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    alright so PART 1 of the EPIC friday update!!!

    fasting went well yesterday, didn't get real hunger pains til i got home and playing around with DD, so it was a good day, also worked out at the end of my work day and saw good improvements everywhere in the gym (minus bench because i had just increased it last work out)

    for the weights i'll just use the big number, its easier to remember than the two number system on the machines and it might be changing as the college is upgrading to a new weight room...

    Bench - 156
    Curls - 100 first set and 90 the last two
    tricep extension - 50
    Lat. Pull down - 190 first 2 sets and 170 the last set
    leg press and calf extensions - 551

    thats pretty much my work out as of right now, i keep finding a better rhythm about it and i have to increase weights now to get to the same muscle failure as my first work out, so i'm liking it very much. will get measurements tonight after work

    Also, this morning was weigh in time! 226!!!!! sweet from last friday it was 229, and when i started back i was at 233! so this week of tweeking my diet to have more natural carbs is paying off!

    feeling great, will update again tonight with my measurements and will compare them to last friday...the only thing right now is my belt can go one more notch in (journal)


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      rb - 14.5
      rf - 12.25
      lb - 14
      lf - 12

      rt - 25
      rc - 17
      lt - 24
      lc - 16.75

      bb - 41
      ch - 45

      so I lost an inch off my chest and an inch off my waist at the belly button! WOOOO

      also gain on a forearm and calf, getting stronger there so I know i'm losing fat while gaining muscle

      feeling great again! why did I ever get lazy and stop eating right!?

      thanks all (journal)


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        well this weekend went by so fast that i didn't do my body weight exercises...will hit the weights today though in the gym...

        did really well though, went to two parties with lots of cake and sandwiches...only thing i had was meat and veggies...i did eat some ranch dip and some chilli/salsa that had beans in it, but that doesn't concern me...

        so heres to the start of another awesome week...if things go like that have been...maybe another 3 pounds off by this weekend...that would be sweet (journal)


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          still here

          well i'm still here, just don't update everyday this week because its been a busy week.

          but lets start off with some truth, didn't do my body weight exercises, so yesterday i did hit the gym and hit it hard, about 30 mins of hard work out...

          i add squats/military press/rows/free weight curls

          i even went up a little on my bench and back to 190 on lateral pull downs...

          squat was weak...only 100 pounds, guess i had my expectations high

          well tomorrow is another weigh in day and measure day...we'll see you guys then!



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            alright, so its friday, weigh and measure day...

            now i was doing my weigh in, in the morning, and thats staying the same...but i also measured this morning instead of take these with a grain of salt...but hey its all progress and i'm feeling better and my pants are fitting better...

            chest - 43.5
            Waist (bb) - 39
            RB - 14.5
            RF - 12.5
            LF - 14.25
            LF - 12
            RT - 24.5 (LT also)

            and i weighed in at 225 today.

            so lets see, i'm down another pound...and i lost 2in around my waist at belly button, and 1.5in around my chest. arms stayed about the same but my left bicep is growing/matching my right...and my thighs are now equal, with the right thigh loosing a .5in and the left one gaining!

            WOOH! thats what i'm talking about!

            from now on, i will only measure one side of my body, takes less time and everything is becoming equal, so its a waste of time =P

            so thats some awesome progress! 2/2.5 weeks in and i've lost 3 inches around my waist and 2.5 inches around my chest but my arms are staying the same size, you know that means i got to be putting on muscle! woot


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              alright, well today is another work out day, and after reading the new post on the front page...i've been thinking about going for more fasting. thinking about a 48 hour fast. just to see how it goes. i've done a 36-40 hour fast once because i just got busy and didn't think about it. so i'm wondering how a 48 hour fast would work? humm

              maybe adding that to my weekly routine? anyone have any ideas? i could try to go back to an eating window...but i think just going 2 days without food is easier for me? i guess i'll give it a go and see how it works.

              tomorrow is weigh in day. not really expecting much of a change. i'm hoping some inches come down, but i don't see the weight changing, my grandmother had a birthday and i had a piece of lemon cake that my mother made.

              well see you guys tomorrow after my measurements and weigh-in in the morning. should be good fun! i'll probably start my fast after the sunday night, then nothing til tuesday night should be fun!


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                well its friday, just found out instead of TGIF it should be POETS Day...

                Piss on Everything Tomorrow's Saturday! sweet!

                alright, now on with the friday...

                Weigh in today, well it was i'm up 4 pounds for the week. ok, not freaking out yet. lets see how measurements came along.

                Chest - 43.5
                Belly Button - 40
                Bicep - 14.5
                Forearm - 12.5
                Thigh - 25.5

                alright, so from last week to today, i've not changed, other than a added an inch on my thigh and an inch on my waist/belly button region.

                ok, so still not freaking out, everything else maintained. i know i'm getting stronger, i was able to up my weights this week for bench, curls, squat, tricep extension...

                so now i need to know if i put on fat or if i just gained muscle or a combo...

                well tuesday was my grandma's birthday, so i did have some lemon cake then. and once this morning i stopped by bojangles and ate one top of the biscuit because i forgot the cheese melts to it very quickly and even if its just cheese product, it makes it taste better (maybe thats a good sign to not eat there)

                ok, so onto the plan next week. i'm going to try a 48 hour fast going from sunday nights meal to tuesday nights meal. might not be a full 48 hours but i just want to see how it goes. i don't ever seeing myself as doing more than a 48 hour fast but...

                next week i'm going to take progress pictures, this way i can also see if the weight is going to the right area's, could just be my body is re-organizing everything...i will either try to add sprints or body weight exercise for my over the weekend routine.

                plus its starting to be pretty weather and i live just at the bottom of the mountains in NC so its time to start hiking with the family, that will help too!


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                  its crazy how fast a journal can get pushed down, but you guys are awesome, i like reading through most of the journals...

                  anyways, on to business!

                  yesterday worked out, it was great, i didn't increase the weight this time, but i was pushing reps out much easier! i went from about 3-5 reps on most to 8-9 reps! i was impressed. getting closer to benching 200lbs now and closer to curling over 100lbs. will be adding some proper negative workouts as well (pullup)

                  today is the first day of my 48 hour fasting testing thingy...

                  so far feeling good, but i can hit a 24hour fast without thinking about it. i'm sure 48 hours isn't going to be bad, but we'll see. just want to see how it goes. will i do it again, i don't know

                  also started up the charcoal grille yesterday


                  herb chicken legs with lots of squash/zucchini/carrots wrapped in tinfoil with herbs and butter...YUM

                  each week its getting easier to clean up my diet even a little more, like replacing ranch dressing with sour cream and ranch spices...

                  thats all for now, i'll update tomorrow as well


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                    alright, so the 48 hour fast, it lasted 24/25 hours..i don't feel failure, i got very hungry, might have been able to ignore it, but hey its ok, ate some deer burgers and squash and a big salad, felt good afterwards, i'll probably do another 24 hours fast this week, or try a 36 hour fast or something next week...who knows

                    thats all for now


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                      alright, its friday, lets see them digits!

                      bicep - 14.75
                      Forearem - 12.25
                      *new* neck 16.5
                      chest - 45
                      waist at BB - 40.5

                      and i weighed in at 226 this morning.

                      alright so lets see...chest has gained about 2 in, bicep gained a quarter, belly shows another half, and fore arms went down slightly...i'm 3 pounds less than last week.

                      what does this tell me...nothing. my measurement system is terrible. but it gives me something to go by as rule of thumb...i probably wasn't down to 39 on my waist, but chest and bicep are pretty reliable. they are the easiest for me to get nearly in the same spot.

                      here are some updated pics for those that read this or see it. its been 4 weeks i think since these pics have been this is more motivation than the scale or the measurements! i can tell a different, can you?

                      so its after then the before...hopefully i wouldn't have to tell you but just in case

                      last night was great, grassfed steak, sweet potato, and some zucchini...YUM

                      also on a side note...i'm almost benching 200lb, lateral pulldown is 210lb, leg press is mid 500's, curls (i switched back to dumb bells) 40lb in each arm

                      it felt great, strong, better form! i'm loving it


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                        well i was out of town for a little bit, but back. monday was first day using the new weight room here at my work. so apperently i'm not as strong as i thought i was.

                        the old machines were pulley driven, these new ones are a 1:1 ratio the whole time. curls weren't affected as i was using free weights anyways. but my lateral pull downs were 210, now they were 150, we'll see if i can step it up a little today.

                        felt a new burn after that workout and muscles were tight as well. i'm thinking because now the initial weight is the same as fully flexed/extended weight, i'm working out some different muscles.

                        today is second work out, did some negative pullups last weekend and was working on the new (to me) snapper rear engine mower, so lifting it up a lot.

                        tomorrow is weigh in and measure day, i ate well while at the meetings for work...but i haven't fasted this week, we'll see how this goes. still feeling great and the wife is jumping on board too very good times


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                          alright, its today is different, just didn't feel like measuring..will do it again next week, but it will probably start to be a every two week thing.

                          i did weigh myself, and i'm still at 226. now i had to order a suit last night, and i did check my chest to make sure its what i thought it was, still at 45in chest.

                          lifting in the new weight room is getting much better. leg press was around 330~, getting easier to curl 40lbs, i tried benching 135 and pushed out 5 reps, wasn't too bad, but really didn't have a spotter either, but the new bench does have built in rails to keep it off your chest, so i will up it up next week.

                          lateral pull down, i pushed it up to 165, that is really hard, but i can feel it in my muscles, lots of good happening with this new work out

                          i do some military press and squats, and forearm exercise...not much has changed there

                          hopefully take the time to do some body weight this weekend, or sprints or a walk, but at the least i'll be moving and mower the yard and working on the house, so its all good.

                          yesterday i ran up and down a hill with my daughter and her friend, for about an hour total feeling it today too

                          food is getting better, and being able to grill is wonderful! i love meat and veggies on the grill

                          alright, can't think of anything else. enjoy the outdoors, i am!


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                            alright so a start of a new week. did my workout yesterday, didn't do it for as long (maybe 20 mins) but i'm feeling it today. going to change up my workout some though.

                            start off with leg press/squats...then move on to military press...then do some deadlifts...then some negative pullups until i can do a full one....then probably bench press/push ups...then finish off with just one set of curls until muscle failure...

                            i think i've been sinking too much time into my arms and not enough into my legs/shoulders/ know the big groups. also will put in some tricep curls as well somewhere...

                            this weekend i also worked on our old 1997 grand cherokee, changed the oil/trans fluids/rear end lube...also all the gaskets and filters that go with it, so that was a different kind of workout, i can feel it in my fore-arms from wrenching...

                            today i'm also fasting again, its been about 2 weeks so i should be doing this at least every other day. i'm thinking thats what i'm going to start doing this week as well...alternate day fasting, might change to everyday again or back to just a once a week/twice a week thing when i feel like it...but for now the plan this week/month is to get used to fasting every other day.

                            I"M SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING LIKE I HAVE A FAT BELLY!


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                              alright, so its been two weeks since i measured...whats the damage?

                              nothing too big, though its only been 3 days since i started fasting again, and controlling how much i eat. think i've been eating way too much fat and not enough protein everyday (more so on my lift days) thinking about upping to 3 lift days a week as well, more on that later

                              alright...(going to make a chart this time round, oldest up front and newest to the right...

                              weight -..230.....226.....225......229.......226.......226 ........225
                              chest -...46.......45......43.5.....43.5.......45........ .............45
                              Neck -..............................................16.5 ..................17
                              Waist -...42.......41.......39........40.........40.5.... ..............40.5
                              bicep -...14.4.....14.5....14.5....14.5.......14.75...... ...........14.75
                              forearm -.12......12.25...12.5.....12.5......12.25......... ........12.5
                              thigh -.....25......25.......24.5.....25.5............... ...............25.5
                              calf -.......17......17................................. ....................16

                              alright so there you have it. don't know if that dip was me measuring a little tight or just body either case i'm feeling better and better. now sure, i failed at quiting diet drinks...but i did cut them down, and i never kept up with my fasting like i wanted to, but hey, no ones perfect and this week seems like a good start on a more "lean gains" approach might just be easier for my schedule of life.

                              thinking of working out 3 times a week, mondays, wednesdays, fridays, and the weekend i'll just be doing work around the house so plenty of slow movement there...

                              i might measure and weigh next week, it might be two weeks from now on. but at least i have a chart....wish i would have taken these from when i was 292 pounds and seen the improvement, probably wouldn't have fallen off the bandwagon like i did for a while

                              well today is a good day, and the rest of my life awaits, right...
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                                alright, thought i would post another update...still here...still going strong!

                                just busy busy busy!

                                been getting easier to do fasting (24hour) and i think its helping my workouts. even this weekend i did my first straight arm pullup. even did it the next day to make sure it wasn't a fluke

                                so i'm going to try and integrate it more into my workout throughout the week. also be adding flex hangs and more negatives...really want to do more workouts that work more muscle groups and larger muscle groups. starting my weighted workouts with large leg and back groups seem to be helping out a lot!

                                well this friday will be a weigh in and measurement day. will probably take some updated pictures as well.