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Ready to make the change - just starting!!

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  • Ready to make the change - just starting!!

    If I could buy weight loss - I'd be a lot lighter in other areas than the wallet. I just spent my $300 to commit to the "Leap". Any previous attempts were not diets but following the nation recommended food guide. Whether injury or lack of true longterm commitment - i have not achieved my goals. Since my twenties, I have gradually added weight to the point where I am excessively obese. I quite smoking just over a year ago and believe I am now ready to accept a lifestyle change that makes me "healthy". I am not shooting for a specific "number" but do have mild issues with BP, Chloresteral, low energy. I'd lie if I did not say I love fuck'n bread plus different avenues for me "sweet" or "salt" fix. I am hoping that this "virtual" support will help me stay on track plus I can educate myself on better decisions - obviously, my current plan sucks.

    Any luck - this is post#1 of a journey that will transform me and inspire others. I do have the benefit of a supportive family.

    Stats (Yikes):

    Age: 49 (on Monday 30 January)

    Height: 5'7

    Starting Weight: 275 (pounds not kg!!)

    PS. Do not see giving up my Friday night drink or when hanging with friends. Not that I drink chronically heavily but sometimes it happens. I am not looking to change certain things nor become fanatical. Let's see how it goes!

    Overall Goals:

    Feel energetic & healthy.
    Loose 100lbs.

    Monthly Goals:

    A. Educate myself by finishing the book and commence the "Primal Leap" kit once received in the mail.
    B. Absorb sufficient info to use the Forums to support my endeavour.
    C. Walk dog daily.
    D. Lift weight for 2 x 30 min Weekly.
    E. Sprint my fat ass where someone can't see me. Once/week.
    F. Start eating "primal".

    Jan 30th

    Birthday today. Last one of the "40s". Saying goodbye to my false friends of bread and ice cream!! It's GO TIME!!!

    Jan 31st.

    Walked the dog - check!
    Eating Primal - check!

    Breaky: 2 boiled eggs and a red pepper.

    Snack: Orange, assorted nuts

    Lunch: B.A.S. (Big ass salad) with a boiled egg. Strawberries. Aqua.
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    FB - wish you the best on your journey to health. I haven't started yet, but I am circling the site, and not totally sure what I am waiting for. At 64 years, 300 pounds, and 6"3, I too am morbidly obese. I'll be following you. Please let us all know what you think of the Primal Leap - hype or what??



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      Happy Birthday! Now, put down the birthday cake and go walk your dog.

      But seriously, stick with it. I've been about a week in and already I'm feeling much much better. Gone are the 6-8 Diet Pepsi's a day... the 3pm mandatory runs to the vending machine. (Yes, that's about the only time I would run. To get my carb fix). The first couple of days are the hardest, at least mine were. My joints and muscles were not up for the walking and exercise, but I stuck with it. About day 3-4, I had some real struggles with sticking with it and the carbs were a callin. But, I held out and I'm back on track.

      >Sprint my fat ass where someone can't see me.

      If you sprint fast enough, one one can see you anyway. <Insert superhero music>


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        If you dedicate yourself to this it will work ..... I have been primal for about two weeks now and the Pounds are rolling off ... not doing the back breaking exercises and Cardio burn out like I use to ...... I've finally realized its a life style change ... a commitment that will not only improve your life but make you feel so much better! I truly wish I had done this Years ago ! Good Luck!


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          You could easily find that the Friday night alcohol will hinder your progress, it is possible to hang with the buddies and not have a drink. Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but it is a common reality.
          Started PB Aug 9, 2010 then let 'stuff' get in the way
          Back to start and make a fantastic 2012
          Goal of Significant Weight Loss
          15 pounds down! with more to go!


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            I agree about the drinking...if you can't or don't want to give it up perhaps do so for a few weeks while your body figures out what you are doing.
            Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
            Don't forget to play!


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              Thanks Dan. I will let you know once I get my deliverables. Yesterday was the B-Day so today is Day One. We each have to find our own reason to jump - All I know is you do feel better when you are doing "something" about being fat. Hope you find yours - could always help each other and make an awesome story!!


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                I did ... day one ... did get the dog walk in this AM and will go again after getting home. Not as prep'd as I would have liked too, however, I am eating boiled eggs and have one BIG ASS Salad with tons of "lov'n" mixed in it. Feeling pumped because I know I am starting ....

                Super Rob


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                  Thanks and I truely appreciate the "Luck". I am totally onboard with the "lifestyle" change perspective.


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                    I agree and intend to go "full bore" with the Primal way for the first month including dairy & alcohol.

                    Maybe a little red wine during the Superbowl - my Gawd, I am a fuck'n MAN!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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                      Careful of the red wine. It was/is my downfall.

                      FB - what do you do? I'm in sales and the tension is beyond wicked. Tension really adds on the pounds. Of course, on the positive side, we're both Canadians which makes us mellow and happy, right?