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  • Living Primal in Vermont

    Day 1:
    2 homemade chocolate chip cookies. (I know. Move on, had to get it "on paper")

    2 backyard eggs with a bit of last nights chili folded into an omelet with pat of butter on top
    decaf coffee and cream
    16 oz water

    6 brown and serve sausage links
    6 large spears broccoli with butter and season salt
    about 1/4 c of pickled banana peppers
    16 oz water
    decaf with cream (SO cold here!!!!)

    Dinner remains to be seen....but I have lots to choose from...greens. spagetti squash, cukes, peppers, avocado, chicken breast chicken wings, leftover "meat muffins" and the chili, as well as eggs.

    DINNER: chicken wings. rubbed in smoked paprika, chili powder and season salt, baked at 450 for 30 m inutes, tossed in hot sauce and butter, back into oven at 500 for five minutes. served with cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes and bleu cheese. YUM!!!!!!!!!!

    For dessert, blueberries with cream.
    Still kind of confused about how I should workout today, so I think I'm just going to bundle up and hit the treadmill at a moderate to brisk walk for 40 minutes. *****never did workout today unless you count the 4-5 hours of laundry, cooking and housework I did, moping vacuuming etc.
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    hahaha.... I hear you on the cookies... you are off to a wonderful start! I will look for you around here! xoL


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      Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks primal4fifty!!!!!! Same goes! Well, I've seen you around here since I've been lurking here for a long time. thanks for the comment. :-)


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        I grew up in Cleveland and thought I knew cold until I spent the month of January working graveyard at IBM near Burlington. OMG!!! The summers are heaven though so it kinda balances out I guess. Sending warm thoughts your way!


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          Monday january 23rd 2012 Day II

          I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to 20 degrees this morning! It feels like a heat wave!
          I got up early to try to give myself some quiet, awake, relaxing, prepare for the day time before the troops get up. It's just me and the dogs! Chickens aren't even awake yet!

          Todays eats:

          16oz of water, 1 cup "Honey Vanilla Chamomille" tea, nothing added

          Breakfast: 1 cup stir fry veggies, 2 backyard eggs, 4 sausages 2 cups decaf coffee with half and half

          Snack:handful almonds (12 or 14)

          Lunch: 1 big ass salad (greens, egg, bleu cheese, bacon, tomatoes) 16oz water chewed a 1/2 stick of cinnamon gum for "dessert" stipped on vanilla seltzer. in addition to water

          Snack:handful almonds (12 or 14)

          Supper: Primal Venison Stew (cooked overnight, going to cool it today and warm up later, tried a bite this am.....SO good!) heap of cauliflower. 16oz water

          Snack: blueberries and coconut cream

          Feeling really good about this day. I feel pretty good about yesterday, it's the first time in a long time that I went an entire day without a splenda....I even drank vanilla seltzer.....

          For posting purposes, I got on the scale this morning, it said 220. Lovely. Last week I was down 3 lbs. that's fine. I'm no longer going to define myself by the scale. Freezing drizzle expected this am....hope the ride to the bus stop and then to work is uneventful.


          **330 pm update. I have a ridiculous amount of happy/excited energy today. I feel a very much renewed and refocused purpose towards the lifestyle that I've been working on since April. I feel in my gut that I'm doing the right thing. (In case you didn't read my intro, I've been on Atkins since April. I went from 247 lbs to 213 lbs. I'm not hovering between 217 and 220....for several weeks, Primal is like Atkins to me, minus the processed junk, and a whole different attitude!!!!) I feel SO good today. I was going to skip treadmill, but I don't want to...I really just want to ride this energy out! Maybe I'll try some lifting?

          Self Sufficient Gray
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            January 24, 2012 Tuesday

            Good morning. It's cold and slushy and icy here in Vermont. Schools are delayed two hours, waiting for a call from work to graciously allow me the same. I had to go out last night to pick up the oldest from a basketball game and it was an adventure to say the least!

            Being at home was an adventure last night as well. I was cold and wet, so I foolishly got into pajamas and snuggled onto the couch to watch the pre news, followed by the news. What goes great with those things? Homemade chocolate chip cookies of course. Jesus H Chr**t. Anyway, I had my bowl of venison stew. I did not have cauliflower or tomatoes. I did have blueberries and coconut milk. You know what? Venison stew wasn't that great. I have a quart + 2 cups leftover. Blech. The only thing I can hope for is that by reducing it a while on the stovetop makes it creamier and a little more flavorful. Blech. Tonite would normally be a couch to 5k night. I'm going to stick to that becaues I think I need the cardio, especially until I figure out what I'm doing here.....Waiting for the energy of yesterday to pinch me in the rear, because with the drizzle hitting my windows, and the house so.very.quiet, I'm tempted to go back to bed. I'm off tomorrow because of my daughters busy day, but it'll be just that. A busy day. Hmmph. Oh well. The resonsibilities of a working stiff.


            Todays eats:
            16oz of water, 1 cup "Honey Vanilla Chamomille" tea, with juice of 1/2 lemon (had to use it up)

            Breakfast: 1 cup stir fry veggies, 2 backyard eggs, 4 sausages 2 cups decaf coffee with half and half

            Snack: cherry tomatoes, pepperoni (have to use it up)

            Lunch: 1 big ass salad (greens, egg, bleu cheese, bacon, tomatoes + stir fry veggies) 16oz water chewed a 1/2 stick of cinnamon gum for "dessert" stipped on vanilla seltzer. in addition to water. bowl of chicken broth/chicken sausage/kale soup, yesterday Big Ass Salad didn't really fill me up. (I was SO full after this, but hungry again by 2pm)

            Snack: peanut butter + cheddar cheese

            Supper: two turkey burgers with carmelized onions and swiss cheese.

            Snack: whipped coconut milk, tsp cocoa, toasted walnuts (OH god I forgot how much I love coconut milk, and I forgot how much it HATES me. Really, it's the guar Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrts. :-(

            Not counting dinner veggies, I'm around 16 net carbs of vegetables today.

            Movement: Interval training on treadmill, 30 minutes.
            Milestones: Geez how could I forget? today is day 18 with no diet soda. today is day 2 with no splenda.
            Weight: unchanged. Didn't expect it to anyway. Not sure which I need to throw away first, the cookies or the scale.
            Today I ate one Russell Stovers Dark Chocolate's. It was raspberry cream. Mmmph. Terrible awful cravings today..
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              Homemade chocolate chip cookies of course. Jesus H Chr**t. Anyway, I had my bowl of venison stew.


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                How awesome, a fellow Vermonter on the boards! I've been lurking for about a month, but finally found a reason to post. I'm up in the northwest corner of the state.

                I've been primal since the beginning of the year and the carb/sugar cravings have really gone away. If you can eat really clean for a couple of weeks, you won't want to eat those cookies. I've known I'm gluten intolerant for 3 years, but I got really slack about eating gf. Now I realize how much better I feel not eating wheat.

                Sounds like you are much better at getting in your workouts than I am. I'm signed up to run a 1/2 marathon in Burlington in May, so I need to get my butt outside and run!


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                  Wow, yes! A fellow Vermonter! I've been on Atkins since April, I really see this as Atkins - the crap. SUgar is really the hard one for me. Two weeks you say huh? TOday would be day 1. I really sometimse have to start over like 3x a week. Uggggggh. As a runner how do you feel about the workouts suggested in Primal Blueprint??? I'm really just confused and not sure where to start. Until I'm clear, I'm sticking with Couch to 5k.
                  Thanks for reading!


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                    To be honest, I really haven't worked out since starting PB. This weekend officially starts half-marathon training. I'm going to keep my training miles as low as possible and run at a slow pace (which shouldn't be too difficulty since I'm naturally a slow runner). I'm aiming for 1 short run with sprints (which is PB compliant), one short run-steady pace, and a longer run on the weekend. I think the point of PB is not to get sucked into the chronic cardio where you are running every day or most days of the week just to log miles. After the race I'll get more into the PB workouts, lifting heavy things 2-3 times a week, 1 day of sprints, and playing more.

                    It sounds like you may be focusing to trying to change too many things at once. Why don't you focus on getting your eating in line and then worry about the PB workouts later once you get the hang of the nutrition? Make sure you are eating lots of fat, that really seemed to help. I eat some frozen blackberries at night if I'm craving something sweet.

                    Here's an idea of what I ate yesterday: (I try to IF for 14 hours, from after dinner until lunch the next day)
                    11am-sausage with tomato sauce, whole green pepper, clementine
                    6:30pm-grass fed ground beef, sauteed peppers and onions, a little bit of Cabot shredded cheddar on top (like a taco salad)
                    That was it for the day. I usually eat a handful of almonds during the day and sometimes some fruit in the evening, but I didn't yesterday.


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                      Hi there. Another fellow Vermonter here. I live in Chittenden County right now but I am moving toward the North East very soon. I am going to try and get back to primal eating with my kids when we move. It did great things for our health and our weights. My boyfriend thinks I am a bit nuts and does not understand the whole "no grains" concept.

                      How are your chickens laying with winter? My boyfriend and I are getting chickens together to raise on his little homestead. I am so excited to have my own fresh eggs again when they start laying.

                      Oh and I have a tip for hunger. Eating fat is super important BUT another tip is to eat seasonally. Our bodies don't really want a salad and summer berriers in the winter, especially up here in the frozen north. Try eating heartier things like root veggies, cabbage, kale, squash. You know the things our more recent ancestors would have stored in their root cellers. Salads and berries are great but I just don't find them satisfying in the winter.

                      Have a great day. I am off to the farm show!


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                        vt huskies: Thanks for the tips. I found that today I brought way too much food for lunch, I couldnt' even finish half of my salad....I think I need to look at some more sample menus....and jsut keep reading. I agree about the workouts..though I did go back through the book last night and I think I understand a little bit better now......

                        PrimalPumpkin: I love your screen name. My chickens (aptly named SPider, Speck and Oreo by by my 10 year old daughter) do FAIR in the winter. THey have a pretty rustic coop. We have insulated it but we have beent old that insulation wasn't necessary. We have hearty breeds, Reds and Rocks. WHen it's super cold they collectively lay 3 eggs every two days. When they are inside for days on end they wil lay an egg each every day. They seem to pretty happy...almost all of the time. I never thought about eating seasonally to avoid hunger, very smart thinking. Have fun at the farm show.


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                          January 25, 2012 Wednesday

                          I don’t care if you are eating Primal, or sticking to Atkins or South Beach Diet. Change is hard. No, I’m not whining, I’m just stating the facts ma’am…it’s freaking hard.

                          Having said that, I’m pleased that I have avoided splenda for two days now, I’m 18 days without diet soda, and I avoided 25 Dunkin Donut’s munchies this morning, when I maliciously and hypocritically brought them in for the crew. (Bad girl)

                          Today I’m feeling strange. I woke up feeling so sleepy and tired, and achey. I have a stiff neck and some touchy back muscles, I feel bound up and clenched from waist to skull. I brought a great big salad for lunch this time topped with a sliced up chicken breast… and a couple of deviled eggs. I couldn’t even manage half of it. Weird.

                          I’m off to read some more PB journals and recipes and menus. I feel like I’ve got one good foot forward, two good days under my belt, and I’ll be ok with this lifestyle. It’s what feels good in my “gut”

                          **7:51pm. What a day. Stress and tension at work....both good and bad. Basketball game, kids got stomped, but I got to catch up with the ex on kid issues that have to be dealt with tomorrow. My stomach was feeling weird at lunchtime, I didnt' finish my salad......i was SO hungry when I got home but i could NOT stomach the idea of venison stew again, so I scrambled up two eggs, topped them with cheese (not my best choice but better than rooting around for hubby's cookies) and ate them with a side of sausage and blueberries. Having a cup of tea now. My 10 year old is sitting next to me doing word problems, that's enough to make my stomach feel even worse. I need this day to be over. Like, Now. Well, maybe after Ghost Hunters it can be over.
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                            January 26, 2012 Thursday

                            Well, I unintentionally tired out IF this morning, for about 14 hours because I was NOT feeling well. I drank chamomille tea all morning. I broke my fast with bit of oatmeal raisin cookie but then thought better of going back for more. Ok, I went back for more, but they were gone...Thank god! This was about 10 am. i had an appt. at the dentist at noon. I figured if I could hold off until then I'd stop for a healthy lunch on my way back to work. i! So much luck! The deli between points A and B had roasted, bones, et al. YUMMYY!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good I contemplated going back for a big ol' box for supper, but I already had turkey breast out for dinner. (I seared it in bacon grease and montreal steak seasoning, waiting to finish it off in the oven when the baked potatoes are done. I have a big pot of brussell sprouts and green beans on stand by to steam, and finish in a hot pan wiht butter and garlic. GOD I'm hungry.

                            I find myself very disheartened today by the 1st Lady's new school lunch plan being rolled out. Granted anything is wiser than calling ketchup a vegetable....but the emphasis on grains Am I the only person who struggles with this on a daily basis? Why is it healthier for me not to eat pasta and wheat bread but it's ok for me to feed it to my family? Before I came here, and started out on the primal path, I just thought if I forced them into a "low carb" diet, they'd all be thin and unhealthy, but it was good for me, because I wanted to lose some fat. hmmmph. I'm thinking differently of that now, and I plan to educate myself much better on this topic.

                            Part of my conundrum lies in the fact that my youngest lives a week here with us, and a week with her Daddy. Before you go judging (because someone always does) we have been doing this for six years, and we have two very well adjusted kids. We live 8 miles apart. It works for us. Anyway, their Dad is a real carnivore. (not the problem, bear with me) He's also not a chef, or a shopper. They eat out a lot. It's worrisome how much they eat out. My latest attempt to healthify them on Daddy weeks is to cook for them on the weekends and ship the food over on Monday morning so they have healthy stuff to eat all week. While she is here however, I'm going to wean her into a more primal lifestyle. I feel really good about this decision. I can make this work. My daughter (who is heading into puberty, already is developing and has her period at 10 years old) already thinks that fat is unhealthy. Eeeek! Gotta find her a childrens book on this topic, and get her headed in the right direction, so that she isn't like her Momma when she's 36.

                            Todays food:

                            1 bone in skin on chicken breast half, roasted with spice coating
                            3 cups of vegetables (broccoli, carrot, lettuce, cucumber) rolled up turkey and cheese, sprinkle of cheddar, and botled bleu cheese dressing.
                            diet pepsi

                            tbsp dark chocolate chips
                            glass of Melaleuca Splash 2-O lemonade (sugar free)
                            3 slices dried beef

                            1 turkey breast filet
                            2 cups brussell sprouts/green beans

                            Granted this day was not 100% primal, but it was pretty damned good.

                            Over and out.
                            1 cup chai tea with water/cream boiled


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                              why are my posts being moderated all of a sudden????????????????????????//