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Time to set off on the full adventure!

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  • Time to set off on the full adventure!

    I started to eat Primally on 31st December 2011.
    A new year's resolution a day early! Since then ( I am writing this on January 25) I have been eating Primally and doing a bit more exrecise than usual. I felt a bit odd from time to time, however this passed and the even energy levels alone make Primal eating wrthwhile. And avoiding grains and sugars should help me avoid all manner of ghastly health issues. Reading about those has been a very sobering experience, as has the Success stories here of people who struggled with massive health issues before making the change.

    And, I feel great, and have lost 4.7 kilos (10.4lbs). My aim is to get to be at least as healthy and as fit as I have ever been by my next birthday, and I will be 55 in August.
    Fit, strong and lean. After all, if a person does not have their helth, they do not have much!

    However far from just being overweight I now look back and see that I had many vague health problems. And a 50% chance of becoming diabetic.

    Recently after eating a "very healthy" salad sandwich the other day ( which I made for myself and some freinds) I felt horrible for a few hours. From just two slices of bread and margarine. That was a great test. and one I am not keen to repeat! So wheat and me are operating at a distance from now on.

    A friend of mine (and also friend of his) have also swapped out of CW and they too rave about the tasty food, their energy and so on. Fantastic!
    I would not have thought I would be sending/recieving emails with photos of food in them. Lovely juicy gritty fulfilling food.

    Anyway I now need to get my somewhat random exercise (mountain biking, building trails and walking) into a little more order.. so I am learning to understand my effort better.
    I am happy to stay in fat burning mode, which is not easily done on a mountain bike when following other fitter riders! The interval stuff and lifting heavy things are next. I had done these in years gone by, but only as " exercise" rather than for fun. And to feed my inner Grok.

    Skipping meals or randomly having different stuff is great ( What's for Breakfast? Same as Dinner!!)
    and for the first week or two I tracked everything very carefully, however I do not really need such close attention any more, as I know what to avoid.

    Just visualising some lovely tasty Primal food has me walk past the Evil Stuff quite easily.

    Going to fresh food markets is a novelty but a great $$ saver, and I get wierd looks when I ask for fatty meat at the butchers! The extra time taken to shop I see as fun, a re affirming thing, and not a trial at all.

    Anyway feel free to PM me or to add me as a friend if you would like to chat about this adventure, or anything about Australia (where I came from) or New Zealand (where I have been for many years now) or Mountain biking !!