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    Well, I decided to bite the bullet and start my official Grokette journal!!

    I am a soon-to-be-bride trying to kick my own a$$ into shape for my wedding (and more importantly honeymoon)! I am not significantly overweight, I am only trying to lose about 20 pounds and gain some muscle. I want to feel proud and confident when I walk down the aisle! My fiancé is joining me on this journey, which should make life a little easier during meal time. He is in shape and looks great, but has some health problems he is trying to correct through a primal lifestyle.

    My fiancé and I started eating primal just before Christmas, but indulged in sugary crap way too much from Christmas to New Year’s. We got back to our new normal way of eating – primal – on January 3. When we started primal back in December, I went through the low carb flu pretty badly, and dropped about 4 pounds in the first week. However, since starting it back up in the last couple of weeks, I haven’t dropped a pound. I have been hovering around 160 (give or take 2 pounds), and I am getting somewhat frustrated.

    I know that a journal will help keep me accountable in my food choices, and I hoping for some inspiration and guidance from the rest of the primal community!

    Here it goes…my menu today:
    W: 160.2
    B: 2 egg bake ‘cups’ (eggs, spinach, onions, smoked gouda and bacon in muffin cups) and some leftover salad from yesterday’s dinner
    L (planned): 2 bowls of homemade chicken soup
    D (planned): taco salad with avocado and tomato

    Exercise: 45 min walk (unfortunately on the treadmill, the windchill is about zero degrees right now)

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    Added my food from yesterday to Fit Day to get an idea of percentages. Came out as:
    Grams Calories %-Cals
    Calories 1,306
    Fat 92.4 820 63 %
    Saturated 36.5 324 25 %
    Polyunsaturated 6.9 61 5 %
    Monounsaturated 37.3 329 25 %
    Carbohydrate 23.7 90 7 %
    Dietary Fiber 11.9
    Protein 94.7 393 30 %
    Alcohol 0.0 0 0 %

    I realize that Fit Day isn't always very accurate, but it was nice to get an estimate.

    Today's info:
    W: 160.4
    B: none - green tea
    L: more chicken soup
    S: marinated olives and artichokes
    D: pork tenderloin with cilantro pesto (about 5 smallish pieces), dont know how much sauce (too much), and about 2 or 3 cups of roasted broccoli
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      Woohoo!!! 1.6 pounds down!!

      Didn't feel super great yesterday, had a bit of a headache and was a little nauseous. I don't think the chicken soup was enough for me during the day.

      Tried the bulletproof coffee this morning. Definitely filled me up - not even thinking about food! Not too jittery either, which I would expect after coffee and coconut oil.

      Anyway...planned for today:

      W: 158.8
      B: 1 large mug of bulletproof coffee
      Late Lunch: grilled veggie salad w/ hardboiled eggs, chicken, and olive oil & red wine vinegar
      Happy Hour: 3 glasses of red wine
      D: blackened grouper w/ baked sweet potato fries
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        W: 156.4

        Was surprised to see the scale down today since I had a higher carb day than I normally do yesterday! Tonight I am going out to dinner to a new restaurant, and am going to try the 80/20 rule.

        B: bulletproof coffee
        L: 2 eggs w/ wild boar bacon
        D: 2 glasses of wine, duck fat fries, bone marrow, pork sausage papardelle, roast chicken, german stout cake
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          W: 157.4
          B: green tea
          L: tuna w/ mayo, avocado, tomato, spinach, and a little leftover cilantro pesto
          S: a few almonds and 1/2 avocado sprinkled w/ salt, pepper, and cayenne
          D: braised short ribs w/ mashed cauliflower and smoked gouda


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            W: 159.7
            B: bulletproof coffee (been making 1 cup with 1T coconut oil and 1T butter) - not as full from it today as I was the first day
            L: leftover short rib/a few olives
            D: thyme & lemon roasted chicken w/ fennel, onion, and carrot

            4 sprints of 40s-1m.
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              Didn't sleep very well last night....

              W: 159.2
              B: bulletproof coffee - increased the coconut oil to 2T and butter to 2T
              L: leftover chicken and a side salad w/ hb egg and olive oil/balsamic
              D: fage total (maybe 1/2 or 3/4c) w/ some frozen peach slices

              Did not feel well at all tonight so couldn't stomach most food. Just had some yogurt and ended up feeling a little better.
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                I don't think the chicken soup was enough for me during the day.


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                  W: 157.4
                  B: one "breakfast bar" - egg, sausage, parsley, salt & pepper
                  L: tuna w/ mayo, tomato, and avocado
                  S: pulled pork
                  D: veal meatballs in gorgonzola sauce, ribs, skate wing, 1 tuna tostada (out to dinner - small plates); 2 glasses of wine
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                    Didn't weigh in this morning

                    B: green tea and 1 breakbast egg/sausage bar
                    L: gyro without the pita
                    D: steak w/ shitaake mushroom and truffle butter sauce, with roasted broccoli on the side

                    arm and leg weight lifting; 3 mile walk
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                      Feeling pretty discouraged today. Scale is back up to 160.2. I'm just getting so frustrated that it feels like this is not working for me. I lost that weight last week and it all just piles on again. I know that this is right way to eat for my health, so I WILL NOT QUIT. It would just be so nice to see the number on the scale change and stay down

                      Ok, done whining. Back to business.
                      W: 160.2
                      B: bulletproof coffee
                      S: handful of raw almonds
                      L: tuna w/ mayo, tomato, spinach and olive oil/vinegar
                      D: peppers stuffed with ground lamb, bit of feta, and calamatas all in a greek-ish tomato sauce
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                        I have decided to not weigh myself everyday. I am going to two weeks off from the scale and focus on how this way of eating makes me feel: do I have more energy? Are my stomach problems gone? Am I sleeping better? Do I feel like I am leaning out? Are my clothes fitting better?

                        I am still going to keep a log of what I'm eating and how my body is feeling.

                        Yesterday's Menu:
                        B: bp coffee
                        S: breakfast bar (4pm?)
                        D: scallops in truffle shallot sauce; salad w/ bacon dressing
                        S: fage w/ fruit; 3 "paleo" chocolate chip cookies
                        Was feeling a bit nauseous before dinner but felt better once I ate. This is the longest fast I have done yet


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                          Hi Coach, I've been doing BP coffee too and have liked the results. Like you, my measurement is weightloss. I have found the scale to be a tough taskmaster. The 80/20 rule works (for me) for maintenance which is not what I want right now.

                          For the scale to move down (again for me) I must be spot on. Mayo, sauces that I don't make, dressings that I don't make, any bread, sugar, or alcohol and I'm virtually guaranteed not to lose weight. Maybe even gain. Add nuts to that list. I can only have a few.

                          Some people can get away with more

                          If I get hungry, I make sure I eat some good fat. If I feel the need to snack, I'm not eating enough during my meals. For some reason the scale doesn't move on days I have to snack.

                          I exercise 4 days a week.
                          Start Date 1/1/12

                          SW 176
                          CW 163
                          GW 155

                          My Journal


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                            Hi Dave! Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience going Primal! I am definitely like you - one in 1 glass too much of wine or too many nuts - and I gain. It can get so frustrating and discouraging, which is why I am temporarily not letting myself be a slave to the scale! I get so obsessed and weigh every morning, and it just makes me negative to see if stall or go up. Anyway - I am a fellow Chicagoan so trying to avoid deep dish and Chicago-style dogs has not been easy

                            Luckily, my fiancee's skin ailments are enough to keep me motivated to cook great for the both of us. I agree with you on the mayo and sauces. I LOVE to cook and usually make all of my dressing/sauces/condiments, but the store bought olive oil mayo is the last thing in my fridge that I haven't thrown out. I have made mayo myself before (and loved it), so your comments are motivation for me to throw the crap out and start from scratch this weekend.

                            I continue to go back through the old posts on all of the forums to see what has worked for others and just glean little bits of info or tips that may be useful for me as well. I think I have noticed a theme with eating enough fat/food at each meal so that you are not hungry in between, and can potentially build up fasting periods between meals. Because the BP coffee has been working for me - keeping me full enough to wait till lunch or skip lunch entirely - I think that you are right Dave and I need to ensure my meals are substantial enough and filling. The butter/coconut oil in the coffee works wonders on my appetite, so I need to make sure my full meals are following the same rule.

                            Anyway - I welcome any more advice or insight you have!!

                            Yesterday's food:
                            B: 3 breakfast bars
                            L: italian sandwich wrapped in lettuce
                            D: skirt steak salad w/ a homemade warm shallot dressing - it was delicious!


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                              Stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in a while and it said 158.8 again.

                              Meals for the last couple of days....

                              B: bp coffee
                              L: salad w/ grilled chicken
                              D: salmon w/ tomato viniagrette

                              B: None
                              L: 2 breakfast squares, salad w/ balsamic dressing
                              D: pork tenderloin with cilantro pesto

                              B: coffee & 1 breakfast bar
                              L: Antipasto salad
                              D: taco lettuce wraps
                              2 glasses of wine

                              I'm just so disappointed that there is still no change on the scale. I wish so badly that I was one of those people that started this diet and one month later lost like 20 pounds.