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  • Primal journal - more or less - Vilica

    I'm not so much Primal as well carnivore, but have been very interested in reading the Leptin Reset thread and thought it might be helpful to me if I start a journal here. I didn't want it at first for I am not ready for people who tell me I'm stupid or don't know what I'm doing, to be honest. I am open for suggestions, always, but for me the way things are said. is important. And I do not have the options that are available in the US for blood tests and so on.

    In September 2011 I was ready to start a very lean zero carb diet in order to lose weight. I had done that before and it worked very well. Circumstances made me go off that and follow Radiant Recovery which made me gain back the 40 kilos that I had lost, at an alarming rate. When dr KD at the time got angry with me because I became impatient and did not want to continue gaining weight, I stopped that and went back to zero carbs and that helped me lose part of the weight again.

    But not all. But before I went on lean and mean ;-) I hit upon this Leptin thing and tried that. I was very surprised that I slowly started losing weight right away.

    Why didn't I continue then, you may well ask... well, my blood pressure started getting up and up and nothing of my usual supplements helped. I've been trying this that and the other in the meantime but it doesn't make any difference, so... well, see below!

    Just posted this in the huge Leptin Thread :
    after my three weeks away at Christmas with very bad internet reception, I have not been able to catch up again - just read dr K and Dextery on Twitter and FB - thanks for that!
    I got my blood results back and am very disappointed. Because my TSH is 2.88, and the upper normal limit is 300, nothing else was measured.
    Same for vit D3, all they measure is the total for D and that was very high, of course because I've been working on upping my D3.
    My LDL was highish but my doctor did not know that there are different kinds, fluffy and dense. My triglycerides were good, so he didn't worry about cholesterol.
    Must admit I'm a bit discouraged, so I've decided to just continue with what I was doing, go back to the ketogenic Leptin Reset - had an awful time with family so had some bread and cheese this week, and even a potato last night - will add more coconut oil to prevent hunger, because leaving it out didn't do anything for my blood pressure anyway and hopefully start losing some weight which will be favorable for that in the long run.
    I've also talked to a naturopath here who has a special diet but it is not suitable for me because it entails 6 or 7 meals a day.
    If I don't see any weight loss in three months time, I might have to start doing something like that anyway, but I hope it won't be necessary.
    Will continue with my supplements, including LDN, and will start acupuncture treatments, nothing specific, just general in order to see if there are any blockages that hinder my metabolism.
    I am a bit weary of insisting on thyroid medication, because I do not have the other symptoms and I'm scared of disturbing the fragile existing balance because I always react very strongly on everything - in my Atkins times one aspirin was enough to stop ketosis altogether, for example.

    what more do readers need to know? I'm female, 62 years old and live in the Netherlands. I don't believe in exercise, rather use my energy then for gardening or housework, but do walk my dogs for at least half an hour every day

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    getting slowly oimn the good routine again. Just had breakfast of 5 little eggs and 2 scoops of protein powder, and butter. I know the protein powder is not ideal, but I must admit that it's the only way at the moment for me to get my food in within 30 minutes after getting up. I feel a huge resistance to eating this time of the day. I want to get used to it again and will gradually fine tune what kind of protein I eat. Tomorrow I'll add coconut oil instead of butter, let's see how that works.
    Made a concoction of butter and ground coconut and eggs and ground fresh ginger of which I have a piece for dessert to work on the leaky gut, if I have that.
    Just read about MSM but that is very expensive here, so am hoping that I get enough of it in the meat that I eat. And I don't really want to add to the supplements I already take... will list them later so that people can let their lights shine on them...