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    No flashy title.

    No flashy graphics.

    Just me and what I'm doing

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    Today--January17, 2011--is my first day of living a more primal lifestyle. I say "more primal" because we all fall off the wagon sometimes (which is why the 80/20 rule rocks!).

    So far today:

    Exercise: I walked for 25 minutes this morning. I also did three sets of each of the following:

    * 15 reps of assisted pullups
    * 15 pushups
    * 15 half squats with Arnold presses
    * 1:30 of pushup-position planks, alternating with one-hand turns


    * Protein shake after workout
    * Beef stew for lunch

    Day one. So far so good.


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      So I guess I should say something about me:

      48 years old
      260 lbs.

      My goal is to lose 60 lbs. in 6 months. I also want a lot more energy. A LOT more. I've been just snoring through life for awhile.

      Today Exercise: Moved slowly for 2 miles


      Ate 3 eggs and a sausage for breakfast. No lunch yet and maybe won't have any.


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        Tonight, I had a bowl of vegetable soup, a sausage, and about three bites of brussel sprouts that I'm saving for tomorrow.

        Had good energy today. Not as much as I want, but more than I've had in awhile

        Going to take my pics this weekend and submit them to MDA. We'll see how that goes


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          I woke up at 4:30 very rested--more so than I thought I would be.

          Moved slowly for 2.5 miles this morning. That's half a mile more than yesterday

          Had 3 eggs and a sausage for breakfast. Looks like maybe beef and vegetables for lunch


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            It's been a week and time to reflect a little.

            80/20 is more like 70/30. I have a hard time NOT eating with the family for supper. One night I had two slices of pizza and last night I had Chinese that definitely wasn't primal. I'm also probably not eating enough vegetables. Had some salads, vegetable-beef soup, and some Brussel sprouts, but I know I need more. I'm really going to be stricter on myself at least over this weekend when I have time to buy, fix, and eat what will get me where I need to be.

            Exercise has been good. Taking today off to rest a little, though I may walk later. The exercise has given me more energy during the day. I didn't kill myself with the two "lifting heavy things" workouts, but I put some stress on the muscles ond on my endurance with them. I'd like to say I'm shocked by how out of shape I am, but, sadly, I'm not. It's been a long time since I really pushed myself physically to do anything. It feels good.

            Sleep is better. I'm getting to bed earlier--staying off the computer (well most nights anway (: ) and getting more sleep. I've never really had a problem getting good, deep sleep. The problem has always been with the amount. I'm used to working on 4-5 hours a night. I've wored up to 6-7 hours, and I feel better about it.


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              It's Sunday! Yay! lol

              Since I took yesterday off workout-wise, I knew I needed to do something today. However, the weather is REALLY nasty--misty, windy, and cold enough that the mist freezes. I had planned to take our dog for a long walk, but I wasn't feeling that.

              So, I took on my 11-year-old daughter in several rounds of Just Dance 3. She kicked my butt on the first few songs, but by the end, I was starting to get the hang of it. Don't misunderstand, I didn't beat her, but my dancing handgrenade came close! It was a good workout, built up a little sweat but didn't get my heart racing any more than a good brisk walk would do. Just Dance 3 may become my new in-home version of "moving slowly."

              This morning I made the Cowboy Breakfast Skillet Mark included in last week's Weekend Link Love. I followed the recipe exactly except for the cilantro. It was excellent! If I were to make it again, I would probably dd onions, since I love them, and I would shorten the cooking time for the eggs. They were too well done. In fact, I might just cook the eggs separately and just break them over the top of a big bowl of this tatse treat and let the yolks mix in their magic.

              BTW, the hot sauce and the avocado add great taset and texture to this. It wouldn't be as good without them. My wife thinks it would be good with salsa, so I might try that next time.

              I was able to find a good sausage without sugars or MSG, so I bought two packages. I think sometime soon I will make the Scotch eggs.

              EDIT--I forgot to say I began this at 260. I weighed today and was a shade under 255! Woohoo!
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