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  • Laura's Last Stand!

    Yep. My last stand. This is it for me. This is the way of eating I want to adopt and stay with. I don't want to count another point or calorie for a long, long time if ever. I'm tired of living the low fat dieting nightmare. Eating primal is kind of like coming home. It fits me.

    Believe me, I have been to the moon and back when it comes to dieting and trying to lose weight. I have done it all and even gotten a lap band placed back in 2006. While it has helped, I do not keep my band tight and can't understand the "three bites for dinner" mentality. I'm quite capable of keeping up with my husband in the eating department. I've just come off a three week Dukan Diet which I think prompted me to decide that I was done. I craved fat. I needed fat. Fat needed me.

    My head is spinning! I am learning so much and every night I am immersed in this forum.

    I know I won't be perfect. But I'm definitely heading in the right direction. And I don't give a ding, dong darn if the weight comes off slowly. I'm just happy eating this way. Must be the ghee floating around in my body!


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    hi, i think your attitude is a good one, and one that can lead to success. get comfortable with this style of eating, first and foremost. reconnect to your hunger signaling, your satiety signaling, and your eating habits first. the weight will come off slowly over time, but look at this as a healthy dietary lifestyle first and foremost.


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      Read, read and read about primal/paleo. I think you'll become convinced that it isn't just a good weight loss plan, but the way we are supposed to eat.

      Beyond that, know that you'll slip up from time to time. When you do, just get back on track as quick as you can and forget about it.

      Good luck!
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        jakey - thanks for the really great advice. I will definitely work on hunger and satiety signals. And I am truly looking at this as a lifestyle change. Dieting for the past 25 years got me NOWHERE!

        Freaker - I have made reading about primal/paleo my new hobby! And I do believe this is the basis for our diets. Slipping up is my worry - before I would throw in the towel and give up. I really need to learn to just get back on track and keep going. Thanks so much for the kind words.



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          Okay. Today will be a test of my ability to get back on track after a screw up day (not really day - just lunch, so far). Had a great spaghetti squash with ground beef lunch and took along an avocado. What did I do? Eat out at Olive Garden. It's done; I ate soup and salad and yes, the freaking breadsticks. I did have unsweetened tea with no artificial sweetener! Tiniest of scores, I know. Victories must be found where I can find them. Now, before my last stand, I'd just nose dive into the weekend cramming anything unable to save itself from me into my piehole. I'm standing outside myself watching for my next move.............