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  • Henry McLaughlin's Primal Blueprint Journal

    Hello, all. I'm Henry, a college student in Michigan. I just started a paleo diet yesterday, and I'm already feeling better.

    As is usual here, I'm going to record my meals and exercise for each day and also give remarks on how I'm feeling as I progress. Also, I'll record events that relate to my experience with PB. (I'll try to keep that last one to things that are really relevant to PB, I promise! )

    Given that it's noon here at the time that I'm posting, I'll leave my today's meals for after dinner.

    To put a bit of meat on this post, though, even though I've only been paleo for about a day and a half, I seem to be feeling much better. I'm feeling much less tired than I used to and also much less hungry. This is going well so far.

    Also, I'm going to be starting PBF this weekend. My exercise at the moment consists of bits of freestyle dancing while taking breaks from work; I'd like to add a real fitness regimen to that.

    I have a nutrition project for my biology 101 class where I have to write down everything I eat for two days. Since I can choose when to do that (though it's due Feb 9) I'm going to do it this weekend. It involves comparing to gov't nutritional recommendations, so I'm curious how this stacks up numbers-wise.

    I'll post my meals for the day some time this evening.

    Peace, love, and new beginnings,

    - Henry

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    Welcome!! Good luck on your journey and its amazing how fast we feel better, isnt it!?!


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      Thanks, Chinarebel! It's really great how quick the changes start.

      So... Day 2:

      B: Two eggs
      L: Two oranges (wasn't very hungry...)
      D: Three eggs, a little bit of ham (conventional, but that's all I had), and a handful of raisins.
      Also, a small packet of raisinets (raisins covered in chocolate) as a treat.

      Wasn't very hungry today, honestly. Well, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

      Oh, and for exercise, I walked about 30min total today; walked around my block (~10min) and also from the bus station to campus (~20min).

      Peace, love, and a bright future,

      - Henry