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2012 Primal Journal *DebFM*

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  • 2012 Primal Journal *DebFM*

    Well, after an extremely long absence, I'm back to keeping a journal. In brief, I went primal in Sept 2009, lost a lot of weight (somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 pounds), halted my diabetic progression, built some decent muscle, looked a whole lot better and felt fabulous. I'm still there, just a bit of a slacker in the exercise department and a bit more of a cheater than I used to be. Potato chips - yum! - and way too often.

    For those who used to know me, a quick update. I bought a horse in Nov 2010 and that takes up a lot of my time. I have her on pasture board so I'm responsible for her training and exercise. I have great leg muscles now! Still homeschooling my kids (again, tons of time); finished my herbal apprenticeship and am now working on learning Reiki as well as shamanism (officially, with two different teachers right now, and of course, taking up tons of time). Still reenacting as well. I have them eating a lot more veggies in camp now and have stamped out corn and beans as vegetables. I ended up with a lot of support for that. Yea!

    Anyway, I'll be trying to keep my journal again to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Today - Monday, 30 Jan:

    Breakfast - none, really; some homemade chicken stock. Coffee with cream (a habit I just can't kick)
    Lunch - badness. Leftover gluten-free pizza w/ pepperoni, sausage, cheese & tomato sauce
    Supper - Salmon patties; mashed celery root w/ garlic cooked in chicken stock; salad w/ blue cheese dressing; bit of wine

    Excercise - 30 minutes exercising the excitable horse. It was windy and all she wanted to do was canter.

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    Tues 31 Jan

    In the morning I did some energy work with a friend. That always makes me really hungry!

    Breakfast - 2 sausages, 2 eggs scrambled; coffee & cream
    Lunch - spinach & cheese Indian dinner; 2 rice crackers w/ leftover shrimp salad
    snack & etc - 1 b'fast sausage; pot of rosehip & lemon balm tea
    supper - burger w/ cheese, sauteed onions; salad w/ blue cheese dressing; sauteed mushrooms; 4 small pcs 75% dark chocolate

    1 1/2 mile walk with kids
    morning sun salutations
    1 hour horseback riding lesson


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      Weds 1 Feb

      Busy day & in the car a lot. Not my favorite.

      Breakfast = 2 sausages, scrambled eggs & coffee w/ cream
      Lunch = really fast small salad w/ lettuce, turkey & blue cheese dressing
      Supper = about 4 oz backed haddock, 2 C broccoli w/ butter, & 1/2 C raspberries for dessert
      Snacks = 2 handfuls macadamia nuts, 2 slices ham w/ cream cheese & later about 1/2C yogurt/cream w/ just a bit of honey

      Exercise = exercising the horse for about 30 minutes. She was good so yea!


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        Thurs Feb 2

        Going for a well-deserved massage this evening. Today was pretty mellow, which I like. Laundry, meditation, kid-time, horse-time & cleaning. Kid-time included making a Nano-block polar bear with my eight year old. Nano blocks are like Legos but teeny. The little one got bored but hung with it to the end. We also shovelled three 5-gallon buckets of composted horse poo & brought them home for the garden. Not something we're normally able to do in New England at this time of year! I hope it makes the nettles grow really well this spring. Then I can eat them. YUM!!!

        Breakfast = broccoli omelet w/ cheddar cheese; coffee w/ cream. My hubby made breakfast. He is the BEST!
        Lunch = leftover salmon patty & broccoli
        Supper = Kale & sausage soup
        snack = ham w/ cream cheese & handful of mac nuts; afternoon coffee w/ cream

        Sun salutations
        1 hour of exercising horsie. She was pretty good today even with being in the arena with several horses that usually set her off: a very young, snorty gelding who was being bad; a paint that likes to spook (once one horse spooks, usually the all go - herd animals & all - and this one threw my oldest daughter three times on Tuesday!); and lastly, handsome Mr. Stallion. Handsome Mr. Stallion usually causes her to not listen anything any human. says. Today she actually listened.