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    It is time that I start documenting this awesome journey that I am on. It is an awesome journey since it is about me and a have been slowing finding out over the past few months that i am awesome, I just never really felt that way previously.

    Age: 35
    Height: 6'0"
    PB Starting Weight: 296 lbs
    PB Start Date: 08/25/11
    Highest Ever: 320 lbs (October 2007)
    Location: Houston, TX

    The History:

    35 years old, married three kids, I was always heavy. I played sports growing up in school, think offensive lineman. From what i remember I think I was around 230 when I graduated. I then went on to enjoy college ALOT! Plenty of Beer and Chicken Wings (favorite food) resulted in a final weight between 300 and 320. I stayed around there for about 10 years. In 2007 I got tired of it and started educating myself on losing weight. I stuck with stickly CW counting calories, low fat, low calorie foods. I got as low 248.5lbs in about 6 months. At that point I was pretty happy with my progress and started cheating more with foods that I normally would have eaten. I steadily gained the weight back until I hit 311 December 2010. As you can see in my signature I was 311 1/1/11. I started counting calories again and got back down into the low 270's by May. then summer came and vacations and my efforts completely fell apart. Between May and August 2011 I gained the weight back.

    I started to search for a better way to get healthy. I started to research some of the quick weight centers and commercial businesses that advertise quick weight loss. I almost went in and signed up until I found some online reviews that showed me that they were combining low calorie and low carb to get quick results. So then I just switched my research low carb diets since I knew people had success, and really I wanted an excuse to keep eating meat and not "diet" foods.

    After an exhaustive internet search of low carb information, atkins, south beach etc... I came across Mark's site. I read and read and read all of the old information and then went out and bought the book. I read the book within a few days and was completely on board. About this time, my wife, who was searching for weight loss motivation decided that we should run a half marathon, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in January 2012. I reluctantly agreed, thinking that it was nice in theory but did she realize how far of a run that it? I figured, what the heck and started to run a little. As luck would have it a local fitness trainer who offers a boot camp was having a special for the first few poeple to sign up, they would get unlimited bootcamp for a year at low price. My wife said I should try it since she had heard good things from her friends. I signed up and went showed up the following Monday at 5am. The bootcamp is similar to crossfit I am told, body weight exercises with some running, dumb bell work, high intensity, 1 hour in duration. I really enjoy it and have continued to go since the beginning of September.

    I have been impressed on how easy the nutrition side of PB is. It really has been perfect for me. I normally eat:


    2 Eggs fried in butter
    4-5 pieces of bacon
    2 cups of coffee with stevia

    Lunch: (mostly skip)
    probably once a week ... a small package of nuts
    maybe once a week .. meat with a salad

    Usually some cheese right after work, then I cook dinner.
    Beef / Chicken / Pork MEAT!!!
    with various vegatables .. brussell sprouts / broccoli / caulflower etc..

    I have been experiementing with all of the paleo/primal recipes i can find on people's blogs. It has been fun coming up with new things and being able to eat the skin and fat.

    My wife and I ran a 5K in October, then a 10k at Thanksgiving. My only real cheat meals have been Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I did eat some candy between Christmas a New Years.

    Whenever I feel anything other than estatic about PB, I then proceed to cook chicken wings. I usually deep fry them in coconut oil using a wok. They are my "fix" so i always look forward to them and always enjoy them.

    My wife and I did run and complete that half marathon on Sunday. I will post about that next.

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    I posted this in the success story section but I thought it would be appropriate to add it here also.

    The below post was in regard to my first 2 major successes so far on PB, the first being under 250lbs between Christmas and New years.

    Preparing for the half marathon on 1/15/12, I went for a run last Wednesday night, 6 miles, and both my hamstring and calf cramped 5.5 miles into the run. This freaked me out and I realized that I was dehydrated, so starting Thursday, I drank a gallon of water a day and increased my carb intake for the additional fuel needed for the race. As of Sunday morning at 4:30am I weighed 257 lbs (+17lbs in 3 days), so obviously I was severly dehydrated. That little cramp session was a great wake up call. I ran the race and did not walk and finished in 2:32.35. I weighed 253 after I got home.

    As of this morning I am back on PB 100% and focused on dropping below 200 lbs by June 1st.

    I did learn a tremendous amount about my body, capabilities, nutrition and hydration over the past week. Definetly watch out eating very low carb if you are planning exercises that will be for long duration (1+ hours). Your muscles will need enough fuel to keep them going for that extended time. I never had a problem hydration wise, during the 1 hour workouts.

    Good luck to everyone, set your goals and get after them!
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      Ok well here are my goals for 2012:

      1. 200 lbs. 6/1/12
      2. 10% body fat at whatever weight that might end up at.
      3. Not be embarressed to take my shirt off in public
      4. 1 Pull Up ... just saw this in another thread and have to agree that it is a great goal!

      Well thank you reading all of this and lets get focused and get up early and get to work!


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        Looks like we have pretty similar backgrounds and goals, though you run a lot more than me. Congats on the 1/2 marathon!
        "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace by those who have been trained by it."

        Age: 25
        HT: 6' 2"
        Peak Wt: 303lbs- Nov 1st 2011
        Current Wt: 240lbs- Sep 1st 2012


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          Thanks! I am still extremely sore today from the half marathon.

          Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon.

          Tomorrow morning is bootcamp, I hope i feel better tomorrow morning than I do this morning. Should be an interesting workout.


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            Well the carb loading and water weight has been coming back down this week. This morning i am at 245.9. (Down from 253 after the race on Sunday). I really bruised my heel during the half and am still limping around 5 days later. I decided to not do boot camp this morning in order to rest my foot until monday.

            I am back under 20grams of carbs this week and the weight is dropping off.
            Breakfast is always the same. 2 eggs fried, 3-4 pieces of bacon. Dinners this week have been steak and brussel sprouts (sliced. sauted in olive oil and mushrooms, + garlic), chicken legs and aspargus, and pork and broccoli.