


                            Oct 2011: 250 lbs
                            Jan 18, 2012: 233 lbs
                            Feb 20, 2012: 222 lbs.
                            Goal: 150 lbs.

                            Small goal for me this week:
                            Walk 2 times at 30 mins a piece. I'm going to start working up my endurance for staying on my feet. I'm usually in severe pain within 40 mins.

                            Goal for the month:
                            Take a better photo. lol
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                              My love affair with Yeast Rolls is slowly dying.

                              When I start craving a carb type product I don't usually hold myself back from having it. I just control the moderation/how much. From my point of view it's best to do the dirty deed than looking back and having this HUGE "what if" over my head of "I SHOULD of ate that yummy yeast roll!!!"

                              Well, this past weekend I went out to dinner with my friends, to the place that has my FAVORITE yeast rolls. I ordered a stake, salad and some broccoli. That damn basket of rolls was just sitting there with all their warm yumminess while I stared at them like I was a teen-age girl at a Justin Beeber Concert (or however you spell his name). So, I chose to have just one (where I normally had 5-6 of them and not eat my dinner). I was so proud of myself. After I ate it... I just kept thinking, "it wasn't really that good"... and my crush, Mr. Yeast Roll, started drifting away to the back of my mind, which allowed me to be present to my friends.

                              I tried this little experiment with a cupcake this past Sunday (I made 3 dozen cupcakes for my mom's students). This experiment did not go so well. Within 15 mins I was actually sick, light headed and had a headache. I ended up paying for it for the rest of the night and all day today. I didn't get much done today from feeling Blah, and all I thought about today was, how can anybody live feeling that way everyday and not trying to change something. So, I learned my lesson. lol. Cupcakes = Bad, and I feel like a 5 yr old all over again. lol