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    Hi There,

    My weight management story is probably fairly typical. I've always been a little bit overweight, gained some major weight with my first pregnancy, lost the weight with low fat dieting (sparkpeople) before getting pregnant the second time. Post second pregnancy, never seemed to be able to lose back to my lowest weight. Then I thought exercise would be the ticket and started working out with a trainer, first one time a week with 4 days of 3 miles walk to work and yoga in addition, and then when I didn't lose weight but GAINED 10 lbs on a CW diet, went to 2 work out sessions a week. I saw at the same time a colleague of mine adopt a Paleo way of eating. She encouraged me to try it. I went out of town on business and severely decreased my carbs and after only 5 days away, my trainer immediately saw a difference. I hit the internet, and found videos by Taubes, Eenfeldt, Sisson and went completely grain free, low carb, high fat since mid October, 2011. My weight at that time was 188 lbs, 5'8". (40 years old)

    The weight fell off very quickly at first and then plateaued. In fact, I haven't lost past the initial 13 lbs weight loss that was there within 6 weeks of starting. But my shape has completely changed. I cannot wear the made to measure skirt that I had started in November, it falls off me. My trainer has measured me on the last workout of the month since October and I'm down 2 inches in my hips. I have posted a success story Before and After Pic which can be found here:
    The responses to those pics are a little overwhelming, but they make me smile when I think about them.

    I have been joined in this LCHF by my husband, who has lost 12 lbs, and is down 2 pants sizes. We have 2 boys who are a little baffled why we don't eat bread anymore. They eat 60/40, including having more fruit than us, occasional pasta noodles when we have eggplant and pasta sauce, and of course out of the house they eat more carbs than us.

    Just after adopting this WOE I went out to dinner with some physician friends of mine. When I explained what I was doing, they pulled out their phones and looked up current guidelines that they are told to tell their own patients regarding the "Atkins" diet. Of course they told me I was crazy. I've gotten a little obsessed with the science myself, reading all the links/blogs/articles around LCHF.

    People ask how long I will be doing this and my response is forever. A member of the family was diagnosed with angina and had angioplasty and stent placement during the last 2 months. This person has now gone to the dietician to learn what to eat after being diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Of course this is opposite to what I am doing. Each of us thinks the other is harming their own health with what they are consuming.

    Here's my day today:
    Breakfast Greek, 10% yogurt with coconut butter, macadamia nuts and black berries. small glass 1% milk
    Post work out snack-1/4 roasted sweet potato, 1 piece chocolate macadamia nut bacon bark
    Lunch BAS with salami, cheese, avocado, macadamia nut oil, balsalmic vinegar
    Snack coconut oil, cocoa shredded, coconut mixin-not that good
    Dinner Salmon with creamy dill sauce, chicken with skin in coconut milk sauce, brussel sprouts, tea with milk

    I worked out with my trainer, cardio warm up 5 mins, core plank, high intensity intervals 3 X 5 moves, kick boxing cardio to finish, then stretching

    Slept 10 hours last night after 300 mg Magnesium and 3 mg Melatonin--I've recently discovered that my middle of the night insomnia is much less with these two supplements at night.

    Supplemented fish oil X2 and Vitamin D 5000u

    Thanks for reading,

    LCHF since Oct 2011

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    Typical day- started at 4:53 when my 4 year old woke me up by climbing into bed. That was it for my sleep. Worked 8 hrs in the operating room, went to a 3 hr meeting, then home to a wonderful supper (see below) made by my super husband. Bath night for the kids, and a chapter of Stuart Little. Now I'm settling down to practice a talk that I will be giving at a review course next week.

    But before I do:
    Breakfast 6 am-spinach sauteed in bacon fat, chicken breast with skin in a coconut curry sauce (left overs)
    Snack 11 am-green pepper strips, end of a salami, small handful of raw almonds
    Lunch 2 pm mushroom and cheese omelet from the cafeteria-likely cooked in vegetable oil
    Snack 3:30 pm Starbuck's decaf tall whole milk latte with extra coffee cream and cinnamon and cocoa sprinkled on it
    Dinner 7 pm mixed green salad with feta & avocado oil & balsalmic vinegar, brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat with pancetta, shallots and lemon, and a tunisian sausage (which is like a merguez but spicier)
    Supplemented with 1 capsule fish oil, planning on 300 mg Magnesium and 3 mg melatonin.

    Can't believe I like brussel sprouts now.

    Avoided a full plate of fudgeos at my 3 hr meeting. You gotta know how much I loved fudgeos to know that that was a major feat. I have a funny fudgeo story, actually. My then fiance, now husband, and I rented a cottage for a summer. It had a screened in porch. One night we went to bed not remembering to take in the fudgeos, and of course in the morning we saw that some vermin had clawed through the screen and ate the cookies. I was very upset. I vehemently explained to my husband that if I ever got hold of that rodent, I would grab it by its tail, swing it around and smash it on the corner of the table. I'm normally quite a pacifist, but I know that's how they do it in some animal research labs.

    Didn't really move my body today.


    LCHF since Oct 2011


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      It's Saturday morning, and I'm at work. Yesterday I had 7 hrs of sleep, but woke up before my alarm clock. A morning meeting, full day on my own in the OR, and then home to deal with the pediculosis issue. Dinner at the inlaws and back to bed and asleep by 9:45, meaning I had 9 hrs of sleep last night.

      Yesterday's food:
      B: 4 mini egg "muffins" from the freezer- we've been out of eggs for a few days, but I had made the "muffins" which are really omlettes in muffin form, baked and frozen
      L: leaf lettuce, black berries, tin of wild salmon including bones and skin, macadamia nut oil and balsamic vinagrette, decaf tea with 2% milk
      S: 10% greek yogurt, wild blueberries, macadamia nut and coconut butter
      S2: 3 pepperoni sticks and pistachios
      D: puree of green veggie soup with sour cream(contained peas), coconut encrusted chicken breast and drumstick, sauteed green and red peppers, 1 glass red wine, 2 bites of chocolate fudge cake, tea with milk

      The cake was just okay, but in my previous life I would have finished my slice and snuck another.

      I have my meals planned for today as well
      B: 3 tunisian sausages, tall decaf full fat latte with cinnamon and cocoa powder sprinkled on top
      L: baby back ribs, kimchee
      S: raw almonds
      D: More baby back ribs and a large salad.

      I'm working all day and on call tonight. There will be no formal exercise today, but if I get sleep tonight, then I will be working out tomorrow morning and skating for an hour with the kids in the afternoon. If no sleep, then maybe just a bit of skating.


      LCHF since Oct 2011


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        It was a good call, got plenty of sleep, so worked out today with my trainer. Cardio warm up, core plank transitioning between forearms and hands for 5 cycles of 30 seconds. Then a 9 move high intensity interval X 2, then plyo/cardio followed by an extended stretching session. Not only that, but went ice skating with the family for 50 mins. Then we played games all afternoon.

        Yesterday's dinner was different than planned, instead of a large salad had steamed broccoli and cauliflower/boursin/parmesan mash in addition to the ribs. Also had some more kimchee for the bacteria. My trainer is Korean, she was excited to hear that I'm eating kimchee. She has also convinced another of her clients to give the primal diet a try.

        Today when first up, I had 4 strawberries, a small amount of pate, and a glass of 1% milk before my work out.

        Brunch was 4 slices of bacon, 2 fried eggs (in bacon fat), spinach/onion/mushroom/bacon fat stirfry and a few blueberries

        No real lunch, but snacked on cashews, pate on ridiculously bitter radicchio, a salami stick from a new butcher, and 2 segments of orange. I had to have an internal dialogue with myself to allow myself to eat the orange. The last time I had citrus, half a grapefruit, I was hungry beyond belief after 30 mins. I diluted this citrus with enough cashews that I'm sure my pancreas almost took no notice of it.

        Dinner tonight is a quarter of a roasted duck. I made sure all the fat came out of the package that it came in. Accompanying dishes are leftover broccoli and cauliflower/boursin/parmesan mash. I think I will have some wine tonight.

        I have made some hardboiled eggs, and will make my famous herring salad tonight. Herring, full fat yogurt, hardboiled eggs, apples, and pepper. It always tastes better after a few days, so I need to let it sit in the fridge. I ate it growing up, and I figured it would end with my generation, but I married into a family that likes it, and my kids are also developing a taste for it.

        I have been adjusting my magnesium intake, due to some stool issues (TMI?). I think 300 rather than 600 mg is what is the right number for me.

        Busy week coming up. I'm presenting at a conference, facilitating a small group session, mock examining, have to mark 16 essays, and that's on top of my regular job anesthetising people.

        I've just been told by my 4 year old that my head looks bigger than usual. Maybe my body is getting smaller!


        LCHF since Oct 2011


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          Monday! Set the alarm clock for 15 mins later than usual, and when it went off, said my usual expletive. My entire family gets to stay asleep, but I have to get up. I bought myself the 15 mins by planning to have a "bulletproof" tea, so I knew I wouldn't have to make a full breakfast.

          Just got an email from a friend who has been doing a low carb "diet" for a few weeks, and she's plateaued. I'm going to direct her to some resources here.

          Watched the biochemistry guy talk about the paleo movement and the science behind it. He disparages the n=1 movement, but then goes on to encourage people to try it. Bit of a mixed message there.

          Today's meals:
          Bulletproof tea:ginger/cinnamon tea with 25 g butter and 1 TBSP coconut oil. 6:30 am
          Was going to try to go to 1 pm, but got too hungry by noon, so had
          Lunch: mixed greens, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, tunisian sausage, hard boiled egg, rougette cheese and macadamia nut oil/balsalmic vinegar
          Snack: hand full of almonds
          Dinner: BAS with large sausage, cauliflower/boursin/parmesan mash
          9 pm very hungry-handful of macadamia nuts

          No exercise, preparing for my talk

          Just looked at some photos from early December. I was happy with how I looked then, and now am smaller.

          My weigh in day is Wednesday. Maybe I'll see some results from the tea today?


          LCHF since Oct 2011


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            So last night's food intake was extended thanks to hubby who had the munchies. Cheese and salami, 3 different kinds of each were consumed and some pistachios....

            Today I woke up before my alarm clock. Really starting to feel the stress of my upcoming presentations. I'm not going to be a pleasant person to be around for the next few days. My yoga instructor is off on a big trip, so I will have to find some other way to meditate. Keeping my workout session appointment tomorrow should help. The worst thing is that I can't get my hair done before my presentations and I'm really hating it right now. I need some colour and shape added to it!

            Today I had for breakfast 3 eggs fried in duck fat and a half an avocado. Delicious! Lunch was a big salad with raspberries, cheese, avocado, macadamia nut oil and balsalmic vinegar. Our current balsalmic isn't so tasty. I've been to Modena and a balsalmic farm where they make 25 year old vinegars which are sweet and woody. Too bad they cost more than $100 a bottle! Afternoon snack was five (!) pepperoni sticks and my usual Starbuck's decaf latte with full fat and extra cream. This evening we had panfried salmon in butter, coconut oil, lemon and white wine, asparagus, and roasted brusselsprouts with pancetta and lemon butter. Timely to the daily post today at MDA. We had bought some cheap berries on the weekend, and had a dessert of whipping cream and strawberries and blueberries. The kids ate salmon, asparagus and for dessert they had an added piece of sponge cake. DS1 noticed that the cream wasn't sweetened, but gave it a thumbs up anyway.

            The kids are doing fine without regular bread around. They eat at school for lunch, and I suspect there is lots of starch on offer, but I know they also eat the veggies and protein at every meal. The lunch ladies tell me that they are the best eaters of the bunch.

            I'm sipping a peppermint mocha flavoured kahlua. Definitely part of my 20%.


            LCHF since Oct 2011


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              Was it the bulletproof tea? The extra skating session? The walk part way to work? My increasing stress? What ever it was, I am down 1.5 lbs since I last weighed in. My trainer who had seen me on Sunday noticed I was visibly smaller today!

              Worked out, cardio warm up, plank core, 7X3 HIIT, then I pulled my trainer across the hardwood floors. Ended with an extended stretching session.

              B: bowl of yogurt, whipped cream, blueberries, macadamia nuts, pecans, coconut butter, sprinkled with cinnamon-delicious!
              Post work out few berries, 1 square dark chocolate, bowl of herring salad (sweet and savoury separated by a shower)
              Lunch spinach salad with asparagus, feta, salami, avocado oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
              Snack pistachios cashews cherries
              Dinner ribs and caesar salad from Swiss Chalet DS2's choice post karate

              Gotta pack tonight for my conference. Hopefully my nerves stay calm.


              LCHF since Oct 2011


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                Journal interuptus due to the cyber attack!

                I've lost another pound in half a week. I've had another bulletproof tea day.

                I am slimmer than ever.

                My presentation went outstandingly well.

                I still need a haircut.

                I went skating.

                I'm going out tomorrow for my dh's b'day, seeing other lives in concert.

                My sleep is suffering because I have to mark essays.

                My friend is starting this, but is scared due to the naysayers, including the Toronto Public Library article which put the primal blueprint cookbook down as one of the 5 worst cookbooks for your health. Pfffth!

                LCHF since Oct 2011


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                  The other day I had tons of compliments on my skin. It is looking radiant, if I may say so myself. I still have to find time for a haircut to finish the total package.

                  I have had no trouble keeping 80/20. Last Sunday's sushi rice was hard on the gut and BM's, but I'm back to normal now. My husband's birthday party had more than one EtOH'ic beverage, but again, now I'm back on the wagon.

                  No poisons that I know of.

                  Seems as if I am on another plateau. Being post 40 makes this harder I think, but there is no other option for me. I'll just have to be patient.

                  I made it through all the academic deadlines. Yay! I made my husband a pair of pj bottoms for his birthday. Shhh don't tell. I'm going to make the kids matching ones. Then I will be making myself a pair of pedal pushers. Hopefully.

                  Instead of a HIIT workout, my trainer and I did an hour of yoga, plus I walked 3 miles yesterday. Today I did some pushups. This weekend we are off to the north looking for snow and fun. There will be lots of play and moving slowly.

                  Tonight I'm on call, so will be up all night. With last night's 10 hours plus 1.5 hr nap today, I hopefully won't have too much sleep debt by the end of the call.

                  Today's food in details
                  Breakfast 10% yogurt, macadamia nuts, blackberries, strawberries, coconut butter, cream and cinnamon, small glass milk
                  Lunch salad with bacon, avocado, radichio, cucumbers, red peppers and macadamia nut basalmic dressing, and steamed broccoli with boursin, water
                  Snack chicken satay with peanut sauce
                  Dinner green coconut curry chicken with broccoli, snap peas, bamboo shoots

                  Salad King-(a thai restaurant) in Toronto was having a fundraising campaign for Second Harvest where their proceeds were being donated to the organization that collects unserved food from restaurants that then gets served to people who are hungry. I stopped in before work and picked up the satay and curry. I have also bought lime leaf beef, which I will take home for tomorrow's lunch.

                  That's all for now...

                  LCHF since Oct 2011


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                    Got a decent amount of sleep at work and today. Managed to get my haircut, though I'm not that pleased with the results. I have these whispy little pieces that frame my face, which when I have a pixie cut are fine, but now that I'm trying to grow them out don't look so good. I'm giving it another 3 months, then will decide. Still didn't get any colour in, but there are still a few highlights. We are going to Turks and Caicos soon so I should end up with some natural highlights if I get into the sun.

                    B: 10% yogurt, macadamia nuts, frozen blueberries, coconut butter, cinnamon, small milk
                    L: lime leaf beef with extra coconut oil, broccoli, water
                    S: handful of cashews, piece of 85% chocolate, water with salt and lemon
                    D: veggie soup broth with olive oil, brisket, broccoli soufflé, chocolate truffle cake from Nigella Lawson, glass of red wine--It was my husband's and nephew's family dinner party hence the flourless chocolate cake. Mild stomach upset tonight.

                    Gave all our root vegetables to my inlaws tonight. These come in our local produce bag, which in the winter is root vegetables. Once I get to a better BMI I may consider reintroducing a small amount of these, but for now they are out.


                    LCHF since Oct 2011


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                      BLOATED! One week of cheats here and there, starting with my hubby's adult b'day party and too much EtOH, then the family b'day party with the flourless chocolate cake-flourless but not sugar free!, and then the real b'day party and the chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing, wine, kulhua (sp), ribs with conventional sauce, too many nuts, chocolate covered dried blueberries...BLOATED!!! And 4 lbs up. DH indulged more than me and he is scared to go on the scale. But I've scrambled out of the wheat and sugar pile I fell into, and am back on the wagon.

                      Yesterday I had a bulletproof tea--not really liking the taste of my earl grey tea lately. I'm going to try another flavour. Then a full fat with coffee cream latte, then a kale salad with a tin of wild salmon and skin and bones, as well as 5 black berries and feta with macadamia nut oil and basalmic dressing for lunch. Dinner was osso buco from the slow cooker with a green salad, cauliflower and asparagus with butter and parmesan. water to drink.

                      Today so far 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, and a salad for brekkie.

                      I had stopped supplementing with fish oil for some reason, but I'm going to do that again too, plus vitamin D

                      Speaking of Vitamin D, we are off to Turks and Caicos for 8 days on Friday. Self catering so meals shouldn't be a problem. My goal is to come back the same size and weight (or less if I do some beach sprints) No frilly punch drinks though, that's too bad. The money we'll save on booze, I intend to spend at the spa. I had the best massage of my life there last year.

                      Another reason my body took it hard the last week was my exercise is down. My yoga instructor is away, I missed 2 workouts, and well that's all it takes, really. I believe I can get back to it again, and will have to do some stuff in T&C too. Swimming, tag on the beach, yoga by the pool...any other suggestions for me?

                      Sleep was another thing that suffered last weekend. Monday was a holiday here, and that night I got less than 5 hrs, up in the middle of the night for no good reason, then I couldn't get back to sleep. Just when I was drifting back ds2 came in with a bad dream. Last night was better. I'm going to go to bed early again tonight.

                      Started to read the Science in Culture article about LCHF in Sweden. Interesting how we are viewed. They seem to have mistaken data accumulation with knowledge. The knowledge increases only when the interpretation of the data is scientific too. They also accuse the LCHF movement of not generating their own knowledge. Sure they are, they are just using other people's data.

                      I took pictures today, it's been a month since I posted them in the success stories. I don't see that much difference, and I'm bloated, so I'm considering not posting, but then I think it might be good for others who lose slowly like me....Should I do it?????


                      LCHF since Oct 2011


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                        Hi mommymd,

                        I've been enjoying your journal so I wanted to pop in and say hi! (from another slow loser just to the north of you in Markham, ON)

                        Loved your pics in the success stories. Very inspiring!
                        Female / 5' 8" / 42 / SW: 166 CW: 159
                        Journal: Inspired by success story. Working on my own.

                        My mermish life: ENTER to WIN Real Mermaids Don't Hold Their Breath (until Mar 15)


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                          Back from Turks and Caicos...
                          Food wise did well, but probably too many nuts, and had some coconut milk ice cream sweetened with agave. I'm motivated to try to make a more paleo friendly version. Bought one frilly pina colada, but it was way too sweet and only had half. Both bottles of wine we bought were sub par, so didn't even finish a glass of each. My biggest vice was dark chocolate covered cashews. Played tag with the kids twice, snorkelled once, and worked out on my own once.

                          What was the damage?....1 lb up. That's 5 lbs up from my nadir.

                          DH is at his goal weight. Ahhh, testosterone, how I envy you.

                          So today, I had 2 mini muffin sized baked omelettes from the freezer, then worked out sans trainer. I guess I told her not to come the day after my holidays, but I was itching to go, so I did. Not as vigorous as when my trainer pushes me, but I covered all the primal movements. Then had a tea with a small amount of coconut oil. We had no food in the house, so we all went to the grocery store and did a massive shop. Now were are set! Bought some bison steaks, corned beef, pork shoulder, bacon, also took ground beef, ground pork, beef stirfry, and a rib eye out of the freezer. Meat is covered! Bought 8 kinds of cheese, creme fraiche, whipping cream, 10% greek yogurt, and upped the kids milk to 2% (we all used to drink skim) 4 packages of greens, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, strawberries, avocados. Unfortunately there were no blackberries in stock, but luckily frozen organic blueberries were on sale.

                          Came home and DH made a massive salad with german salami and feta, avocado, and dressing made with avocado oil and basalmic. Small glass of milk. The only thing I did that wasn't so primal was lick the hummus spoon that the kids had for lunch.

                          Played a card game for 2 hrs with the kids--they've got great stamina for this game (didn't snack on the nuts at the table), and then had meatloaf and asparagus for dinner, water to drink. I was very hungry by the time dinner rolled around, and very full after the bacon covered meatloaf.

                          I'm heading to bed now, need to get back to working sleep schedule. Magnesium and melatonin taken. Tomorrow I plan on riding our exercise bike for 30 mins after getting up, then heading into work. I've premade a salad with sliced bison steak cooked in ghee for my morning meal which I will eat some time in the morning. I'm also bringing some cheese and salami for early afternoon meal, then DH is making a slow cooker pork curry for dinner. Also this week, a new yoga instructor is coming-yay.

                          I'm doing my own version of the whole 30. I feel like I've given up a lot already, and I don't really want to live without dairy---half dutch, so cheese is very important to me. I will be mindful of what I put in my mouth, and limit the 2nd helpings----tonight I didn't need the extra meatloaf.

                          I hope to get back on the right slope of the weight loss curve again. Still loving my shape though!


                          LCHF since Oct 2011


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                            Welcome back! We've upped the kids' milk from skim to 2% as well but they balked at whole. Sounds like you're all set up for a successful week.
                            Female / 5' 8" / 42 / SW: 166 CW: 159
                            Journal: Inspired by success story. Working on my own.

                            My mermish life: ENTER to WIN Real Mermaids Don't Hold Their Breath (until Mar 15)


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                              Good day-rode the bike, had 2 salads for "breakfast 11 am" and lunch. Dinner was yummy pork curry from the slowcooker, cauliflower, and roasted brusselsprouts with bacon butter and lemon. Water and milky tea for drinks.

                              Karma came back and bit me on the a$$ at work, all is well that ends well is all I can say.

                              Grade 2 french immersion has me freaking out. Not good for my evening of meditation.

                              Tomorrow is yoga. Yippee.


                              LCHF since Oct 2011