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HP starts to LHT and eat more

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  • HP starts to LHT and eat more

    Hi! G'Morning!

    A little background:

    I've been following primal / paleo since November 2010. I've had pretty good success dropping from 245 to 208 and maintaining in that range. I stand 6'3", on a medium frame.

    I work in a call center environment, but have converted my "make me fat" sitting desk, to a "somewhat more active" standing workspace.

    I'm good with low intensity cardio and sprinting, but I've never followed a weight lifting protocol. So that's why I'm here. I've done a few things here, a few things there, but nothing consistently.

    But for the next 12 weeks, I'm committed (it helps that I'll be in Cancun at the end of this as well).

    Tomorrow, I'm starting Week 1 of the Stronglifts protocol.

    According to this i need about 2900 calories to maintain assuming i'm working out three days a week, etc. You can agree or disagree about the CI/CO theory, but it matters (though less so on non-lifting days).

    I'm still not where I want to be in terms of body comp, so i'll be eating at about 500 kcal below maintenance on lifting days.

    The volume on this program is very light in the beginning, and I'll continue to eat strict paleo/primal as I am now for probably the first week or two.

    When the workouts start getting more intense, i'll begin to add carbs back in order to increase insulin / leptin spikes, and aid in recovery. The carbs will be from sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and white rice.

    I'm going to weigh myself once per month. But the goal is fat loss, not necessarily weight loss. The goal is to rid myself of my moobs and belly.

    The goal is to get stronger.

    If you have any tips, tricks, or questions, hit me up.

    See ya on the flip side.