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  • Flabby to fierce!

    This is it. I can feel it.

    My weight has been ballooning the past two years. Creeping up does not adequately describe the ascent. I tried south beach last year and had some success on phase 1, which is pretty close to primal, but every time I added back the grains, I would gain back the weight. Everyone on the fora or message boards insisted that eating such a "restrictive" diet would not be sustainable, so I gave up on the diet and redirected my efforts to chronic cardio.

    Surprise, surprise, that did not work.

    In review of my young life, even when I was playing tennis and eating very little, I was always skinny fat. I never knew that term until seeing these boards, but I sure saw it in the mirror. Even when I worked on a boat 8-14 hours a day, my cheeks were full and the skin across my belly was thick. Now I get it.

    I want to state straight up that this may not be your standard primal start. I already know that once to twice a month I will go for sushi. I have a groupon to the best pizza in town, and I will be eating that deliciousness. I will feel no shame. I will eat beans; I love them and have tons in my cabinets. I won't throw them away, and I have never suffered from eating them. Maybe after I get rid of my stockpile I will go 30 days without eating them and try again. I will also eat cheese, chocolate and wine, though not all at once and not every day. I may not always eat grass-fed beef; that stuff is expensive. I can either eat organic but grain-fed tenderloin or ground grass-fed beef. Tenderloin makes me feel like it was a more luxurious meal, and that is worth the trade off every so often. I will, of course, eat grass-fed when possible. I will do a whole30 some day, just not to start.

    I will have to cut down on the wine. Dangit.

    In terms of exercise, I have joined a gym that does circuit training and has a good free weights room. That'll do for now. Some day I hope to do a pull up.

    I have no weight goals, but I do have a body comp goal: 20%. I started jan at 42.4% according to the scale at the gym.

    On a slightly more tmi note, I have pros and endometriosis, and I hope that my symptoms will be alleviated by my diet.

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    Today was a great holiday. I started off with circuit training at the gym. I have adapted the suggested routine to be a little more intense, and I really was working hard to get that last rep out. It felt awesome.

    After working out, I went to whole foods just to nose around since there was a wf right across the street from the gym. The grassed beef there is actually cheaper than any other I've seen, oddly enough. Score! I also had the luxury of shopping for groceries across the city at my favorite veggie and meats places. I even got to go to the local Asian market and got some of those kelp noodles in addition to miso, Japanese eggplant and other goodies. I love grocery shopping (such a dork!).

    After lunch, my husband and I went to one of the state parks with a couple of friends and their dog. Nothing like a hike through the woods to launch my primal adventure! Plus, it was just plain nice.

    Breakfast: none
    Lunch: half pound of chicken breast, tablespoon of coconut oil, basil, garlic, chili and ginger
    Dinner: chili with mushrooms, zucchini, onion, tomatoes and grassfed beef.
    Post-dinner: tea with cream and two squares of dark chocolate.

    I am trying to replace my wine with tea and chocolate for this week and will cut back after that.

    Edit: I noticed that my fat consumption was rather low, so I am eating an avocado and some coconut oil. Seems crazy, but that is what I need, if I understand how your are supposed to balance macronutrients.
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      So, I survived most of today.... Until we went for margaritas to celebrate the departure of a dear colleague. Margaritas and papusas. Yummy, but not really primal. Tomorrow is another day. Stilll better than this day would have been last week since there was also a celebration and work with cake and pizza!


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        Whew. Yesterday was a good day, mostly primal. I was a little bummed because I made a huge pot of chili on Sunday for the week, and when I got home from work yesterday, I saw the pot on the counter and assumed I had left it out all day. I threw it away only to have my husband come home and tell me that he had stopped by before his choir practice and had just left it out for two or so hours. Ugh. At least it wasn't the majority of it.... Anyway, after that all I could scavenge that looked appealing was leftover beans and quinoa. This morning I woke up before my alarm well rested. This was a pleasant surprise!

        Tonight, I think I am going to try tabata....

        breakfast--eggs with sriracha and a small sprinkling of cheese
        lunch--chili, carrots, an avocado and cherries
        dinner: fat free refried beans with quinoa and sriracha

        I eat a lot of sriracha...
        breakfast: eggs with sriracha
        lunch: avocado, carrots, cherries, string cheese, grapefruit (I scavenged the remnant of our fridge)
        dinner: chicken breast cooked in coconut oil with eggplant, garlic, chili, ginger and basil. Probably more sriracha.
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          Hi Bev,

          Good luck on your journey! I am definitely loving cooking most of my food in coconut oil (also a huge fan of sriracha with ANYTHING).

          I know you mentioned that you'll continue eating beans. I am also not giving up everything - I still eat cheese (trying to mainly consume the less processed kinds) and I have wine most nights and a beer here or there. I have however noticed that fully giving up grain has been very good for me (not sure about beans, I've never really cared for them anyway). Maybe keep your beans but get rid of the quinoa? That way you are grain-free, but still consume legumes here and there.

          Are you using a food tracker tool? I have been using, which has been really helpful with analyzing my protein/fat/carb intakes for the day and adjusting my intake if necessary.

          All the best,
          25, 5'7" - SW 158 (12/10/11) - CW 153 (01/25/12) - GW 135
          "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
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            Hey Anna!

            Thanks for the tip on! I have been using caloriecount *coughcough* to look at my nutritional intake. A paleo-friendly site would be awesome!

            I had cooked the quinoa before deciding to go primal, and I hate throwing out food. I'm still figuring out whether it will have a place in my eventual diet. I will also slowly decrease my fruit intake, but again, I hate throwing out food and have lots of fruit in the house. I may do a quinoa experiment in a month or so after eating grain free, and we'll take it from there.

            Also, I looooove to eat my avocadoes with sriracha squished in. Oh. my. gosh. And I would never go on a diet without wine. Nope. I just decided to cut back on it overall. Beer... well, unfortunately that seems to be like concentrated grains to my system when made with wheat, so I have to pick and choose. Cheese also stays, just in limited quantities.


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              Oooh, I was so tempted today! I picked up pizza for the dance team I "sponsor," and the ride back to the school with an empty belly and piles of ooey gooey cheesy pizza was torture. I feel like such a bad person, but the best demotivator for eating the pizza was the generally overweight appearance of everyone else picking up pizza.

              School drama ensued all day long, but I resisted the fancy coffees, candy bars and salty snacks that abounded. Instead, I ate exactly what I intended to and am about to have dinner. I find that I have a hard time getting in all my necessary fat, so I tend to have a spoonful of coconut oil for "dessert." I love it, but it feels so odd! A blog I follow posted chocolate bars made from coconut oil, and I will be trying those this weekend! My macro breakdown is 74 carb, 75 protein, 78 fat.

              breakfast: 2 eggs, sriracha, sprinkling of cheese
              lunch: ground beef and broccoli/onions/garlic, avocado with sriracha, cherries
              dinner: beef and broccoli, quinoa and eggplant salad
              dessert: coconut oil