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    I agree with the juggling thing. Having to work ruins everything
    Sorry about the referral to US Meats. I wasn't paying enough attention.

    Its hard to tell about your cheeks in the photo because the second one is slightly turned, although you do seem a little more angular. I can tell a huge difference in your eyes though. They look very puffy in the first one and a lot larger in the recent one. Nice photos


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      beautiful pictures TPIATA...(can you share a name!?? I never know what to call you!! LOL) I can tell that your face seems to be thinner & I agree with tuffers, your eyes don't seem as puffy!

      good job girl!!! keep up the good work!!
      have an awesome day!!
      Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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        LOL Cochonne it is! Wish I'da thought of that!!! Is that the 'girl' spelling ??? lolol
        Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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          oh mais cher but that was a goooooddd one!!! lol

 look like you're 32...not 42!! must be our french genes!!
          Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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            Safe, fun travels!


            LCHF since Oct 2011


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              Woohoo for breaking 160 again!
              Hope you have a fabulous trip!
              You don't have to be sick to get better.
              Female, 31 years old, 5'8"
              Primal start: 1/2/2012
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                Seeing that you're 5'8" and trying to stick to 1500 calories, that's making me reconsider my 1900 calorie range. Have you been satisfied on 1500? I think I'm starting to sound like I'm fixated on calories but it's the final frontier (lol) that I haven't ventured in my diet.

                BTW, I love the fitday log pictures. Very informative! You can look through your journal later and exactly see what you've been eating. Very good job.

                Have a good trip too!


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                  Originally posted by thepigisatastyanimal
                  Born and raised. I actually just wrote a children's book (coming out next year) adapting Longfellow's epic 18th century poem EVANGELINE: A TALE OF ACADIE. In it (if you're not familiar), Evangeline travels from Grand Pre, Nova Scotia to Louisiana after the Acadian Deportation looking for her long lost love Gabriel.

                  So, I'm a bit of a flag waver. LOL

                  L'Acadie pour toujours!
                  Where are you from???
                  I'm from there as well but living abroad for 11 years


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                    Originally posted by thepigisatastyanimal
                    Ever hear of Petit de Grat?
                    Of course!I grew up in Antigonish.
                    Funny,hearing the name makes me think of the accent and how people pronounce it in NS..