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    Hey, there.

    Ok, here's the deal.

    Me: 54 years old. Wife to a 60-year-old (lovely) fat, bald diabetic, hypertensive guy. Mother to two teenagers, both with special needs (autism, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders), TONS of stress. Repeated conventional dieting--a la Weight Watchers--has left me with a sluggish metabolism.

    Two years ago, I had extensive surgery of my cervical spine to fix spinal stenosis secondary to osteoarthritis. I now have fusions from C3 to C7. Until very recently, I had quite a bit of pain, but thank God, at this point, I am pretty much pain-free.

    Now, I have no illusions about becoming Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, at my age, in my condition, and with my limitations. (Tons of stress, remember?) But I KNOW I can feel better than I do now, and I've studied the science and feel confident that if I am very careful about how I implement the activity part of the program, I can regain significant vitality and resilience.

    I figure, I will be the Primal Poster Girl if good things happen to me as a result of Mark's Primal Blueprint. I am hopeful and ready to take on this challenge.

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 198 (gulp)

    Lipid profile: totally sucks. Triglycerides too high, LDL too high, total cholesterol too high, HDL too low. Not diabetic. Yet.

    Today, I went to the Y and fought the urge to sit a stationary bike for an hour. I was on the thing for a ridiculously short 25 minutes total, including a 5 min. warmup, and I did 4 30-45 sec. sprints. My heart rate high was 145 and I averaged around 118. After that, I did 30 minutes of a beginner's strength training class.

    It felt good to move my body. It's been an awful two years recovering from this surgery and dealing with the significant challenges of helping my kids transition to adulthood. I really need to drop some weight off my bones---this much weight is hard on my spine---and I desperately need the anti-inflammatory properties of the primal diet to prevent further deteroriation.

    Today is actually day two of 'officially' beginning my Primal Journey:


    B: 3 eggs with homemade salsa, 1/2 small grapefruit

    L: 5 oz. salmon with Asian pesto (cilantro, walnuts, fish sauce, olive oil, garlic, ginger, hot pepper), 1/2 grapefruit

    S: small can tuna in olive oil, 10 almonds

    D: Large green salad, 1 avocado, olive oil and squeeze of lemon, 5 oz. buffalo burger

    Calories: 1728

    Protein: 125.2 gms. (29%)

    Fat: 110.8 gms. (56%) Sat. 36.2, Mono. 49.4, Poly. 13.9

    Carbs: 69.2 gms. (15%)

    How do I feel? Tired, hungry, irritable, hungry, woozy, a big lightheaded, hungry. Hopeful.

    I'm waiting for my copy of The Primal Blueprint to arrive in the mail, so I'll be browsing around the site a lot until it comes!

    If this fat, stressed, sleep-deprived, junk food-addicted mama can feel better and get healthier, than anybody can.

    Back tomorrow.


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    Day 3

    Oooooooooo, sumpin's happening....

    I am so NOT hungry right now, usually this is a time I am watching the clock and trying to figure out if i can last until dinner. I can SO last until dinner....which will be around 6pm or so. Plus, I just BOUNDED up the stairs TWICE in a row and it felt effortless. Just a couple of days ago, I thought bounding was as impossible as flying. I feel that good. Rather suddenly. Unexpected this soon, but entirely welcome.

    TODAY, DAY 3:

    B: 3 eggs scrambled, cooked in bacon fat, 1 slice bacon (pastured pig), leftover green salad with avocado and olive oil. YUM.

    L: green salad w/olive oil, 3 oz. canned red salmon

    D: turnip greens cooked with bacon, roasted leg of lamb (6 oz.), 1/2 avocado

    Calories: 1432

    Fat: 99.5 gms (62%)

    Protein: 106 gms. (30%)

    Carbs: 35 gms. (9%)

    Walked 2 miles today at a brisk clip. Tomorrow's activity: dance class! 2 hours of FUN and PLAY!

    I feel good. Really good. Almost a rush. Is this normal? Is this placebo, or metabolic/biochemical?

    I don't care.



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      It didn't take me long to start feeling really good too. Four days after starting the primal thing I dropped to the floor to see how many pushups I could do. Just for the hell of it.


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        "Four days after starting the primal thing I dropped to the floor to see how many pushups I could do. Just for the hell of it."

        *grin* Cool! And how many was that?



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          Only 8 "girl" pushups - but we all have to start somewhere.


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            Got that right...I can only do pushups against the wall right now....


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              Welcome, PrimalWannaBeGirl!!!

              It ain't placebo effect. Three days after I started PB, I woke up to find my joints NOT hurting, old "War Wounds" NOT hurting...I couldn't believe it, either.

              Amazing, isn't it, how fast our bodies can start to heal once we stop putting crap into them?

              It just keeps getting better....


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                Well, Day 3 is in the bag. I feel GOOD.

                Did 1 1/2 hours of dance class. LOVE it---sheer play. This is a dance class (more creative and playful movement than dance, really) for seniors. I got nicely out of breath and feel like I used all my muscles. Wonderful!

                B: 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, cooked greens

                L: leftover lamb, greens, 3/4 avocado

                D: duck curry, 1 slice of lamb, 11 almonds

                Total calories: 1699

                Fat: 123.3 gms (64%)

                Protein: 115.7 (28%)

                Carbs: 36 gms. (8%)

                Scale is down this morning, first time in almost 2 years of watching it go up, up, up. 195.5----going all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



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                  A great day for creativity and joy, actually. After asking for advice, and getting some great responses, I spontaneously found my exercise for the day.

                  I have to drive my older son to community college until he gets some anxiety symptoms under control. He only takes one class now and it's not too unpleasant to wait for him. I usually do some marketing at the supermarket strip mall across the street, or browse in the discount clothing store.

                  Today, I pondered the "walking challenge" advice given to me by BarbeyGirl. I have seen people struggle their way up this steep incline as a shortcut from the parking lot of the shopping center to the street level. It's short, but steep.

                  Well, I did five circuits----sprinting (lumbering) up the incline, walk a little ways, find a way down without falling or killing myself, repeat. I LOVED the feeling of sort of running up that hill.

                  Food today:

                  B: 3 eggs, 1 strip of bacon, 1/2 grapefruit

                  L: large green salad with lacto-fermented red cabbage, olive oil and sardines

                  snack: 1/4 c. chopped chicken livers

                  D: green beans with butter; 1 pork chop, 1 turkey sausage, 1 cup tomato sauce

                  DAY FOUR:

                  Calories: 1476

                  Fat: 82 gms. (50%)

                  Protein: 120 gms. (34%)

                  Carbs:: 63 gms. (16%)

                  I notice the total calories in a day are going down each day over four days, even though my physical activity is going up. I'm not ravenous all the time.

                  If I get hungry before bed, I'll have a little bit of whole milk yogurt with almond butter for another 200 calories.

                  LOVING reading PRIMAL BLUEPRINT. I am such an example of an overtrained train wreck. I really broke myself doing too much Crossfit under stressful conditions and at my age.



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                    Day 5:

                    I got my copy of PRIMAL BLUEPRINT and I can't read it fast enough! OMG, it's helping me chill out SO much.

                    What's really making an impact on me is the absence of obsession. No stringent lifting templates, no gut-busting adherence to training schedules, no obsessing about portion sizes, calories, or any other eating obsession behavior. I love it. Simple: move a lot, lift heavy things, spring once in a while, rest when you are tired, and eat only foods our paleolithic ancestors would have been able to eat. Simple. It's very empowering.

                    This morning, I woke up at 6am and wasn't very hungry. So I didn't eat. (DUH!) I took a yoga class at 8:30am and ate breakfast at nearly 11am, giving me a 15 hour fast.

                    I feel really good. Better than I have in years.

                    Food today:

                    B: chicken liver pate with kim chee

                    L: pork chop with tomato sauce, 2 squares of dark chocolate

                    D: meat loaf, 1/2 sweet potato, roast peppers and broccoli with olive oil.

                    Calories: 1977

                    Fat: 137 gms. (61%)

                    Protein: 102.5 (21%)

                    Carb: 90gms. (17%)

                    Today is my highest carb day, I think. I guess that's from the chocolate and the sweet potato. Just good to be mindful of what I'm doing. Have NO desire for cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc. NONE. I love not chewing my nails off in hunger.

                    Thinking tomorrow I need to take a walk, see what I got in me. I am looking forward to the adventure of finding myself again.



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                      You are doing GREAT! Keep it up.


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                        Thanks, Diana! Btw, I really am enjoying reading your blog.



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                          Just came back from a wee primal adventure.

                          Instead of going to the Y and walking around the track, or walking around the sidewalked neighborhood, I bundled up and went out to walk a half-mile trail around a pond at a nearby nature preserve.

                          I learned a few things.

                          1. Trails get icy. Fallen branches, used as a walking stick, help you keep your balance on slippery surfaces.

                          2. Falling down is not the biggest deal in the world, but at age 54, next time I go walking alone on an icy trail, I will either bring my cell phone or let someone know where I am and what time they should expect me back by before sending out the rangers!

                          3. If you are walking a narrow ledge, like a tightrope, and using a walking stick on one side for balance, it is amazingly difficult to balance if the terrain forces you to put the stick in the other hand.

                          4. It is way more fun to walk in the woods than on a street with cars whizzing by. (DUH! City girl, here!)

                          5. I like it so much, I did it twice. One mile rough walking. It's a start. I feel wonderful.



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                            I know what you mean about icy trails. I was walking my dog and took a BAD spill (got a dark purple bruise that lasted weeks).

                            SO, I bought these shoe traction thingies at REI ($20). THey slip onto the bottom of your shoe sole (pretty easily too) and you don't even notice them when you're walking.


                            They are worth their weight in gold and can't recommend them enough.


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                              Thanks for the tip!

                              If I get bit bad with this Primal bug and do a whole lot of this sort of thing, I'm gonna need 'em.

                              I got a real kick out of my wee adventure. Made me feel like...just maybe....the story ain't over for this primal wannabe girl.