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    I want to achieve my goals this year. Last year's goal was to go from 311 at the end of my pregnancy to 220 by New Year's Eve. I achieved this goal, and now I want to be below 190 by 2013.

    I fell off the whole30 bandwagon on day 21, and I've been struggling since then. Today, I made my husband a prune cake for his birthday, and I can't help nibbling at it. I need to stop this behavior. Now.

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    Today was much better than yesterday. I made my baby and myself fried eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then, I got to do some child-free grocery shopping and ended up with a couple pork butts. They're simmering away on the stove, and I'll soon have a stockpile of pulled pork in the freezer. I'm working on my PBF, right now, but the baby is making me sit down and nurse her.


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      Diet is still in shambles. I went to a chicken killing yesterday and plucked 22 roosters. Twenty of them went home with me =D Unfortunately, we had pizza after all those hours of hard work. It was fast and easy, but I can't lie to myself and call it a carb re-feed.

      My PBF is progressing. I was able to bang out 50 full squats on both cycles today.


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        I roasted the biggest rooster from Sunday's slaughter, and it was delicious. I'm thinking of doing leangain's intermittent fasting strategy to help control my snacking.

        Last night, I went to a LLL meeting. It was wonderful to be around do many like-minded women; the leader of the local ICAN was even there. She gave me her business card and recommended an out of state birth for a better chance at a VBAC.

        PBF is still going well. I went from wall push-ups to knee push-ups today, and I hit my goals for squats, overhead presses, and plank. I'm going to wait until next week to change anything else, though.