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    Today I had along with a few Primal foods, a carmel roll, english muffin, syrup, and 4 peices of pizza minus the crust.
    Last week I had an English muffin with peanut butter at work for a snack. Had another the next night. Since then it seems like the flood gates were open. My schedule got irregular about a month ago and I stopped reading daily post on MDA. Loaned the my copy of Primal Blueprint to a friend about 2 months ago. I have not opened the 21 Day...
    I have lost about 20 lbs over the past 5 months on PB. I have yet to begin the excersice.
    I just read the Wake up call to GET REAL post.
    Tomorrow is a new day and I am beginning again!
    I want to remember this day and how easy it is to lose sight of what's important and why I am changing my ways. Health, vitality and peace of mind.
    Tonight I'm goals to paper.
    Thank you Mark and everyone else who inspire and encourage me.
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    I am with can be so easy to fall off and not get back on..I have been trying to get back on properly for quite sometime now but to no avail.
    I have a general sugar addiction and it always derails me..I think the longest I got was to about 28 days.This time I am going for it.
    I wish you well on your journey