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  • Primal Journal: Nullipara

    Day 1: Went and gave up blood for the 'Baseline Blood Panel'. It only took three tries to find a vein that would work. And I drank water as they requested.

    My doctor is not a fan of this way of eating but told me she would 'let' me try it for 3 months. Haha, like she controls what I eat. I may have to find another doctor. For now though, I will keep her since we have a history and I still need the meds she prescribes. (Although I have refused to take the statins.) Her big concerns are the "Saturated Fat" intake and the lack of grains since they are so “good for me and a necessary part of a balanced diet”. I have been toying with the Primal way of Living for a 6 mths or so and have lost a small amount of weight. It’s a small but significant move in the right direction.

    B: Omlette w/ bacon, peppers and onions.
    L: Beef patty w/mayo, dill pickles, onions and an anemic tomato slice. (cafeteria food)

    Having carb withdrawals, headache and depressed and I keep thinking about food.
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    Day 2:

    Today’s thought…

    What is it about what I eat that made people compelled to comment on my food choices?

    I ate twice in the cafeteria today. They just had to comment on all the fat and cholesterol. I know they are only saying this stuff because they care, but they are parrots and don’t think for themselves and don’t listen to me.

    “Everyone” knows saturated fat is bad for your heart. Then, up comes the high grain/vegetarian thing. Never mind that carbs raise my blood sugar. The ADA recommends.. bla, bla, bla. I don’t need lectures from my ‘friends’.

    They don’t connect the weight I have lost with my new way of eating.

    I will go back to eating in my cube again.

    B: 2 hardboiled eggs (from my chickens) and 6 slices of bacon.
    L: Ground beef patty w/bacon, blue cheese, dill pickles and homemade FULL FAT mayo brought from home.

    Still have the headache and feel sluggish. I need to go sit in the sun.
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