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    Eats today so far:

    leftovers (spinach, red peppers, lemonds and andouille grilled) with 2 scrambled eggs (one double yolker)
    coffee with "crack creamer" in it

    more leftovers for lunch along with an entire head of bok choy (LVOE LOVE LOVE this stuff, right up there with chard on my beloved greens list)
    1 pluot

    Have to have a filling at 3:45. If I have time I'll eat a half avocado....I'm already hungry, lunch didn't fill me up very well.

    didn't eat an avocado. had broccoli and simmered chicken for supper, some terra chips after supper. going to bed with a growling belly again. Gotta fix that.

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      I'm still kickin'
      Yesterday I had some super dark gourmet chocolate and a glass of white wine.
      Let me tell you, my stomach was soooooome kind of hurting last night.

      I'm doing this challenge to kick my sugar/grain habit so I'm not really hung up on weight, but the scale isn't really moving. I'm having trouble "staying regular" which I think contributes to the sluggish scale.

      We're getting to the end of week 1 in a 2 week pay period which means all of the fresh veggies are almost gone, adn we will be moving on to frozen veggies. I've learned a lesson time buy double bok choy and double kale.

      This morning I used the balance of my "crack creamer" mixed with 1 cup of frozen berries for a smoothie along with two scrambled eggs, now I'm sipping a cup of peppermint tea. Coffee just doesn't appeal to me without a little bit of sweetener in it.

      I guess now my Whole 30 has turned into a WHole 35. It's ok. I think it's going ot take me some time to kick these habits.


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        Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we have 36 day challenge folks..*L* The last two days have been days that I would like to forget, this whole week emotionally/mentally speaking has SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Yesterday I ate:
        2 deep fried dill pickles
        cheeseburger (including the bun which gifted me with the most awful gas pains all.night.long)
        diet coke (more gas and bloating)
        giant oatmeal cookies (don't think I need to repeat it a 3rd time)

        another cheeseburger for dinner
        glass of chardonnay
        swiss rolls

        yay me. bang up day.
        moving on....
        dunkin donuts for breakfast
        goat cheese and cherry tomatoes for snack (see...we are improving here...)
        just took a half hour walk...
        drinking water (only had two cups of tea so far today)
        now going to warm up a cheeseburger (no bun) and some kale and eat with tomatoes/cukes on the side.
        if i am hungry bfore going home I"ll have a hard boiled egg or two
        dinner is ribs and salad

        see how I correct this dismal failure of a 48 hour period???



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          Something happened to me just now, while eating "dinner" I've had another awful day of shoveling food into my face...
          I took the pup for a walk, did some trick training, came home, and warmed up a dish of homemade mac and cheese and a couple of ribs that I crock pot cooked yesterday. The mac and cheese tasted like nothing. Bland and pasty and Blech! I just stopped eating. I put the fork down, I packaged up the rest and put it right in the fridge. My stomach is grumbling now because I am hungry, but I'm definitely not going back for THAT!!!!

          I'm going to go upstairs and clean the bathroom...take a shower, put on my pajamas, and try this whole "dinner" thing again.
          My walk today also got me thinking about exercise and how much of it I do NOT do...and how much of it I SHOULD be doing. I don't want to go too gung ho too fast. I'm going to just keep up the walking for now.

          *sigh* Tomorrow will be a better day.


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            Picked up "It Starts With Food" This weekend. Halfway through it....starting Whole 30 over again tomorrow.

            Breakfast: 2 slices thick cut bacon, 3 scrambled eggs with garlic salt
            Lunch: 1 beef brat with tomato jam and carmelized onions, 1 cucumber, pile of cherry tomatoes, pluot
            Dinner: stuffed patty pan squash (Ground beef, onions, tomato sauce) sauteed apples and cinnamon
            tea with cream


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              Holy cats, yeah, you read that right, I haven't posted since August 2012.
              Life has been a wild ride in the past year.
              I am trying to come to terms with some deep seated emotional issues related to food, weight, and whether or not I deserve to be happy. (This was the therapists question to me when last we met, and she told me to "think about that one")
              She also told me to take a break from my dieting obsession. So i have. You know what gets my goat the most? In eating whatever I felt like whenever I felt like it (and I'm talking yogurt, fruit, wheat toast, barley, oatmeal etc) I feel like crap. I'm constantly bloated, and!!!!! I have heartburn so badly that I'm drinking baking soda cocktails 2-3x per day.

              So I'm trudging back into the primal forest this week. I'm not going "all or nothing" either because that always ends in disaster....mostly me obsessing about every freaking bite I put in my mouth. For example, today I had scrambled eggs with a bit of ketchup on them with some frozen peaches. I ate a bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola because it was in the work fridge, and the date to "enjoy by" was today. I had a grilled turkey sandwich on sprouted grain bread for lunch. Dinner was a totally primal event with spinach/turkey/egg burgers and roasted sweet potato. Unfortunately, it's now 8 pm and my stomach is growling like mad.
              So yea, that's my "plan". No matter what I do and what scheme I hatch, I always end up back on the couch re reading the Primal Blueprint.
              Glad to be back, and planning to stick around. In the past year, I've gained 30-35 lbs all of which I lost from April to November 2011.
              Marie in Vermont

              p.s. Going to do something unusual. I'm going to have a plate of scrambled eggs for a snack with a side of apple and almond butter (1/2 of a small apple) I don't know if this is right, or wrong, but I'm hungry and I'm doin' it.
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                I have been all week this week eating 2 out of 3 meals primal. Next week I'm going for 3 meals out of 3 per day.


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                  Happy Sunday.
                  This week, 3 out of 3 meals primal.
                  Getting a bit skimpy on groceries too, I'll have to get creative.
                  I've figured out for sure and for certain, that dairy and or white bread, make me bloat like an oompa loompa. I feel like crud right now. Blech.
                  Also really thirsty.
                  Here's to a great week!!


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                    Doing the happy dance!!!!! I had an excellent day today.
                    Brkfst: venison, spinach, eggs (wasn't hungry till after 12:30 pm!)
                    Lunch: 3 slices hormel nitrate free ham with 1 oz cream cheese, large chicken breast half, cup brussell sprouts, 4 large strawberries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup almonds
                    Coffee with splash of cream and 1 packet of sugar
                    more venison, sweet potato, sprinkle of cheddar cheese
                    1.5 tbsp butter
                    1 tbsp coconut oil
                    1 tbsp olive oil
                    (above 3 used in cooking my meals)

                    Only problem is that it's 8;15 pm and my stomach is growling.
                    I! right?? I had exactly 99 grams of carbohydrates, and 1776 calories.
                    i hate to mess with such a beautiful thing.

                    I'm going this order...
                    1. and unbloated belly
                    2. better sleep
                    3. less achy joints
                    4. weight loss
                    5. better fitness

                    Loving the crap out of this day! SO happy with myself.