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  • Gryk and Gryka Go Primal

    My Dear Hubby decided found this site a couple months ago I think through the Lew Rockwell blog, and since then our life has been changed. Before finding this site, we had been going more and more natural on our own, neither of us take any prescriptions, etc. yet Dear Hubby does have something along the line of hypoglycemia and chronic fatigue as well as asthma. With the natural eating plan and taking more herbs/vitamins to give the body what it needs, he had completely beaten regular migraine headaches, and his annual cold that turned to bronchitis or pneumonia, and had a much better grip on hypoglycemia as well...yet it wasn't QUITE right, and periodically the chronic fatigue would flair up. Anyway, after reading this site, he began to implement the Primal lifestyle, and in mid-December he had pretty much cut out all carbs from his diet. Oh...he'd eat a little at the occasion Christmas event but then he paid for it later! While all this was going on for him, I was found myself reluctant to give up the carbs because I LIKE potatoes and corn and also sweets like cookies and dessert! LOL Yet I hate to make two dinners, so more and more I found myself eating what I considered "Primal-esque" :P But as you all know, the more primal you eat, the more you realize that the carbs make you feel SICK and SLUGGISH! So it's time. We're going Primal. And this is our journal of our Primal Journey.

    Gryk and Gryka Go Primal.

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    About me: I'm a 49 year old, female--50 in a few months. I am 4 ft. 10 in. tall and that hasn't changed for decades--so although I keep holding out hope to hit 5 foot one day...I think that's doubtful. I currently weigh 210 and although that sounds huge on someone my height, I actually am not built like a feather. I am the girl who was the catcher in softball in high school and who played wide receiver in the touch football games, and I'm not a ballet dancer or wisp of a gymnast build. I have CURVES and lots of 'em! I am self-employed as a virtual assistant--which means I do administrative stuff online all day long. So my biggest issue/deterrent right now is having a sedentary lifestyle.

    Health History: I have always been blessed with good health physically and mentally, but I'm not perfect. Everyone has something, right? When I was 12 years old, I was in gymnastics and fell off the balance beam and chipped a vertebrae in my back. It rarely bothers me (about once every 5 years) but it can ache or feel a little stiff now and then. I also was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis when I was 16yo, but 2 things in my life greatly influenced that: #1--my mom was physically abusing me and the stress of that reflected in RA, and #2--my parents were getting a divorce and the stress of that reflected in RA! Once I moved out, I learned really quickly that white flour and white sugar made me ache like crazy and flaired the RA so they were gone and I've read labels ever since. I still liked sweets :P but I knew if something had sugar or corn syrup...I'd pay. Otherwise I've been in very good health and energy. Mental health-wise I took some St. John's Wort when I was going through my divorce and some Valerian occasionally to "chill out" after a tough day, but again otherwise I've had very good mental health as well.

    Goals: Hmmm...this is harder for me. I'd like to lose some weight and ultimately I'm thinking 150 or so and then re-evaluate where I want to go. I may lose more but right now I know I'm not good at lower weights. I want to have more energy and I think getting some exercise will help there. And I want to to be as healthy as possible and physically feel good. Also, honestly, I'm hoping to be a little more vixon-esque with Dear Hubby. Hey the kids have grown--our nest is empty. Now I want to enjoy him!!


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      Well I'm not sure what to record here, so I'm going to just start with my food yesterday. I weighed myself this morning and was a little tickled to see I'm at 205 so coolness over that

      Friday January 20th

      2 tabs DongQuai and Black Cohosh
      3 aspirin
      1 Vitamin D3 5000mg

      2/3 c. Granola and dried fruit (32g carbs per 2/3c. serving)
      1 c. coffee with stevia and creamer

      1 fried egg
      2 slices Dave's Good Seed Light Bread (13g carbs/slice plus organic plus seeds)
      1 c. coffee with stevia and creamer

      8 oz Salmon, baked
      8 oz. green beans with almonds
      1 1/2 c. Southshore mashed (cauliflower) "potatoes"
      Water and lots of it

      Honestly not really :P But ya gotta start somewhere!


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        Hey! Glad you're on this journey! May I suggest dropping the granola, bread, and popcorn? If you want to lose weight, you'll be suprised to see it drop quickly if you ditch the grains.
        Making adventure out of this thing called life