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You were right, I was...LESS right (The Journal)

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  • You were right, I was...LESS right (The Journal)

    Hey there "Groko City" (not to be pronounced gra-ka-city )

    Do you wanna know what's really cool about being a super Mark's daily reader? Do ya? Do you really wanna know?

    The cool thing is I wouldn't be able to have the knowledge to put this journal together without all the amazing journals that in this forum. "We love you Groko Man" "And I love you, Random daily reader"

    Ok, so obviously I am creating a journal to detail the progression of my journey to look like a super hero Even though I know that women dont like bouncy houses or clowns (duh, they like Ligers & Pedro), I feel there are some physique things that need to be...uhhh...gotten in order

    It would be nice if there was such a thing as a "Space Dad", but I guess reading the PB 21 Day Transformation with the Marlon Brando accent wouldn't be to know...without fathom.

    So, tomorrow will be filled with weekend details, goals, and other what-nots.

    Thanks for reading, you fanstastic Groks, you!

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    Nice to meetcha and look forward to reading more!
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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      Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
      Nice to meetcha and look forward to reading more!
      Thanks for the kind welcome naiadknight

      So what do I hope to accomplish? Hmm, I am currently away from home in a galaxy far, far away. I serve in the military so over the next few months I hope to really give this primal thing a fair shake. Currently I weigh 245lbs @ 5'9 (approximately 24 % BF). My short term goals are to get down to about 215 ish @ 19% BF and get rid of some of the aches and pains that come with being to heavy for my height. Long term I am hoping to get down to 180 @ 12-15% BF. I am fairly muscular and build muscle pretty easy, but I have never been disciplined in my eating habits. I am hoping that the simplicity of PB will help me be more aware of my nutritional needs.

      The last time I had my body composition tested by a doctor, I had 189lbs of LBM. I know that I will eventually have to drop some muscle to get where I want to be, but hopefully with some keen advice, others' experiences, and trial & error, this journey will be a success. Initially, I will probably try to keep a detailed report of what I eat for about 2 wks. After that, I will try and stick with a similar daily intake because options are extremely least the good ones are! Pretty much thinking, something along the lines of meats, veggies, eggs, and nuts/seeds. I can't really vouch for the quality, but gotta make due.

      I will be following a 5/2 days on/off split when it comes to working out. One of the days off will be an active rest day though. You know, play sports and such. I am gonna implement 'Starting Strength' & 'Convict Conditioning' as my base workout routine. I am very interested to see over the next few weeks how the workouts interact with each other. Of course, for about the first month there will be some possible adjustments. I do plan to keep things relatively simple though, so I can minimize variables and make corrections that keep me on a positive progression path. Anyone with experience in either of these two exercise plans is more than welcome to share their experiences.

      So hopefully in a couple of months I can look back and have some positive input to offer this forum after having spent weeks absorbing tons of information from here. I am looking forward to tomorrow's workouts and getting started. "May the Grok be with you!"


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        So a small bit of pre-history is in order. I have been working out periodically over the last month to try and settle in on a routine. Also, I didnt want to shock my body because my job can be physically demanding. After finally settling in on 'Starting Strength' & 'Convict Conditioning', I had my 1st real workout today. One thing I highly recommend is seriously reading about the exercises you plan on doing, no matter how familiar they may be to you. The insight I gained on proper form for various movements has been invaluable. I guess I had always just assumed I knew how to do certain things and honestly I was not as knowledgable as I thought. Spending a couple of workouts on technique and form really helped me gain previous strength back safer and faster.

        Basically I performed 3 of the 5 strength movements that Mark Ripptoe advocates: Squats, Bench, and Deadlifts. I was very pleased with the numbers put up and hope to see a steady increase in strength as I try and decrease BF. The workout consists of a couple of warm up sets for each exercise followed by worksets. Each workset consists of 5 reps. I only count the weight lifted during the worksets though. So for squats I was able to complete 5sets X 285lbs, deadlift (1set X 285lbs), and bench (3sets x 265lbs)

        I look forward to tomorrow's workout and pray that it will be just as satisfying.

        Have a blessed day


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          So here is a quick look at where I am starting at; hope to see some progress in about 30 days; we'll see

          DSCN0160 (640x480).jpg


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            Workouts and eating are going as planned. So far it has been about a week and I am please with how well the transition to primal foods is going. I have noticed a relative decrease in appetite over the last couple of days, interesting for sure. Usually, one meal out of the day gets by-passed due to a lack of interest in food. As for workouts, I did experience one where I was not able to complete the sets and even had a drop off in strength. I am pretty sure that poor performance was due more to poor sleeping patterns than anything else. Anyways, something to keep an eye on over the next week.


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              Nutrition has become really stagnant, very disappointed! There really is loads and loads of crap to stuff your face with here where I am deployed. The last few weeks have not gone as well as I would have liked, but I think I am getting back on track. I have been able to maintain my workout routine for the most part. Strength gains have continued to increase fairly well, so that has been pleasing. I really hope to gain some consistency nutritionally though. We will see. Gotta stay motivated!

              Have a blessed day.


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                So, I have been reading a little bit lately on some of the concepts pertaining to intermittent fasting. It has been very interesting reading. One book was originally written in the 1800s. Over the last week I have begun to try some of the suggestions. What I have been doing is limiting my meals to two a day and alternating with a 1 meal day. Basically I have decided to eliminate breakfast for the time being. There are several reasons for this meal being omitted, but the main one is that no matter what breakfast consists of, it severely increases my appetite through out the day.

                I have really had to come to terms with the idea that a large part of daily eating habits are determined on a individual basis. It has been five days since making these changes, but I have to say I am feeling alot better physically and mentally. No hunger issues either. I feel lighter on my feet in general and stronger in the gym. Energy wise, I seem to have doubled my stores. To be honest, I am almost bouncing off of the ceilings during the day. I am curious to see what will be happening in a couple of weeks.

                God bless!!