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    I jumped on the New Years train early this year, I went primal on December 27th. Mostly, I got home from Christmas, stepped on the scale, and was really discouraged with the number that displayed back at me. It was 173.6. I'm 5'7 with a small/medium frame. On me, that means that I am a pant size 8/10/12 depending on what store I'm in and which way the wind is blowing.

    Dietary Goals
    • Eat primal foods. No grains/legumes/white potatoes. No foods that come from factories, only foods that come from nature. I keep a dairy free kitchen because my husband is lactose intolerant, so no dairy other than cultured butter in small amounts (which he seems to do fine with).
    • Eat less than 100g carbohydrates per day.
    • Eat more than 100g protein per day.
    • Keep cals within 1500-1700 per day (I'm counting right now to make sure my carbs are in line).
    • Eat liver once a week.
    • Eat fish at least 1x per week.
    • Eat a lot of greens. (I am loving swiss chard right now)
    • Eat seaweed once a week.
    • Make bone broth (beef or chicken) at least once a week.
    • Eat 2-3 big meals a day. NO SNACKING.

    Exercise Goals
    • Walk on a treadmill 3x per week. I live in the midwestern US, and it's currently like 10 degrees farenheit w/ 8 inches of snow outside, so I walk the dog to potty, and walk on a treadmil to exercise until it a) warms up or b) i move somewhere not frigid.
    • Use kettlebells 2x per week. I use an 8kg bell and count this as lift heavy things.
    • Do pool gymnastics for 1/2 hour 1x per week I'm sure I get odd looks being a 27 year old doing flips in the pool, but I don't really care because it's fun. I count this as play.
    • Do sprints on stationary bike 1x per week. (I feel stupid flailing around on the treadmill, so I use the bike)

    I also try to get lots of sleep. My husband makes fun of me because i get 8-9 hours each night, but I wake up feeling awesome, whereas he is a walking zombie.

    Anywho, all this has paid off for me. As of today I weighed 162.4 and according to my crappy body fat scale, my lean body mass has stayed the same. If I didn't mention it, the first time I weighed myself I was on my period, so I'm sure there was some bloat factored into that measurement. I'm down 11.2 pounds and I feel fantastic. Because the pounds are never enough, I'm much happier than I ever was before.

    I'm going to keep doing this for as long as it works, and then include some IF to get me to my goal of having my body fat between 18%-20%. Who knows what my weight will be at that point.

    I'm starting this journal in hopes that it will keep me honest and stop me from giving up on my (pre) New Years resolution (which most people do). Once I am a bit healthier, I will write more specific fitness goals (I'd really like to be able to do one pull-up), but this is just a start!
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    I seem to have caught some sort of awful fever causing virus. I've had a low grade fever and some post nasal drip for a few days.

    But, honestly, it's not so bad. I can only imagine how awful I would feel if I were eating according to CM. I still made it to the gym a few times this week and I used my kettlebells yesterday (and will again tonight).

    I will make some chicken soup (with bone broth) this weekend, cuddle/play with my dog, and soak in the tub.

    I really hope that my husband's flight makes it OK tonight even though we are expecting a ton of snow.


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      Apparently I just can't win. I am now no longer sick, my fever broke on Saturday. By the way, I'm *convinced* that I got sick because of Karma. I called in sick to work on Tuesday because I had a job interview (but I wasn't actually sick), and then I started to feel like I was getting sick on Thursday/Friday. Saturday was the *worst*. We went out to lunch with my husbands parents (I was good and ordered a salad with sliced tenderloin and no dressing. Who knows what sort of horrible sugary and wheaty offending things they put in salad dressing now anyway. I never really liked salad dressing to begin with, so I'm not really missing anything). I am pretty sure that I was running a fever all through lunch. I felt like crawling under the table and dying. My husband and I went home and I took nap, during which my fever broke, and I was feeling pretty much OK for most of the day on Sunday.

      Only to wake up today and discover that Aunt Flo is now in town!! I haven't really felt any PMS-y symptoms, but I'm pretty sure that I'm holding a small amount of water. (and it explains my intense carb craving lately. I've probably been hovering higher on carbs - between 100 and 120 a day - for the past few days. Not the worst, but not where I'd like to be.) Also I haven't been drinking any water.

      So I've actually gained a teensy bit of weight (1 lb over the last week), but with almost no workouts the last few days, and my poorer than desired eating habits, I'm not going to beat myself up about it because it's probably just water. (Also, I consumed an obnoxious amount of coffee over the weekend and drank practically zero glasses of water.)


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        I'm terrible at posting.

        My husband just flew back to his house after visiting for the weekend and helping me pack up mine. Only 2 more weeks until we are under the same roof again. Yay! I think this is giving me renewed vigor, because I when I went shopping today, I bought about 100 different kids of vegetables that I'm going to have to find some way to eat before they go bad.

        I didn't buy any meat because I need to eat what's in my freezer (I have beef, chicken, fish, liver and a rabbit). I'm trying to throw out minimal things when I move, but I did buy some heavy cream because heavy cream is f-ing delicious whipped over berries as a dessert, or in my coffee as creamer.

        My husband was impressed with how good I was looking - which motivates me to try harder so that I'm looking even better next time.

        My current weight is right below 160, which is just into the "healthy" bmi range for my height. But honestly, who gives a crap about weight - it's just a number. My body fat is around 26% according to my crappy scale, which is down about 3%-4% woo hoo!

        I am no longer counting calories or carbs. I have discovered that I naturally "carb cycle". High carbs some days, low carbs other. I am OK with this. I assume that as I get closer to my goal, I will count calories to get the rest of the way there.

        My husband ALSO noticed that I had more energy. Which to me is even more important than looking good =) I'll take all my stats sometime this week and put them up here.