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Help! Critique my plan!! Thread becomes journal once my plan is set.

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  • Help! Critique my plan!! Thread becomes journal once my plan is set.

    Ok, so I've only got 10 lbs to lose and I've been primal for a month, almost always staying under 80g carbs and mostly under 50g for the past month. No weight loss. Using the advice I've been getting on these boards, here is what I'm planning to do:

    - In the mornings for breakfast I will always have just coffee and 35% cream (this is my usual schedule pre-PB but with 10% cream). I know this is not true IF, but I do find that when I eat breakfast I am just hungrier all day.

    -On Mondays, my hardest workout day, lunch will be light (yesterday I had fish and vegetable salads, little fat in there). Pre-workout will be HC and LF (I had 5 dates and a few slices of chicken breast) and post-workout dinner will be starchy and low fat (I had sushi rice and some tuna sashimi). That brought my carbs to 150, fat to around 50 and protein to 135. I felt pretty gross and bloated after - could not have shovelled in more rice if I tried.

    - On Tuesday, I will do some sprinting, HIIT-style for 20-25 minutes. Today will be VLC and higher in fat than protein.

    - Wednesday is gym day. Still low carb but more like 80 grams than 50 grams.

    - Thursday is off. VLC and HF.

    - Friday is gym day. Still low carb, but 80g.

    - Saturday is something leisurely, like pilates. VLC and HF.

    - Sunday is also a leisure day. Hiking with the doggies, if the weather allows. VLC and HF.

    Ok, so what do you think??? I have a week to implement this before I go on a 3 week business trip (at least the hotel has a good gym!!). I don't want to experiment while I'm there, so I'd like to set up a plan beforehand.