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  • primal journal attempt :0 insane grok


    Quest for Happiness

    now there will be other post on there about me fixing up my car/jeep and also about my nerdiness stuff of building computers creatively...

    but this is my newest thing...i'm going to try monthly challenges, one to keep myself focus and honest...but also to kick start the rest of my primal life. i started getting info from my cousin about 2.5 years ago...and i was still CW all over! but after months of him talking and seeing awesome results and my own research...i gave it a try.

    well first year (around 9 months i guess) i did loose about 75 pounds. was feeling better than ever, went from a tight 42in pant to a normal wearing 34in pants. felt awesome, could do a pull up or two or three!

    well this last year has been stressful and i just didn't make the time, my wife was craving carbs so i would give in here and there and make excuses. didn't really put on a lot of weight. i am probably around 225-230 right now...but my 34in pants are i just wasn't feeling as good...

    well now this year, i have a new job. lot less stress due to it! plus there is a weight room on campus that i can use, so once/twice a week i will go there after work and lift heavy things! woot!

    so my first challenge is to drop diet soda's. i'm seeing how much bloat they cause and will try to report it as well as possible.

    second month? not sure yet, will take suggestions! (journal)

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    Hey IG- congrats on the new job with less stress; always a good thing!

    I like how you're doing new challenges as it's something I did a few years back. I started by cutting out all HFCS, then trans fats (when trans fats were the rage), then reducing beer intake (hard as hell for me). All this was before I truly found what worked for me, but those small changes were enough to spur a 40lbs weight loss.
    Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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      alright so week two. well i've had a diet drink, or two...but thats it, i forgot my coffee in the morning, and i guess you can say i am a caffeine addict. its so hard to start the morning without it sometimes, i'm sure i can do it, but i'll save that for another challenge.

      i've also been realizing that i tend to indulge in things (like a milkshake, and not the homemade kind, or a small piece of cake at work because of a birthday...) and it may only be one thing a day, but wow at the insulin..upset stomach, but whats my disappointment in myself.

      i did work out last friday, plan to again today. should be adding a second day of work out per week next week. when i work out not only do i get stronger, but being more conscious of my health as well, thats more important right now than the lifting. though it will be nice to get back to more than one pull up

      so, later tonight i'll take an update shot for my blog, don't see their being any change as of yet, but hey it sometimes moves slowly, and with a lot of changes at once, not everything is balanced. plus once the weather starts getting back to spring, it should be much better to get out and play after work!

      ELOC14, i like beer too, luckly i only really get one or two in a month as it is and congrats on the 40lbs, always good hearing about others success (journal)


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        alright, so after this weekend, (i ate some bad stuff, and today i'm paying for it) i'm still going to try and limit/eliminate diet drink (just water and some coffee, with palm oil based creamers) plus going to go for as low carb as possible for my own diet/self. wife is also going to start back on the primal wagon with me (as winter is a hard time for us to stay with it)


        so there i am as of last week, and not much has changed, i dropped a few pounds, then went back up and as of today i'm right at 230.

        luckily my wife made some awesome deviled eggs last night, i made a huge egg and bacon breakfast this morning. i did have some ketchup yesterday (sometimes its hard to think of what has carbs and what doesn't...) and i had some frozen fruit with steevia and heavy cream. that was my treat.

        so hopefully will work out tomorrow and then again eating a very limited/none carb load this week, i'm getting very excited (journal)


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          well today was great as far as eating, bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease...yum, some coffee, some deviled eggs, then over to the parents for some pork tenderloin, green beans, a few cheesy-bacon potatoes...then some fruit and cream for desert...

          but i guess from how bad i ate this weekend...i might have a bit of more HUGE reason for me to stay on this journey and do it more hard core than ever! can't wait til tomorrow and work out, might take some measurements as well so i can track those



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            alright, feeling better after a rough night of running to the bathroom. so far so good today, also i'm down a thats good, even though it might be water weight, we'll see tomorrow.

            plan to work out after work today and then later tonight take some measurements, i'll take more measurements tomorrow or the next day to see if my arms went down after being so pumped


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              alright, so after working out yesterday (did my best HIIT i could) i was tired, but still made a nice dinner... Brussels sprouts and pork tenderloin leftovers...

              i have to say, they were the best veggies i have made in a while, put a stick of butter in the pan, throw in your sprouts, then put salt on all of them, sprinkle on the garlic powder and finally put some minced onions in there. bring to a sizzle and keep mixing it up until you brown the onions and the sprouts are browning a little...serve and eat your heart out!


              will be trying to remember to take my measurements tonight want to see how buff i get


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                Yum! Those sprouts look good!!!


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                  alright, so i did take measurements last night, also weighed 230 this morning, but i don't think its accurate...*caution, maybe TMI*

                  i don't like to weigh before a BM, so that might change the results

                  rb - 14.4in
                  lb - 14in
                  rf - 12in
                  lf - 11.5in

                  rt - 25in
                  lt - 24.5in
                  rc - 17in
                  lc - 16.5

                  waist (bb) - 42in
                  chest - 46in

                  well there you have it, i'm right handed, but i guess i even use my right leg more to do everything with...i know both sides are the same strength as i use the same weight from either side...but the right just gets more use, time to start evening those numbers out...

                  and my waist at the belly button, holy cow! i know at one time two years ago+ i measured larger at my waist then at my chest...can't get back there, and now i have my new year's baseline set...won't measure too often, might get the wife to help me next time to make sure i do it correctly

                  rb = right = left calf...

                  ok, so thats a starting point for this year, i am still worlds better than when i was near 300 pounds, but still plenty to improve upon...

                  see you next time


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                    alright, so today is a fasting day, will break it after work with dinner with the family! weee

                    also going to work out at lunch in my fasted state, should be fun, i might even try to record my weights so i can keep track of what i'm at now...

                    today's weight was 229 again, and after talking to my wife, i'm going to just start doing weight and measurements probably once a week, i'l take friday's for reason to do it other than keep track of my progress

                    i'm almost through my diet soda kick...i've had maybe one a day, somedays i don't have one, but it helps when i have my coffee in the morning.

                    also the challenge thing i started, well it really didn't make sense as when i was challenging myself, i would just start cutting out most other things, i guess i'll need to re-try a new method with that. like now i know i need to try and stop using store Ranch and Ketchup on stuff...will need to start making the time to make my own...that would really help focus my eating even more, and it would be better tasting with real food

                    thats all for now


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                      well got to do my workout at lunch, took about 20min today, did 3 sets of bench, lat pull down, curls, triceps extension, leg press, and calf extensions....

                      each one i would go until muscle failure. and by my last set (other than leg press) it hit faster, like 3-5 reps and i was already in failure.

                      all but the curls were done on a weight machine (thats whats here and i feel the burn)

                      bench i've moved up 20 pounds sense last week. 112-142 i think was the weight.
                      curls i'm at 30 pounds in each hand, should be at 32 next week
                      lat pull down was good at 190
                      leg press was good at 249-414 i was one step up from last week
                      triceps were at 50 for the first rep then 60 for the last two.

                      so all in all i feel good, seeing progress in the gym...

                      so far i'm shooting for doing this 2 times a week, the first is either mon or tue after work, then the next is thu or fri either lunch or after work.

                      as far as fasting and working out, this was my first time, didn't see any side effects and feel great!

                      i will be trying to fast once a week..but i'll let that up to chance or like today was too lazy to fix something at home to bring to work.


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                        so this weekend was nice and calm, it was a great one, lots of time with family!

                        had a tree fall down in the front yard after a bad wind storm. so my dad came by and we cut the thing up and then hauled the big chucks of tree to the back yard, man it felt good, made me want to start chopping it up and then take it camping (still too cold for the rest of the family)

                        so it got me thinking, i think i'm going to start a new work out routine. Monday lift weights (either lunch or after work) then Thursday lift more weights, and on saturday, i'll do some body weight exercises or lift heavy things outside again, but just something for fun

                        and i won't have as much to report because i'm only going to be weighing myself and measuring myself on we'll see...

                        as far as food is going, its getting easier and easier, i would like to think its because i've nearly killed my consumption and want of diet mt. dew! but its been great to getting back to fixing meals and eating lots of meat and veggies, i do love veggies in lots of butter and salt! man my mouth is watering!

                        see you guys next time, might take some progress pictures this friday after i measure


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                          Great work!! I am in the same boat with the diet drinks, ketchup, and ranch dressing!!! Cutting out diet drink now.. next will be the ranch and ketchup!

                          Take care!


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                            thanks pauldaniel7, it does work better in steps doesn't it...i think i'm taking the same route

                            well it seems like it is taking forever for friday to come along! i'm itching to weigh myself and measure...GAH!

                            ohh well, nothing good or bad to report yet, still eating (maybe a few more carbs thanks to fruit and a very small helping of rice the other night)

                            working out is due for tomorrow, hopefully i've rested enough and muscles have rebuilt enough to give me a good workout, might pick up some sweet potatoes tonight and either have it backed or make chips in a frying pan with some coconut oil...yum


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                              today is a fasting day/workout day, should be fun, hopefully make some small gains in the gym...

                              tomorrow is weighing and measurement day, so looking forward to that, wife thinks i should wait til next week, but i'm really itching to see if there is any change. i know i was able to move my belt notch one more in today...thats cool!

                              now weather on not i see many changes in a week...who care, i just think its fun to get the numbers