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SCRATCHINGS of BOUDICA (My Accountability Journal)

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  • SCRATCHINGS of BOUDICA (My Accountability Journal)

    Some background:

    GRAIN FREE for 4 Months
    DEPRESSION FREE for 4 Months

    My name is Ashley, but in my imagination I am Boudica or Atalanta.

    For a couple weeks I've been keeping track in a notebook of what I'm eating - so I'm taking the next step and posting it online from now on, for fellow Primal/Paleo people to see.

    1/3 cup Walnuts
    Coffee with Coconut Milk

    Big Ass Steak with Sauteed Bell Peppers and Onions
    Huge Spinach Salad with Olive Oil

    Handful of Almonds
    Coffee with Heavy Cream
    Carrot + other Veg

    Eggs + Bacon

    6 x 15 pushups (just starting out with this)
    6 x 40 Bicep Curls with 10lb
    5 x 60 Situps
    10 x 10 Tricep Extensions with 10lb
    30 min bikeride
    2 hour walk


    Visible Abs
    Participate in Barefoot Running
    No more depression
    No more acne
    Improve my flexibility

    My Stats:

    19 Y/O

    Grok on!

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    Hi Boudica. Welcome. I'm glad primal is going well for you.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Looked into taking Krav Maga classes today. The fighting looks intense! I think I'm aggressive enough to excel in it though.

      Strawberry + Banana Smoothie w/ Coconut Milk

      Romaine Salad with Assorted Veggies
      Steak (again, I need to go shopping)

      4 egg Omelette w/ Ham, Brie Cheese + Red Pepper

      30 min on bike
      30 pushups
      3 x 60 situps
      3 x 40 bicep curls
      5 x 10 tricep extensions

      This may be way too much info, but for the first time ever I'm not bloated during my monthly!! I can do up my pants! Victory!


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        I feel awesome today, despite getting less than 5 hours of sleep and sitting through 3 tedious uni lectures.

        No time but I wasn't that hungry

        L/D - whatever 3pm is!!
        3 shots of espresso
        Spinach Salad with Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Olives and Cucumber
        5 Strips of Bacon and 2 Eggs
        Bowl of homemade Chicken+Veggie Stew (It'll taste even better tomorrow)

        Almond/Coconut Milk Banana+Blueberry Smoothie w/ Flaxseeds

        Workout (has yet to happen but perhaps if I write down what I intend to do, I'll feel compelled to hit the weights)

        I envision
        3 x 10 pushups
        2 x 40 bicep curls
        3 x 40 situps
        A couple minutes of planking
        Random hopping around on my exercise mat
        45 min on the stationary bike

        Lately I've been wondering if biking can be considered 'paleo'. I know the movements and the muscle groups used aren't natural, but I can see a very noticeable difference in my muscle definition when I've been biking consistently versus a week of laziness. I ordered vibrams last week and intend to start jogging outside as soon as the ground is dry. My feet are extraordinarily flat (and large), my family jokes that I'd have no problem water-skiing minus the skis. Hopefully the vibrams relieve some of the pain I experience when I run in shoes.
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          I believe I'm coming down with a cold.

          I've been eating healthy (as far as I know), but maybe the lack of sleep during the past week is getting to me.
          I didn't have time for breakfast so I've been munching on almonds and drinking a lot of water.
          I'll have some more chicken veggie stew when I get home, then flop onto my couch and watch the Golden Girls with my rabbit.


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            I feel fine today so either I wasn't sick or my immune system has super powers.

            3 slices of Bacon
            2 Eggs

            No time - I didn't get a break at the Museum

            Fruit Smoothie: Coconut Milk, Pineapple, Banana, Strawberries and FlaxSeeds (My stomach didn't agree with this)
            Coffee with Coconut Milk
            Paleo Cookies
            + -> 1 cup almond flour
            1/2 cup chopped walnuts
            1 cup pureed pumpkin
            cinnamon and nutmeg
            1 tsp baking soda
            1/4 cup coconut milk
            400F for 20 minutes

            The cookies turned out great, I wanted something sweet tonight while sticking to Paleo.

            My vibrams came today. I ordered a size 42 Komodo Sport (Grey-Green). My toes are very pleased. I have to wait for the snow to melt before taking them outside for a jog, but for now I'll hop around the house in them, reveling in how peculiar they look

            It was a long day today at the ROM. I don't get a break anymore, so its 4 hours straight of trying to engage visitors with the exhibits. My fellow museum buddies keep bringing in baked goods to tempt me, which is probably why I had to bake myself some Paleo cookies. I like the structure Paleo/Primal gives me. After struggling with eating issues the past couple of years, I like having a clear idea now of what is good and bad for me. I wish the rest of life was like that as well.

            I'm not going to workout tonight - I want to make sure I'm feeling tip top, plus I'm too full to move much


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              My stomach is in agony!

              I'm never touching almonds or almond flour again. A lot (1 1/2 cups) of Almond Flour is now bad for me.
              I don't think I can manage to eat anything else today. I couldn't sleep last night from the stomach pains. Thank God its Saturday.

              On a side note: I can feel the muscles in my calves protesting at the Vibrams, so I know they're working. My only gripe: My pinky toes don't even reach their designated toe pocket, while my big toes touch the end of theirs. Hopefully they stretch in the next few days. Grok on everyone, I'll just be lying by the stream back here, but don't worry I'll catch up.


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                My stomach cleared up today around dinner time.

                I had:
                Tilapia Filet fried in Butter
                Spinach Salad
                Coffee with Coconut Milk
                Cherry Greek Yogurt 8%
                2 Clementines

                30 Min Heavy Bag Boxing
                45 Min High Resistance Biking
                4 x 12 Pushups
                4 x 40 Situps
                5 x 12 Tricep Extensions
                4 x 40 Bicep Curls
                Jumping Jacks
                4 x 25 Shoulder Raises

                It was especially fun today kicking my punching bag in my vibrams. I wore them out grocery shopping today to break them in. My non-Primal girlfriend is coming over for dinner tomorrow. I'm going to make chicken drumsticks and garlic mashed potatoes (I'll try to go easy on these myself).

                I felt hungover today after eating my whole batch of almond based cookies last night. The cottonmouth was killer from being dehydrated. I got through the day with about 5 mugs of ginger tea (sliced ginger + boiling water), and a couple episodes of House.

                I can't afford to buy myself grass fed beef or chicken. I'm wondering how much damage I'm doing by eating organic - yet grain fed meats. Anyhow, I bought a butternut squash today - I'll look up some recipes tomorrow. I can't believe how easy (and delicious!) Primal living is.


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                  Thanks for sharing your journey. I am impressed with your workouts! I was thinking that the key to affording grass fed meats was buying with a group and having a freezer. Maybe there are some groups in your area you can hook up with to buy some? Best of luck on your endeavors and be careful with that almond flour girl!


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                    Hi Lanz!
                    I had a deep freezer until a year ago when something possessed my grandfather to hack it into pieces with a chainsaw (I'm serious).
                    When I manage to get my own place, a freezer will definitely be a priority. Thanks for the advice There will be no more nuts for me


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                      Broccoli - Just a bit, but I thought I'd mention it
                      Butternut Squash - cut into cubes, doused in hot bacon fat and coated w/ paprika, salt, pepper and chili powder.
                      + Roasted at 350 for 45min. It was awesome and I will make this again.
                      Handful of Beef - Literally, opened a package of stewing beef chunks and threw some in a hot pan with bacon fat.

                      20 min bike
                      40 min Heavy Bag Workout
                      15 minutes of miscellaneous weights/ situps / pushups

                      Smoothie with Almond Milk (BLECH), frozen banana bits, strawberries and blueberries


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                        Lots of Coffee followed by a walk to the grocery store to get some coconut milk and kale

                        Handful of Beef
                        Asparagus Stalks
                        Smoothie w/ coconut milk, banana + strawberries

                        4 pieces of bacon
                        Butternut Squash leftovers
                        Espresso which tasted awful. The snarky barista forgot to put in the love.
                        Spoonful (more like a finger-ful) of Peanut Butter

                        Walked to the Grocery Store
                        Walked Home
                        Did a bunch of pushups and situps
                        Put on Vibrams and went for a walk which turned into a Run, walk, jog.

                        The running happened on the way home when I realized that my feet were turning numb from the slush.
                        I'm having cravings, but I don't really know what I'm craving. Oatmeal? Pickled Eggs? Rhubarb Pie?
                        I feel like I haven't eaten enough green things today, so I might grab a handful of my rabbit's Kale and munch on it. Does cooking Kale take the nutrition out of it? I might need to up the amount of carbs I'm eating. I think I'm in ketosis, which usually gives me insomnia. I thought I was eating enough frut to keep me out of it, but when I relieve myself it smells like ketosis. Blech


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                          Took a break from the computer for a while. My brain hurts when I try to remember what I ate for the past two days. Some tilapia, beef, salad, veggies and a lot of eggs. I find my stomach gets queasy when i eat a really fatty (or maybe oily?) meal -> like bacon and eggs.
                          I'll have to focus on eating more veggies.

                          I added some white rice to my lunch yesterday. I wanted to see if the added carbs would boost my performance at my first Krav Maga session yesterday.
                          The rice gave me a stomach ache (or the workout did). I was worried I wouldn't be fit enough to keep up with everyone else, but I could match them pushup for pushup and sit-up for sit-up. It was a great feeling. I'm going to be doing this once a week because I want to live long, and my chances are improved by half if I take this slow.

                          I went to a funeral yesterday afternoon, for a 109 year old Latvian lady - a family friend. I find it extraordinary not only that she lived this long, but she was mentally competent and able to walk around by herself up until last year. I wonder what she ate throughout her life. She had all her own teeth as well.

                          I was propositioned by an old man last night while walking to the subway. He wanted me to get in his car, because I looked like a nice girl. It was pretty amusing.


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                            I got home from the ROM today ravenously hungry. I was in ultra-bitch mode. Furious that there was no beef in the fridge, I ate an avocado, then whipped up a coconut milk smoothie with some blueberries. A mixed green salad w/ bell pepper and goats cheese followed.

                            Not sure why I'm so hungry.

                            Not going to workout tonight. I'm very sore from the krav maga.

                            coffee with coconut milk

                            Beef and Brocolli w/ 1/4 cup white Rice



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                              Weighed myself today!!! 151lbs

                              Haven't weighed myself for a couple months but I know that the last time I did I was 164. I feel amazing, but I felt great before realizing I'd lost a bit.

                              Woke up too late for 'breakfast' So technically I broke my fast at lunch. Funny terms we have for meals.

                              Huge Salad with Goat Cheese, whole Bell Pepper, Tomatoes + Olive Oil
                              Lindt Dark Chocolate 75%

                              Shepperd's Pie (Huge Plateful)
                              Baked Brocolli w/ MTL steak spice and Butter
                              Coffee w/ Whipping Cream

                              2 hours of between the sheets cardio
                              2 hour walk
                              Bicep Curls with new 15lb weights. Moving on up from the 8's

                              I'm not even trying to lose weight so I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm eating a ton! And getting slimmer! Spread the word! Wait, don't - more meat for me.