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  • Look Mom I'm Primal!

    Well a little less than a year ago I discovered the whole primal thing. Life was different back then. I *was* happily married, living in another state, life was normal.

    Things were turned upside down. My husband lost his freaking mind and left us in a very devistating way. Now I am a single mom. Everything is different. I lost a lot of weight in a bad way when it all went down, I did not eat for 2 months. Somedays I was lucky if I drank anything. It was a bad time. My body is wrecked. My gut health is down. The only thing I can find that is good is I am close to a healthy weight and I had a job for awhile where I carried a lot of heavy stuff which got me in shape and built some muscle. I also met a really nice guy who keeps me active. We hiked up a mountain in the snow a week ago!

    My two younger kids and I just moved into an apartment of our own. They have chubbed up a lot from bad eating too. I am putting us all back on the primal wagon.

    Here is what we had today:

    B-Muffins from Everyday Paleo, hard boiled eggs
    L-"Buffet" with assorted dips, meats, veggies, fruit, salad, deviled eggs and left over pork pot roast
    D-breaded chicken from Everyday Paleo, wax beans with butter, salad

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    Dinner looks good!