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ChinaRebels Journey to feel Fantastic! (and look HOT!)

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  • ChinaRebels Journey to feel Fantastic! (and look HOT!)


    My name is China and I have spent the last 10 months experimenting with the Clean/Paleo/Primal
    way of living.
    A little about me... I just turned 39 (yikes) and am a mother of 5. My oldest is 21 (you do the math) and graduating this May from college!
    Im 5'9" barefoot but will tower over 6' daily with my heels!!!
    currently I am 142.00 (I go up to 144 on bad days but haven't gone below 140 so far)

    My history is this... only child, raise on meat and veggies and the whole hippie lifestyle. I remember not being allowed to have sugar but once a week! We had gardens, and food was never the focus on our life, just ask my husband, who grew up differently. I am known to stand at the window and eat while staring out thinking about life. It wasnt until I met him (4 years ago ) that I learned food could be quite enjoyable!!! (add 10-15lbs) LOL!

    So anyway, last year my hubby did a 3 week cleanse for our wedding and I kinda followed along... he lost 25lbs and felt fantastic and his sleep patterns totally changed! I lost 6 and was at 145 for our wedding. Fast forward a month or two and I learn about "clean eating"... dabbled in it but didnt really see a whole lot of change or feel too different. Around August of 2011 I did the Dukan Diet and was intrigued... I felt good but only stayed on it for 2 weeks because it felt restrictive and I was running like crazy with kids.... next was Paleo... loved! Took out carbs, felt great... then I noticed that my aches and pains were gone. Intrigued I went off and ate like normal and the pains came back. I did this "experiment" 3 times before I was convinced that carbs were creating all my achiness!!!!

    Around Christmas I came across Mark and the Primal Blueprint.... its a PERFECT fit for me! Total life change! My goals are this.... to feel fantastic and lose my I have a "layer" of softness on me that I want to LOSE forever!! When I started on January 9th... I weighed in at 147.00

    Here are pics from this morning 2/1/12... scale said 142.5 ... Im wanting to lose my hips (saddlebags...ugh HATE that word) and get defined... butt needs a good lift and less on the sides!

    Ok, thats all for now! Heres to feeling Fantastic!

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    4/17/12 update... came back from my one year anniversary cruise and weigh 145.00... I had gotten down to 139.00. Ate and drank everything I shouldnt have and feel the effects. Today is day one to be back on track, feel like I lost 2 months but hey, I have a lifetime, right? I reread the 21 day Jump start and realize that my exercise isnt and hasnt been where it needs to be...
    so will focus on the good stuff and get those nasty grains out of my system.. =D


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      So today is 6/4/2012 and I am trying to figure out why I waffle back and forth on my food choices. Im still in the same weight range and by body seems pretty happy there. Ive never viewed myself as one that struggled with food or making good choices when it comes to eating, but I feel this journey is showing me exactly where my issues are.

      I cook dinner for my family 4 nites a week. Its a challenge to provide a meal that is primal and that 7 people like. Weve only had one vomiting episode so far. LOL. I feel I have so much on my plate (im sure we all do, not meaning to whine) that if I get off of a hard schedule at any point, dinner suffers and so do my personal food choices . Does anyone have meal planning advice out there or is it really just I have to be disciplined and meal plan every other sunday (that works when I do it, I just hardly do it!)

      As I read all these other journeys I feel motivated and excited for others but for myself, I just feel I expect so much out of myself and when its not perfect, I get really unhappy with myself and take a couple of days off and check out.

      Once again, any meal planning advice for large families would be much appreciated!