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    I started at almost 300 and it CAN be done! I am at 255 (gained some back after getting real sick - not PB related, just a burst abscess + sepsis - and had to get emergency surgery last year, herp derp) but one thing I noticed and wanted to mention is, don't watch the scale TOO hard. Reason I say that is because my khakis which USED to be tight and then they were loose but then they started tightening up again after HERPDERP surgery are once again falling off my ass after 1 month, but the scale hasn't budged yet. Sometimes your body just hangs on to 'weight' even though the fat is sliding off. It's mentioned elsewhere on this board that people can actually GAIN weight while they're LOSING fat because the body goes through a healing process. And if it's people like us who've been taking a huge dump on our insides for 30 years following conventional wisdom or just plain ol' EAT ALL THE THINGS, that healing may take a while. I just know that I'm losing some fat again already because of the way my clothes fit and the way my body feels.

    I know I'm still a fatty with a long way to go yet, but life sure feels a lot better at 245 than it does at 295. I seriously thought I was going to end up with diabetes or a heart attack or something. I don't feel deprived at all on Primal. In fact I'm eating like a queen. I love to cook and everything I've put in my mouth to lose that first 50 has been delicious.

    It may also be that I just have a sucky scale. I was playing around with it last night and noticed that I could 'gain' or 'lose' 10 pounds depending on where I put the scale on the floor, so I don't put much stock in the scale. It's there more as a 'reminder' to me that I'm 'watching my weight' rather than a progress yardstick.


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      Yeah, I know not to watch the scale. It's just a fucken habit. The only difference is it doesn't bother me as much as it used to, when I expected to lose a pound a day for the first month or so because I was so large. I know it's different now. I'm still just as large but having dieted on and off for about three years just jacked shit up.

      I'm happy that I lost 10 pounds in January and I'll shit myself once I get to 299 from 335 lbs, after trying to lose the same 35 pounds for about two years.

      Basically I'm saying it's easier to go on the scale than measure myself because I'm so god damn rotund that it makes it difficult to get accurate measurements.


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        I keep my scale in the same spot just for the reasons you guys mention and don't take each day too seriously. It's fun when things are moving down, but when not, just stay the course. I've lost over 100lbs and have found that things generally move forward in the spring and summer for me - maybe it's a light thing. Anyway, hang in there - you are making more progress than you give yourself credit for!


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          Just saying hey, love your attitude and your scribblins. I'm rooting for ya!

          On fitness: I'm a weak, weak, little string bean and always have been. Incorporating more meat into my diet (by going primal) and sans grains (see previous parathetical note) has allowed me to be able to hold a plank position for up to 20 SECONDS after a prior all time high of about 2. You can do it, you will get there, and this way of eating will definitely help I spend no more than 1/2 hr exercising per week, I'd wager, and I am making huge improvements in my functional strength (carrying heavy things like groceries) and cardio (without even doing any!).
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