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Getting off the sugar DRUG.

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  • Getting off the sugar DRUG.

    Hey guys i'm new to this forum. I'm attempting to transition into eating a more primal diet. I'm totally addicted to carbs and sugar and can't go more than a few days without fructose especially. This journal is going to track my transition onto a low carb primal diet and off of the junk! Sugar is super addicting. I'M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THAT! -tear -tear hahaa. So many people don't. I'm a little out of it right now actually, having just had a big sugar binge.

    I'm going on an important trip on Friday and I want my energy level to be back in a place where I can enjoy myself. So I have taken it upon myself to kind of dive into a transition diet tomorrow... What does that consist of? I really don't know. Right now I'm thinking it will be all primal with the addition of some yams and maybe some beans to keep the carb flu away until after the trip... If I were to go right to primal right now I would be in a state of withdrawal during this trip and that would be awful. So I'm looking for something that won't mess with blood sugar, won't take away my energy like most carbs do, but keeps away the carb withdrawal/flu. Any suggestions?? So appreciative if you have one

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    That might work but if you are addicted to carbs as bad as I am I would recommend you either go cold turkey and suck it up or post pone the change until after the trip. For me that would be like an alcoholic saying "I'll just have a few beers" but everyone is different. It's hard to eat that great on trips anyway. You know yourself best do you honestly think you can transition or is it just another way of saying "I'll start tomorrow" with the expectation of failure?

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      Hey Jfendek thanks for the reply
      Cold turkey is definitely the way to go I totally understand where you're coming from, that's what I hear from all people who give advice about sugar addiction. I guess you could say i'm transitioning cold turkey style. AKA, going completely off of each thing one by one. Starting with fructose and then all the carbs. I know exactly what you mean though, I can't eat a certain amount of something if I look at it like I'm 'just cutting down'.


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        I think this is the most active forum I've ever seen! 5 pages of journals with updates from today, that's awesome that so many people are in this.

        Maybe I should quickly just address the issues that I'm hoping to overcome by taking on this lifestyle.

        -Reduce anxiety
        -Reduce depression
        -Have moderate-high energy level
        -Lose 30 pounds
        -Abolish sugar addiction and food addiction (no more binge eating)

        Breakfast- Sweet potato, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with pumpkinseed dressing, flax seeds
        Lunch- I can't remember...
        Dinner- I over ate tahini. That stuff is seriously good. It wasn't sugar, so I was glad. Also a small steak.

        Breakfast.Lunch- Sweet potato, steamed broccoli, chicken leg. Flax seeds
        Snack: Tablespoon or 2 of tahini and a few pumpkin seeds

        ... Wow. That's all? I don't remember eating that little. In fact, I didn't even realize that I wasn't snacking all day today. There was no urge to do so! Thank goodness. I started feeling slightly nauseous later in the day, which often happens after quitting the sugar. The other thing that has already changed is I'm not constantly thirsty like I am when I am eating carb/sugar high meals. Also I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, normally that would kill me and I will feel horrible all the next day. I woke up not feeling horrible, no just-got-hit-by-a-bus feeling.

        Going to keep that last carby sweet potato and broccoli in there until I get back from my trip. It's a nice middle ground.


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          Just wanted to stop by and say welcome!


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            I UNDERSTAND!!! *tear, tear* I mean, really. It's a little hard to find support outside this forum when most people think your major failing is moral, not in fact a set of hormones that have been screwed up by our culture's idea of a normal diet. At a certain point, it is an addiction. Even I once thought that was somewhat of an exaggeration, but then you go through withdrawal and it's like - oh no. This is a real, physical addiction because I feel like I need to be strapped down in order not to consume more of the bad stuff. I had days like that when I first went off. At first I failed because I feared that life without sugar would always feel that way, but after two weeks, you really do emerge from it. And it's not just that you've changed habits. I really felt my body working a completely different way. So stick with it! We'll cheer you on.

            On the vacation front, I'd say make the healthiest choices you can. Prepare snacks like nuts and jerky (without a bunch of sugar in it) ahead of time. But chances are things will get chaotic enough that you won't stay on the diet completely. In the very beginning, not eating sugar can be really hard so it's good to start off with a two-week period of time in which you can better control your routine. Remember that if you do go off the primal thing and drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of sugar or bread, don't eat high-fat. Fat is kind of bi-polar. If you're not eating a lot carbs, fat is no biggie. If you're eating a lot of carbs, then it can be damaging and cause you to put on weight.
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              Thanks guys!

              Lex you were right it was a lot more difficult to stay on the diet while away. I made it about 6 days, but was feeling the sugar free blues and decided it wasn't worth doing on this trip and not enjoying the trip. I didn't keep it low fat, I went a little crazy with sugar. Tomorrow is my flight back and I'm starting tomorrow again with the diet, but I'm going straight off of sugar and not including tubers/fruit. Like jfrendek recommended, I think you were right man.


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                Originally posted by raj View Post
                Dinner- I over ate tahini. That stuff is seriously good. It wasn't sugar, so I was glad. Also a small steak.
                Ah, tahini, my non-sugary nemesis... I wonder what exactly is it that makes it so incredibly delicious?

                Welcome to the journals, Raj, and good luck with your goals. We're in the same boat with the sugary stuff. I've kicked the processed sugars but still struggle with dried fruit (WHY do I keep allowing myself to buy it?). I do need to be as brave as you and kick it completely.
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                  Just stopped by to say hi and welcome sounds like you are doing great! Isn't it awesome you realize that you forgot to eat and still feel just fine?? That NEVER happened until I went primal


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                    Hey thanks guys! I know what the heck is in tahini?! I could seriously eat a whole jar I think.

                    Mikk yes it's so wonderful! And it happens so quickly too thanks for the welcome.

                    My flight ended up getting delayed, I got home yesterday. Didn't start the no sugar thing today, today ended up being very stressful and I basically just coped by eating large amounts of sugar. There still is a bit of stress around some changes going on but I am starting tomorrow seeing the sugar messing with my hormones can't be helping the stress.

                    Grocery shopping tomorrow, leaves me a little stumped. Meat and veggies I guess it is huh? I've never shopped for meat much because I used to think it was unhealthy, so that's new. I'm looking forward to comparing how this primal thing goes with the candida cleanses i've done in the past (where I only made it 6 days!). When I was away on the trip and doing the primal with tubers thing, I would wake up in the morning with cold sweats until I ate a tuber to stop the sugar withdrawal, so I feel like it could be equally as intense as a candida cleanse but easier to stick to. Okay, i'll stop rambling, and go check out some of these other journals.


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                      Today was the first day of going low carb primal. Only 1 day off of sugar and I have the sugar withdrawal blues. Every single time I go low carb, the first week or two I'm in a really strong depression. From my experience trying to do this in the past, as soon as I eat anything sugary, it goes right away.

                      It's hard to describe the type of feeling but the best way I can describe it is lifeless. The world and everything seems dead, emitting no energy at all, just matter, and I can't connect to a single positive energy. It feels like an opiate withdrawal. At the same time there is more emotionally clarity and my vision and mind is already clearer.

                      I ate one meal which was a lettuce wrap with beef, cucumber and a homemade pumpkinseed pate thing, it was good I enjoyed it. No appetite towards the rest of the day. I have a feeling it's going to be hard not to water fast in the beginning of this! Sugar blues go awaay.


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                        I totally fell off. I was at my Dad's in the states and I was going through the sugar withdrawal, and I just decided to heck with it, I want to enjoy my trip! (I think that's where I left off? It's been a month). I don't regret my decision, it wasn't the right place to be going through that.

                        Thankfully right now is a perfect opportunity to go through that. I even have spring break coming up, which means the class i'm taking will be out for 2 weeks, perfect opportunity to just get the sugar withdrawal out of the way without stresses.

                        I'm deciding to jump into paleo, candida style, so basically no starches, it will be antibiotic free meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouts.... That's kind of it, actually! It would be a lot easier if I wasn't intolerant to eggs and dairy but then again I'm not doing this for the food to taste good, I'm doing this to get my energy back and to feel more out of life.

                        I can't waiiiiit for that moment when finally, I'm 2 weeks into this, the die off is gone, the withdrawal is fading, and finally I can say YES. I'm out of the woods, I've done it, I dont need to stress about doing this anymore, I'm in it! Just imagining that moment is so unbelievably motivating.


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                          Just remember that Primal is not meant to be very low carb. According to the Blueprint, the sweet spot for weight loss is 50-150 healthy carbs. If you do go VLC, don't do it long term. Use it to kick start your program if you must; then add back the sweet potatoes, tubers, a fruit now and then. etc.

                          My 2 cents from personal experience.
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                            Thanks pebbles, I sometimes forget about that. I plan to do the low carb thing for around 3 months, that's not too long right? Just long enough to get rid of candida. I would like to hear a bit more about your low carb experience though if you don't mind?

                            Woah what just happened! I had a food binge. I haven't had one of those in... months at least! I know the two things that always cause it are blood sugar swings combined with food restriction. This means I have to take a step back and not plan to start so intensely with the low carb primal thing. I'm just going to start with primalish with carby things like beans, quinoa, buckwheat. But I'm still going to be staying off of fructose...

                            I'll focus more on energy and weight loss for now, and slowly gear myself towards ridding candida. I plan to start exercising when I start this, starting with a simple 10 minute jog and some muscle exercises ecah day. I'd really like to lose at 1.5 pounds a week... But we'll see.

                            Did I mention my intentions here yet? I might have a post on page 1, I think I do, oh well, let me mention it again to motivate myself, since I am starting again! Basically.

                            I really badly want to lose 30 pounds. I'm somwhere up around 150-160 ? My scale is something like 7-10 pounds off and it says 145. My ideal weight is 120 This means I've put on about 10-15? pounds a year, seeing I weighed only 113 pounds 3 years ago. This is quite telling about my comfort eating. My life revolves around comfort eating, secret eating, obsessing about what to eat next, using sugar like a drug. And then of course there is the low energy, low motivation, depression and anxiety. My lifestyle right now looks kind of like this: I wake up at like 3PM, go on the computer....... Eat tons of food.........Go to bed at 5 am. Highschool drop out from anxiety, depression too. My anxiety is mainly social. Have tried 3 times to pass and failed all 3, I'm not unintelligent, I just have so little energy (go figure with my lifestyle huh?).

                            How do I know diet is the answer? I disovered gluten, dairy, egg, etc intolerances that completely reversed things like joint pain, major depression (it's minor now in comparison), self harm and problems with anger/rage, psychosis and paranoia, panic attacks, attention problems, rashes and DH. I took it a step further and tried raw food trial for 30 days and I felt better than I ever knew I could. I was out all the time with amazing stable energy, I felt euphoric 24/7 better than any drug, I went to my social anxiety and depression group and announced to them that I was healed! I was going to my classes regularily and doing the work for once. The most amazing thing about all of it was how it felt to be in conversation, it felt engaging, intruiging, something in my social pathways changed where I felt extra connected to human beings, like there was a whole nother level of energy to them that I never knew about! Halllelujaahh.

                            Why don't I just go back to raw food? Well, I'm considering it, but what worries me is fructose, fructose is super addictive and I still over eat when it's around, it still gives me troubles, which makes me think there must be a way I can gain the benefits of raw food without the sugar consumption. I figure raw food worked so well because of detoxification and alkalinity, and I feel I can achieve these things on a primal diet. I will do anything for that feeling of wellbeing and bliss.

                            I think the diet I'm gearing towards is "primal" or "paleo", basically I'm expecting to be eating lots of raw vegetables and sprouts, seaweeds, and then some meats, beans, buckwheat, tubers, non sweet fruits like lemons and avocados, nuts and seeds.
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                              Can somebody tell me, are beans, buckwheat and quinoa okay on this diet? Eventually I'll switch to just tubers and starchy veg for carb source.

                              I stuck to the diet (I think?) today. I have kind of an unclear definition of what the primal/paleo diet is, because I can't seem to find a clear guideline, I guess because it varies from person to person a bit. Or I am not very good at searching this site!

                              Anyways, I had
                              B: Large kale salad w/ avocado and quinoa
                              S: Pear
                              L: White beans with coconut milk curry sauce
                              D: 3 chicken thighs

                              It's pretty darn high-carb and my ultimate goal is low carb but you have to start somewhere right? Good enough for me! The one thing I do have a bit of a problem with is how high cal today was! It had to have hit at least 2000, and I'm terrified of gaining any more weight. It's a process though, and weight is not the first thing on my mind, it's getting rid of the sugar for the health of my body.

                              I guess I should start moving towards an overall more primal lifestyle rather than just moving towards the diet. Tomorrow I'll get outside more, i'll go for a bikeride and do some weights/exercises. I think I'll start by doing some kind of cardio and muscle workout every 2nd day.

                              As for the calorie thing, I'm trusting that as my leptin starts working better, my constant appetite and draw towards large meals will diminish. Tomorrow I'll also reverse the order of my meals, and make my breakfast really high protein like they do in the leptin-reset diet