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Primal Journal (AndreaLR and hubby!)

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  • Primal Journal (AndreaLR and hubby!)

    Today is Day One! Very Excited!! My husband, Mike and I are starting this Primal journey together. We both want to be healthy and have more energy. We're young (I'm 30, he's 34) and want to have long and healthy lives together. Not sure yet, but someday we may want to have a family, and we owe it to this future fictitious family (and our current, real family!) to not only be just alive, but healthy, energetic and enjoying life!

    I am most excited about having more energy. I'd love to drop about 40 pounds, but more importantly, I want my clothes to fit better, feel good about shopping, be able to run with my nieces and nephews and hike up a mountain! In addition, I have suffered from chronic digestive issues which I went through rigorous testing, poked, prodded all to the "must be IBS" diagnosis...worthless. I am still miserable! If Primal lifestyle repairs these issues I can't even explain in words what that will mean to me, it makes me want to cry just thinking about being free from the awfulness of those issues.

    My husband's goals: Stick to it! As the nieces and nephews get bigger, be stronger and have more energy to be able to keep up the "Jungle Gym Uncle Mike" play time, be 280 by the time we go to Mexico this year! And able to fit into the roller coaster seats at the amusement park.

    Here's our stats:

    Age: 30
    Weight: 192
    Height: 5'6"

    Age: 34
    Weight: 320
    Height: 5'11"

    My Day One:
    B: Banana
    L: Big ol’ salad with grilled chicken
    S: Almonds and an apple
    D: that amazing fajita frittata that was on MDA – we added mushrooms, it was killer!! (Finally got to use that cast iron skillet we've had lying around since we got it for a wedding present.... a long time ago...I knew I kept it for something!! It's going to get all kinds of use now!)

    Looking for recipes, and any help with accountability!! THANK YOU in advance for your support on this journey.

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    This journal caught my eye because my name is Andrea too! I don't meet to many Andreas. Good luck with your journey!
    Making adventure out of this thing called life


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        Day two....

        B: banana
        L: leftover fajita frittata
        D: Grilled chicken (with the skin)
        S: apple and almonds

        Also, trying to ween myself from the obsession with diet coke ( its about 2-3 a day right now! Yikes!) We've dropped all grain intake, but I'm having a hard time letting go...any suggestions or advice? I know it's awful for me. Should I just try to keep it low for now? Quit cold turkey (that terrifies me, I'll be honest). Count it as my 20%? Thanks!*

        Also, my husband was on the brink of them wanting to put him on cholesterol mess when he had his annual physical last year. Any experience as to when we'll see an improvement? We told the doc last year that he'd prefer to stay off mess and focus instead on eating right and getting healthy and give his body a chance to work it out on its own...want to be able to show him progress, but curious as to how long it takes for the reprogramming.*


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          Oh, and I can't believe I forgot.. Also for dinner-Made the awesome creamy basil pesto coleslaw shown in the cookbook! Yum!


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            B: coffee with cream and sugar
            L: salad with chicken, pineapple and berries, balsamic dressing
            D: burger with onions, mushrooms and blue cheese (no bun of course!)*
            S: beer (I guess that's a snack, right?)*

            Well, I think this is the first real test....traveling....for work none the less! I'm at my gate now, its like 3pm, haven't eaten all day. So, how about trekking through the airport and hefting luggage to stay active today? Well, that's what I did. I even avoided those really fun moving walkways and opted to walk (and drag my bags) the entire way! Now as for foraging for some food in the airport...a little trickier. I went with a salad. Seems safe enough, but it seemed a little objectionable because I didn't make it. It felt a little weird to buy something I could make at home. (ps-used to eat out for lunch quite a bit, and even in just a few days have gotten so used to making it myself!) it probably would have tasted quite a bit better too. But, I think that kept me pretty close to Primal. I checked ahead and the hotel has a made to order omelet making station in the morning, that sounds right up my alley. I don't usually eat breakfast, but i think tomorrow might be an exception. The bigger test will be during the all day meeting tomorrow. I've packed almonds to tide me over, but I know there will be temptation. I can do it!*

            2 hours later...*ok, I lied...biggest test is Cinnabon staring me in the face at my layover in Charlotte....ugh! I am strong, I am confident, those nasty things are NOT good for me, my body deserves better, i just ate, I can do this (a little mantra as I sit here for an hour). Distracting myself with journaling, work phone calls/emails and reading 21 day transformation....

            For accountability reasons I think I should start fessing up how many DC's (Diet Cokes) I have each day. I am hopeful this will allow me to 1) actually see how horrific this habit is and 2) see progress as I get myself off of it!*

            DC: 2 cans


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              B: egg, bacon, banana
              L: salad, chicken (bone and skin less, runt of a piece which I had to scrape the breading off of), apple
              D: salad; beers
              S: about five kernels of popcorn, until I freaked and thought "oh my gosh, is this Primal?" wasn't sure, so went with the benefit of the doubt and stopped right there! *Apple
              S: almonds
              DC: too many to count...seriously, it was ridiculous today...they were just sitting there and I just kept drinking them...ugh.

              I am writing this one the plane (the first of two flights tonight). I'm tired and crabby. I think I did pretty good in making the right choices on this business trip. (although, I have to admit, I'm a little worried about the guy I left at home....) this was really hard. I don't know that it's only the changing of my diet that I am struggling so much with...I'm tired, haven't eaten the right foods today (had to make due with what they served us), haven't had a cigarette all day (so proud), and I just want to be home! It's going to be after 11pm by the time I walk in the door.*

              So, let's talk about lunch today. It was brought into the conference room where we had been ALL day....breaded chicken, penne pasta and beans and a side salad! I was like "seriously"..... I mean, I never really thought about how much SAD is shoved down your throat. (and my company touts health and wellness too!) Good thing there was at least a bowl of salad. (oh, and I totally took two apples from the hotel breakfast and stuck them in my bag because I knew it'd be a tough day! So I had one of those too.)

              Oh, and did I mention we're moving?! That's right folks....I've been tapped on the shoulder for a new gig with my company (better in the long run for my sanity and well being, but certainly very unexpected and produces a significant amount of anxiety and stress in our lives right now). And I'm not talkin across town either, we're talkin 16 hours away!! You think we'd be used to this by now (this is our fifth, yes fifth, corporate relocation), but the others we were pretty prepared for, or I was interviewing, etc. this one, not so much.... Well, in any case, better in the long run, but need to deal with the short term effects now!!*

              Side note- this journal has been really good for me. I've been capturing notes throughout the day on my iPad and then summing it up and putting it online in the evening or next morning. I feel like its a real outlet for me.... *