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  • Let's Try this again...

    Last May, I made a thread challenging myself to go strict Primal for 14 days.... with good results afterwards. I remember that my skin was clearer (less acne breakouts), I had more mental clarity, and I woke up feeling much more energetic (often on less sleep). I'm not sure exactly when I started to stray from the diet, but I want to get back. I haven't gone back to a standard SAD or anything, but I have been eating grains (though gluten free), peanut butter (which I admittedly never cut out, hah), and way too much cheese (which I know doesn't go completely against the diet, but I think I'm better off withotu any dairy). I've probably been eating too many carbs.

    I think the biggest problems with my diet right now are:
    All that cheese
    Not getting enough protein (by Primal standards)
    Consuming too many carbs

    So those are the three things I really want to focus on changing.

    I want to....
    • Keep my carbohydrate intake between 100 and 150 grams a day
    • 90 grams of protein a day (I'd like to aim for higher, but that'd be difficult with my current food budget)
    • Cut out cheese (I love cheese and put it on everything, but I'll probably feel better without it)

    And, while I'm at it, I should make an effort to exercise 30+ minutes everyday. Perhaps force myself to take a walk int he morning, weather providing.

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    Not gonna post macro nutrients today, as I like to do... just food.

    • Three eggs with a little cheddar cheese (today doesn't count!) and some butter.
    • Fruit smoothie with about 1.5 cups of blueberries and a banana.